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Lap Dog

It had been rolling around in my heads for some time now "I want to suck some cock". I don't go looking for men to have sex. Don't know why just the way I am. But this day was all different from the rest.

I had two hours to kill so on the way home I looked hard for some man to hit on. Old / young I didn't care. Three in fact caught my eye only one stopped and talked a few (seconds). Police drove by and he darted off. OH well.... So I stopped by the Adult Store. It had been a long time being there.

As I walked in the Arcade there stood two older men Jamie, Moire watching another older man Pet watch a movie. I walked down to the last booth inserted a few bucks. A young hunk fucking a young cunt AWESOME...... So leaned up the wall and rubbed my well firm cock through my tight jeans. Pet sitting next booth over came over for a look. I was so aroused..... there were three guys watching me. OF COURSE first thing in my head was "Fuck-it List". *Give a live tease show*. It was ON for the games.

The three guys stood there watching me rub myself over and under my sweat shirt. Massaging my struggling cock within it's compound. Rub and smack my ass. Heard Jamie say "dam", Moire say "oh yea". Just then Pet swoops (yes..really he swooped in) reaching for my pined up cock. I stopped him just as he touched my pined cock. I then rub myself in front of Pet, watching Jamie & Moire have massive hard on's in their trousers. Pet started to reach again for my cock. Again I lightly push his hands away. Moire muffles a chuckle while Jamie is licking his lips. I tell Pet to bite my cock. He looks up at me and reaches for my button & zipper. Third time I have denied him access to my jewels. OH how awesome I have a lap dog. I tell him to bite me through my tight jeans. He growls like a dog and get's a big bite of my cock. I through my head back one hand on the screen and the other on the door jam. Bite harder I told him. He bites, I grab the back of his head and press it against my loins. I rub my pined cock all over his face. Pet is just moaning, even sounded like he had a little whimper. I turn my ass to Pet and let Jamie and Moire watch me rub my cock while Pet rubs my ass and legs. He reaches around me and tries for the fourth time to undo my pants. I let him just unbutton and unzip my pants. He started to try and pull down my jeans. I denied him, he then runs his hands up my sweat shirt. Plays with my nipples and just lets his fingers do the walking. OH I love it!!!

Jamie starts to slide in the booth. He is rubbing my happy trail just to my panties line. Where I denied Jamie any further access. Moire takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. I now have two guys begging me to let them in and another watching, this is so awesome. Pet reaches from down under me and pulls my pants down from behind me "that was cool". My panties, well more of a cock sling now are the only thing between me and them hungry wolfs. Pet swoops around again and tries to suck my cock. NOT... I pulled away. Dam I am a tease and loving it. I start playing with my cock, rubbing my ball sack while Pet kissed and licked my ass cheeks and legs. The door opens and another man walks in the arcade he stand there watching the show. Jamie slides in and reaches for my ball sack I let him rub my sack while my lap dog Pet is licking my legs down to my feet and some how gets my cock in his mouth. I then pull my cock out of Pet's mouth and slap in the cheek. (BAD DOG) Pet moans with a slight giggle. Jamie and Moire both go "DAM". I ram my cock into Pet's mouth with a few pumps. Pull it out and slap him in the jaw and mouth. Pet tries to suck on it again and I smack him right in the eye. He pulled back for a second and lunged for my cock. I ran it so far down his throat that he grew a few inches. I pull out and jack off some more. Jamie grabs my cock and starts to rub it and massage my balls. I turn myself towards the open door of the booth. Jamie is rubbing my cock but he is blocking Moire and other guys view. I tell Jamie make sure they can see. I am now holding onto the top of the door jam with both hands, like I am tied up (I wish). Pet is running his nose up and down my crack, good lap dog. Jamie goes down and suck my cock. I arch my back, thrusting my cock deeper in is mouth. Pet is spreading my cheeks licking all up and down my sweet hole. Finally he gets to lick my ass hole.

Jamie stands up and unsnaps his pants, Pet swoops in and sucks my cock. I start kissing Jamie. He pulls back and pulls this MEATY COCK out from his pants. My eyes were so big and my smile was bigger, it pushed my ears backwards. I reached down and grab hold of that monster and Jamie is kissing me and nibbling on my ears. It starts to grow in my hand, I drop to a squat and swallow his sausage. I took it all at that stage. I knew dam well this thing is going to be huge, better deep throat what I can know.

Pet stats jacking me off and fingering my ass hole. I give Moire and other guy a dam good show on how I deep throat a monster cock like this. I was wishing for a camera to be here now taking pics & video. Oh well...... I raised up let Jamie jack me off while Pet licked my ass. The door opened again now I have two playing with me and three watching.

Jamie gets a finger in my ass while swallowing my cock and Pet is nibbling on my nipples. I tell him to bite my nipples, he dose. I tell him harder while I am thrusting my cock in to Jamie's mouth and squatting on his finger. I reach down to his hand as he starts to pull out and I tell him to give me more. And rams another finger in my sweet hole. When Pet is begging me to suck his cock. So I make my lap dog happy and play with his cock. I suck it all down and as I slide my mouth off his shaft. I suck really hard on his head keeping a suck-tion as I pulled back as far as I could. Stretching his cock with my mouth mmmmmmmm

Thrashing hunching breathing heavily moaning with pure excitement. Giving Pet & Jamie a good taste of me. While Moire and two other guys watch me CUM deep into Jamie's mouth. He takes half of the load and gags a bit. I arch my back and thrust everything I have to continue that AWESOME orgasm in Jamie's Mouth.

OH how I have wanted to do that for some time now. And so happens a dam sexy man with a cock of a bull. Makes for an awesome day for me. Another notch on my "Fuck-It List". Many more are on the way I can feel it in my loins.

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