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A wanton touch

After a horrendous day at work you finally pull up onto the drive, your favourite track pumping on the car stereo. This was there to lift your mood and try to ease the burden of the day. In fact it barely was noticed on your drive home. As you turn the key in the ignition to stop the engine, the music fades and you take a look in the rear view mirror and say to yourself “ One day, just one day someone may appreciate what I do” In the distance of your mind you hear yourself mutter, that day is far from close. You open the door and step out from the car, closing the door behind you. Reaching into your handbag you find your keys and upon placing the key in the lock of the front door, you go through the process of turning the key. Finding the door not to be double locked increases your anger. Once more you mutter to yourself” The stupid idiot has forgotten to lock the door again”

Stepping into the house you walk to the kitchen and toss your handbag onto the surface. Your gaze settles onto a pile of letters. Bills and junk mail you think to yourself, oh great!
Your day has been long and without thanks and coming home to an unlocked door has pushed you to a new level of anger. Slowly you trudge up the stairs and enter the bathroom. Reaching into the bath area you pull back the shower curtain and turn on the taps. Allowing the water to fall from the shower head, maybe a shower will cleanse away some of the tension, you think to yourself.

You hear the water falling against the shower curtain and it sounds like heavy fresh rain dropping onto a lush forest of trees and plants, slowly cascading down the leaves until dripping onto the dry ground. This brings an image into your mind of a place you once saw on TV. After removing your clothes you step into the hot water, which by now has turned the air into a damp heavy steam. The water hits your skin like it’s fallen from a tropical waterfall and the image you once saw is once again bought back to your mind. You close your eyes and imagine that your there. The lush undergrowth surrounded by huge trees and the most beautiful flowers growing on vines and plants, with the most vivid of colours.

The hot moist air and the caress of the water enhance the image and you sigh and slowly embrace the relaxing feeling of the image and the water. The soft sound of water bouncing from your shoulders onto the curtain sounds like a waterfall. You picture yourself there and standing beneath that waterfall. Your eyes closed you take a deep breath and relax under the warm water. A slow touch against your skin doesn’t bring you back from your dream like state, nor does the gentle caress that follows. A touch so soft that starts on your lower back and slowly climbs your spine until it reaches your shoulders. Continuing up to your neck and finally reaching your sensitive skin below your hairline. Breathing deeper you relax to the image in your mind. The gentle caress on your skin still leaving in you in your dream place.

The caress lingers around your shoulders and then slowly travels lower down your spine, splaying out across your ribs and back to your spine and then lower. Delicate and gentle the touch arousing a dimpling of the skin and pleasurable feelings, that oh to often are not felt. A deep sigh escapes your lips as your mind travels further into your tropical dream space. The touch is now resting on your hips and fades, your skin craves more and the bl**d that was following slows. You shiver as your mind once again imagines this place of beauty.

The touch returns, this time softer and warmer, flickering across your skin. From your hips upwards it travels tracing your spin and slowly flickering here and there on its journey. The bl**d returns to the surface of the skin and once again brings goose bumps and pleasure. Reaching your shoulders the flicking touch traces circles across your shoulders and up your neck. Only resting when it reaches the soft skin just below your earlobe.

Your eyes remain shut and your mind in your own oasis. Never daring to open your eyes to drink in the stark reminder of where really are, preferring to not risk the option that the touch and caress may merely be the water from the shower. With deliberate and painfully slow flickers the touch against your skin lowers down your back caressing and flickering your sensitive skin. Causing more goose bumps and tremors from your skin. Your tension begins to fade and your breath quickens as the magical touch reaches your hips and then slowly travels around your left side and onto the velvety soft skin of your stomach. A quickened breath escapes and a need for more captures your mind, slowly the flickering sensual touch excites your body as it its whole being is to take you slowly on a journey.

Your legs tremble as the touch reaches your navel and lingers there for a while, before deliberately slowly lowers and the butterfly soft touch continues to tease and excites your skin. Even the soft feeling of hands encompassing your thighs does not bring you back out of your dream like daze. The soft water caressing your shoulders and cascading down your body. Brings nothing more than enhanced pleasure of the sensual touch to your skin. Lower and lower the touch goes following the path from your navel to the soft skin between your thigh and pubic hairline. Teasing it flickers and caresses around and around this area until your legs begin to tremble in anticipation of what might be. You raise your arms above your head and gasp as the slow touch continues across your mound and rests on the other thigh. Back and forth this happens several times, making your hips tremble and shake. Without a word being nor direction give the teasing continues until your body craves a touch that’s more centred.

Lower the flickering goes and becomes a needed feeling. Your body all the time feeling the rush of bl**d around your veins and into the brain. Your head spinning, your senses wild with anticipation and need for release. Your legs widen there stance involuntary, allowing access to areas before hidden. You hear a moan and a gasp somewhere in the distance as the touch finds your centre and your legs buckle slightly as the touch flickers against your sensitive bud. The hands that once encompassed your thighs now are needed to support you. Your mind races as your desire grows as the rythmatic flickering against your womanhood increases in tempo. Again you hear a cry that sounds so distant, yet you know its you and your lust is getting to boiling point, that you just don’t care who or what hears your gasps and moans.

All that matters right now is that your heightened feelings are satisfied. Again and again the throbbing of your clit is met by a gentle flicker of soft flesh. Again and again your brain craves the feeling and again and again you devour the feelings administered to your body. Faster and faster the bl**d pulses through your nerve endings, shallower and shallower your breathing becomes as the constant touch increases your pleasure. Your whole body jerks to this touch over and over and your hands are needed to steady you. From within you feel the tension grow as your racing heart and spinning mind form the first stages of a wave that comes crashing over you. Taking your breath away you knees jerk and your stomach trembles as your orgasm hits you like never before. Never stopping the touch continues against your throbbing body. Caressing your skin and satisfying your lust and need. The feelings multiplied by the incredible need for release and wanton passion of the scenario imagined. The desire for a need and want. The unadulterated need for a sensual touch, a flicker of skin a rise of bl**d to the skin, a tremble of muscle and above all else satisfaction.

Until slowly your breathing deepens and your lungs receive the air needed to slow the spinning of your head. Still your eyes closed, never wanting to find out if this is a cruel trick of the water or an encounter with a lover.

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