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Wife and Friend

We had finished dinner and had been drinking way too much. My best friend Bob had been up staying with us for the weekend so we had made the night of it.
We were in the lounge and my wife Kacie was dozing off on the couch next to Bob. She definitely had been drinking way too much of the looks of it and pretty soon was fast asl**p way out of it. I also hadn’t been aware of it, but Bob had noticed her – also the fact that she was showing quite a bit of cleavage. Bob suddenly chimed up and said “You know pal, Kacie is quite a stunning chick – you are a very lucky man”. “Hell yeah I know” I offered up. He was right off course, Kacie was stunning. She had a curvy body to die for and the most firm gorgeous tits.
Not sure what exactly was happening but I suddenly realized that Bob could see quite a lot down her top. I started got turned on very quickly watching another man, perv all over my u*********s wife. I steered the conversation down a road where I wasn’t sure where it would lead. “She does have the most amazing tits” I offered, “fuck yeah she does” Bob agreed. We talked about her shape and size, Bob just said I was a lucky man to have her and she had an amazing body. “Why don’t you just have a little touch… buddy” Bob just stared at me, here he was next to an u*********s chick showing off her awesome cleavage and her husband telling him to touch her tits.
Before I knew it, Bob was leaning over gently stroking her boobs. His fingers softly circling around her areola through her top. I was getting very horny now and certainly didn’t want it to stop. Bob started to massage her breasts more firmly, and Kacie began to moan softly. “She is amazing – god she is stunning!” I could tell Bob was getting very aroused – fuck it I thought, she probably thinks it’s me anyway.
“Bob, let’s get her on the floor so you to have a little more room to play with’ so we pick up my u*********s wife and laid her on the floor. I say to Bob “Fuck it … let’s do this – go a head and fuck her”. Bob didn’t stop; he took his shirt off and started to undress. His boxers came down quickly and out shot his massive cock! He was by far a larger than me. His balls looked swollen like they hadn’t cum in ages. I just watched as another man, standing in the room naked preparing to fuck my sl**ping wife. As I looked over at my wife Kacie just laying there on the floor, I was amazed how see she was blissfully unaware that another man was going to fuck her.
I sat on the couch and watched Bob first kneel down next to her and lift up her top. Her breasts snuggled by her black satin and lace bra. Her bra was of a type that had a clasp at the front, and Bob easily flicked my wife’s bra causing her size 34 B tits to pop out. He wasted no time and began sucking my wife nipples, gingerly at first then more aggressive. I could see that a big drop of his precum had dripped onto her skirt; I couldn’t hold it any longer and freed my raging hard on from my pants. I started to masturbate watching my friend grouping my wife. I thought about the many times my wife and I roll played about another man fucking her and to my joy it was actually going to happen.
I could see Bob was getting very into it. He straddled her chest, placed his massive dick between her boobs and started to titty fuck her. As Bob rubbed my wife’s chest with his cock, Kacie’s boobs started to glisten with Bob’s precum. He was rocking his ass back and forth over her with his giant cock perilously close to her face. The tip of it just missing her chin. Bob noticed and thrust just a little further forward. He gently opened Kacie’s mouth and placed the tip of his penis into it, with his precum now dripped into her mouth. He gently throat fucked her and I thought that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. “Hey Bob; don’t forget I want to see you fuck her”. Bob withdrew laughing, “Fuck yeah; I think I’m almost ready to blow my load over this little whore”! Then he looked at me hesitantly” seriously, your cool if I fuck her? As I jerked off more furiously I laughed and yeah go ahead. You got a condom for me pal? Shit I’m out… I was supposed to pick some up yesterday. It’s been about 4 weeks so it’s not her time of the month, you should safe. Fuck Mitch; looks like I’m just going to shoot as much of my seed in between your wife’s legs. Go for it buddy, cum in her, I’ll just say it was me in the morning” I wasn’t sure if she would believe me, however as it looked like Bob's dick would rip her apart, but I didn’t want my show to stop.
Bob started to lift up Kacie’s skirt and to my astonishment; she was wearing the sexiest little satin dark purple bikini panties with spaghetti stings on the sides. “Look at how sexy her lower half looked I said… She must really want to get fuck! You better fuck’en pound her tight little cunt Bob”. Bob slowly slipped off her panties and tossed them over to me. As they landed they d****d over my cock. He then looked at me and said “I know you love panties, so have fun jerking off with them pal”. Bob turned his attention back to my wife and parted her legs to lick her cunt. Without my knowledge she must have at some stage of the day waxed her pussy because it was bald. Watching another man kneel down and lick my wife’s pussy, was almost enough for me to shoot my load all over my wife’s dark purple satin panties. As my orgasm neared I began to furiously pump my cock with Kacie’s panties! I was going so fast I lost my grip and the panties and I fell forward to the floor. As my knees hit the carpet my cock began to cum, shooting my seed all over her tits and chin. I regained my balance and sat back down on the couch to continue watching the show, while wiping off my sloppy cock with the cotton crotch of my wife’s panties.
Bob made sure Kacie’s pussy was lubricated; he began to part the soft delicate folds of my wife’s most private area. He gently began to circle his finger over my wife’s clit who began to moan in her sl**p. I felt a bit of shame and betrayal as I realized she was sexually aroused by another man who was physically stimulating her sex organs. Even though she was unaware of what was happening I could tell she was wet. Bob began to insert first 1, then 2 fingers into my sl**ping wife’s cunt. “Hey pal; this little whore is fucking wet”! Bob then just shove your cock into her, she must really want it”!
Bob looked like a man possessed. He took his massive cock and slowly lowered it to Kacie’s unprotected love hole. Gently at first, he began to slowly insert his dick into my wives pussy. With increasing pressure, he f***ed his way between Kacie’s legs deep into her pussy. I watched with each stroke, more and more of his giant shaft disappeared into her. Kacie’s moaning was becoming quite pronounced now, and jealousy started to set in with me. I had wanted Bob to fuck my d***ken u*********s wife, but I was not ready for her to be enjoying it. Her hips were slightly rocking back and forth. I watched as my friend thrust his far superior penis into her. Each stroke now was going all the way into his balls. I could tell the he was hitting her cervix – a place deep down that I had never been. When he withdrew, his shaft would be glistening with her sex juice. As I watched my friend pound my wife’s pussy, with each thrust her tits bounced and Kacie continued to moan.
Her motion was indicating that she was ready to cum. With a push of her ass up, she arched her back and I knew that she had cum in her sl**p. My friend had fucked my wife and she had cum! Now as each stroke came out I noticed that his shaft was covered in a white frothing substance – my wife had squirted cum over his dick, as Bob worked up to a climax too. His rhythm was picking up pace and he was sweating madly. His balls were slapping up against my wife’s asshole; than with a final thrust deep into her pussy, Bob let out a low moan and with a shudder releasing his pregnacious seed. From my angle it looked like load after hot load was shot deep into my wives orgasming cunt, draining my friend’s balls of baby batter!
Bob pulled his massive cock out of Kacie and instantly his sperm flowed out of her gaping cunt. He had really done a number on her, the volume was staggering. There was my d***k u*********s wife, lying on the floor, tits out with dried cum smeared over them, skirt hitched up, legs apart with my friends sperm flowing out of her bald, gaping cunt down her ass crack and making a big puddle on the carpet. It occurred to me as the alcohol had been wearing off that my friend had just ejaculated his seed into my wife’s unprotected pussy. Bob’s dick was glistening with her fuck juice and cum; he knelt over her face and rubbed his cock all over her mouth. “This slut can clean me up, fuck she was tight”. Thanks buddy I thought, you fucked my wife and she enjoyed it. Not only that, you have a monster cock and blew a massive load of cum up her fuck hole – something I could never do.
Well after that we put her to bed –we stripped her nude and tucked her in. She was a sight for sore eyes! I left the room; a down and shattered man, but I went downstairs not sure what I was feeling. I didn’t notice that Bob remained in the bedroom, something I didn’t think about at the time. From the noise coming from my bedroom, I knew he was fucking her again. I went upstairs 20 mins later to see Bob cleaning up his massive dick again. A fresh load of sperm was now flowing out my wife’s pussy and asshole. Bob had found some KY on the bedside table, had flipped her over, lubed her ass and without much care had stuffed his dick into her rear. He had rammed all of his fat cock into my wives ass and ridden her like a pony. I had never gone up her ass – she never let me – not that she would have let Bob either come to think about it. Bob had now properly ravaged my wife. He had fucked her pussy harder and deeper than I ever could and had fucked her ass – a place that I have always wanted to enter.
The next morning Kacie was furious and had a massive hang over, and was not impressed that I had fucked her in her sl**p. She was black and blue all over her ass – needless to say, I was in the dog house but she was totally unaware what happened. She was especially unimpressed when she found out she was pregnant.

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