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Help from s****r in law Ch. 2

"Oh! God! Tim!" she breaks the kiss and he feels her shudder beneath him, her pussy spasming around his motionless cock. "I've never had so many..." she doesn't finish because he's started rapidly pumping his cock in and out of her hot pussy.

"Oh yeah! Oh! Tim!" She wraps her arms and legs tightly around him as he pummels her soggy hole. His cock is aching for release now and he pounds harder and faster, driving them both into a sweat-soaked frenzy.

"Ohmygod! Ohhhhhh! Fuck!" Rhonda tightens her arms around him, digging her nails into the middle of his back. He feels her legs loosen from his sides as she plants her feet on the bed and thrusts her hips up to meet his quickening strokes. They're both in a delirious state, slamming against each other as their pleasure builds to a raw peak.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!! Yeeeeeeessss!" Rhonda claws his back and squeezes her pussy muscles around his cock as she shudders through another cock-drenching orgasm. Tim doesn't even try to hold back, plunging into her one final time, his cock erupts deep inside her pulsating pussy. He jerkily shoots several more spurts into her quivering hole before collapsing on her fleshy tits and pressing his lips to hers.

They kiss passionately while their bodies shiver and shake through the after throes of their heat-crazed lovemaking. For a few blissful minutes, no one else exists in the world except the two of them.

"I've never..." she whispers, still catching her breath.

"Me neither," he answers, kissing her again as his cock stirs inside her pussy. She smiles at him questioningly while raising her eyebrows with a look of incredulity.

"It's what you do to me," he answers and starts moving inside of her.

"Stop," she pleads, gently pushing him off of her, "you're going to wear me out." He reluctantly withdraws his recovering cock from the warm sheath of her cum-filled pussy.

"Besides," she smiles, "I haven't tasted you today." She rolls him onto his back and rises up on her knees beside him. Wrapping her hand around his semi-erect cock, she stretches her tongue out and starts licking her juices from around his cockhead.

"God, Rhonda!" he breathes as she moves between his legs and feeds his rapidly recovering cock into her warm mouth. Sliding her lips halfway down the length of him, she flicks her tongue against the sensitive underside. Fuck! He can't remember being more aroused or more pleasured than he is right now. Rhonda sucks on the head of his cock while corkscrewing her hand up and down his slick shaft.

Tim closes his eyes and lays his head back as Rhonda bobs her head up and down and caresses his balls. Her hard nipples brush against his thighs as her very talented tongue dances around his cock. It's too much and he feels the tension building rapidly.

Tim reaches for Rhonda's head, entwining his fingers in her hair as he starts bucking his ass off the bed. Their eyes meet and she pumps his cock in rapid-fire motion with her lips wrapped around the head and her fingers stroking his balls. That's it. He fucks his cock into his s****r-in-law's mouth, spewing cum that she urgently gulps down while he holds her head in place. She sucks and swallows until he's completely drained and he falls back on the bed, panting as his head hits the soft pillow.

"Fuck! Rhonda!" he sighs, "that was fucking incredible." She's still slurping his cock, licking the last remnants of cum off the sides.

"I enjoyed it too," she says, crawling up beside him and dr****g her arm over his chest. "How many times can you cum in a row?" she asks, while cuddling up to his side.

"I don't know," he answers honestly, "I've never really had a chance to find out."

"We'll have to test you," she says matter-of-factly as she brushes her fingers through his chest hair.

"I like the way you think," he responds, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer to him.

"Mmmmm," she sighs. "I think we better shower, before I fall asl**p and miss dinner."

"Yeah," he answers, looking at the clock. "Rhonda, there aren't words to express..." She cuts him off before he can finish.

"Shhh," she says, putting her fingers to his lips. "I know," she whispers, "believe me, I know."

Leaning up, she kisses him hard on the lips. Halfway through the kiss, she swings her legs over his body and stretches out on top of him, mashing her soft tits against his chest and grinding her matted pussy mound against his spent cock.

"We deserve this," she says, breaking the kiss. "We've nothing to feel guilty about." He just nods and pulls her face back down to his. What an incredible woman!

The following evening, there's another f****y dinner. It's the first time Tim's been in the same room with Rhonda and Sharon since he and Rhonda became lovers. He struggles to maintain his composure all through dinner, barely engaging in any conversation. As soon as he can, he heads for the sanctum of the back deck. Rhonda joins him moments later.

"You all right?" she laughs. "You looked as stiff as a board in there," she says, walking towards him but not taking out her customary cigarette.

"I'm fine," he answers. "Don't you find it awkward or weird?" he asks, leaning against the railing and admiring the way her tight jeans show off her figure.

"Of course it's awkward," she says, stopping next to him and looking over her shoulder into the dining room window. "You can see all four of them from here, can't you?" she asks quietly.

"Yes," he answers, confused by her question.

"Good," she says, squatting down and moving over in front of him. "Tell me if any of them start to come out here," she says, tugging at his zipper.

"Rhonda!" he hisses in a hushed whisper. "What do you think you're doing?" He's nearly freaking out but his cock is already at attention. Rhonda's head is below the windowsill and Tim realizes that while he leans against the railing looking into the house, they can't see her at all.

"This is better than a cigarette, any day," she smiles up at him as her hand gropes around inside his fly. Maneuvering it through his boxers, she releases his hard cock to the air. "Speaking of stiff as a board," she laughs and deftly swipes her tongue across the tip of his cock.

"Oh fuck!" Tim whispers. "I can't believe you're doing this." He wants to close his eyes and savor the feeling of Rhonda's tongue swirling around his cockhead but he keeps them glued on his wife and in-laws, sitting around the dining room table.

Rhonda rapidly pumps Tim's cock in and out of her mouth while her tongue slithers all around its most sensitive areas. Tim is trying to act normal and look like nothing is going on when what he really wants to do is grab Rhonda's head and fuck her warm mouth like he did yesterday.

Rhonda's sexuality has been reawakened by her encounters with her b*****r-in-law. She loves the sensuous feel of his hard cock in her mouth and the salty taste of his cum. She would like to take her time and prolong the pleasure but she knows she better make this fast. Her expert tongue, coupled with the risk-taking thrill of doing this out in the open, has Tim ready to shoot his load in minutes.

"Fuck, Rhonda!" he breathes, closing his eyes momentarily as his cock swells and Rhonda pumps faster. Blasting a heavy load of cum into her mouth, he opens his eyes and panics when he doesn't see Sharon sitting at the table.

"FUCK!" he whispers, glancing all around. "Sharon's not there!" he hisses, trying to push Rhonda's mouth away from his cock as his eyes search the room for his wife. Rhonda hangs on, keeping her lips around the end of his cock until the last little spurt is out.

"Turn around and tuck it in," Rhonda orders as she springs to her feet and stands next to him, blocking the view of anyone coming through the door. "Been saving that up, have you?" she whispers, squeezing his ass cheek and licking the last bit of cum from around her mouth just as the sliding glass door opens. To innocent eyes, they look like two normal people admiring the view.

"Here they are!" Sharon says, leading her b*****r out onto the deck. "We always seem to lose you two," she smiles.

"I bet you hardly missed us," Tim says, turning around to face his wife with his pants looking perfectly normal. He catches Rhonda's eye and wipes his cheek, hoping she'll take the hint and clean off the dab of cum clinging to her dimple. She gets it just in time as her husband walks up next to her. Fuck that was close. Tim breathes a sigh of relief.

"Oh, I know how you feel about those discussions," Sharon laughs as she changes the subject and asks the group how they feel about renting a beach house together for a week this summer. Rhonda says she's all for it, smiling at Tim and almost imperceptibly raising one eyebrow. They all agree it's a great idea and Rhonda and Sharon arrange to have lunch next week to discuss the details.

At home in bed and still reeling from the impromptu blowjob at his in-law's house, Tim plunges his hard cock into his wife's gel-lubricated pussy. Mentally reliving the feel of Rhonda's tongue swirling around his cock, he thrusts into his wife with unprecedented vigor. Her lack of response is obliterated by the images in his head as he recalls the two recent rendezvous with his s****r-in-law and the taste and aroma of her fervently aroused pussy.

Sharon doesn't know what's gotten into Tim lately but she's finding it harder and harder to control herself during his passionate lovemaking. Her body is fighting her brain as her insides warm to his f***eful pounding, emanating natural lubricant and unfamiliar arousal. She tries to think of something to f***e her brain to respond. She focuses on their vacation and her lunch next week with Rhonda. As her juices ooze around her husband's jackhammering cock, she holds perfectly still and wonders about Paul and Rhonda's lovemaking.

Tim feels his wife's pussy responding like never before. The heat and moisture engulfing his cock drives him to speed up his rhythm and try to increase Sharon's pleasure. Rising up on his arms, he looks at his wife's face as he continues to slam his cock into her steaming pussy. Her face is contorted into a level of concentration that he's never seen before. She's fighting it! He can't believe it! He's giving her the chance for a real orgasm, probably her first, and she's fighting it. What the fuck!

He thrusts into her one final time, erupting in a flow of cum deep inside her begrudgingly responsive pussy. He doesn't get it and doesn't know what to do about it as he collapses on her chest.

"You really need to be more gentle, Tim," she whispers, releasing the breath she's been holding throughout his final thrusts. She kisses his lips and gently rolls him off of her. Ignoring her nightgown, she walks naked into the bathroom and starts the shower. Adjusting the water temperature, she steps under the spray and immediately sinks to the floor with her head buried in her hands. What is she going to do? Maybe she should talk to Rhonda.

When Tim shows up at Rhonda's apartment on Wednesday, she's wearing a white babydoll nightie without any panties. He marvels at the way the sheer material d****s over her erect nipples and hangs just below her triangular patch of hair. He's amazed at how being almost nude is even sexier than being completely naked.

"Guess what I've got," she says, with her hands behind her back. He closes the door before he answers.

"I can see what you've got," he says, grasping her soft tits in his hands and feeling her taut nipples press through the thin material into his palms.

"Not those," she laughs, bringing her right hand up and showing him a small box of cards.

"This!" The box reads, "Sex Deck: Playful positions to spice up your love life".

"There are fifty cards with fifty different positions," she says triumphantly, "and we're going to try them all." She wraps her arms around his neck and grinds her pussy against the bulge in his pants. Sliding his hands under the back of her babydoll, he cups her bare ass cheeks as he pulls her against him.

"What did I do to deserve you?" he asks, digging his fingers into her fleshy ass cheeks. God! She feels so fucking good. He could squeeze her ass forever!

"You don't deserve me," she teases, "but we're f****y!" Rhonda laughs as she breaks away and spreads the cards out on the bed. She's bending over, mixing up the cards and the babydoll nightie rides up above her ass cheeks.

"Where do we start?" he asks, staring at her perfect ass while pulling off his shoes and socks.

"Pick a card, any card," she smiles, pointing to the bed. "I figure we can start by each picking one card and then alternating until we're exhausted." She's excitedly bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet and he enjoys the lively spring of her tits, clearly visible through the sheer material. Reaching over to the bed, he picks a card.

"The reverse cowgirl," he says, reading the card. Rhonda's tits are pressed against his arm as she reads over his shoulder. A guy is pictured lying on his back with a woman facing his feet as she straddles his cock.

"Oooo, ride 'em cowgirl. I'm getting wet just imagining how that feels," Rhonda says.

"Aren't you always wet?" Tim asks playfully as he runs his hand up her inner thigh and across her moist pussy lips.

"When I'm around you," she sighs, turning towards the bed. "My turn to choose." She picks a card from the far side of the bed. "Suspended congress position," Rhonda reads. "I'm not sure about this one," she smiles, handing him the card. "Do you think you can do it?"

He looks at the picture. This time the guy is standing and the girl has her arms and legs wrapped around him while she's impaled on his cock. His arms are behind her back holding her up as she apparently bounces up and down on his cock.

"The fine print says it might be easier to maintain thrusts if the woman has her back to a wall, like in a shower," he tells her. "Maybe we should start out that way and see if I can move away from the wall. Let's do mine first," he suggests, "and then try yours in the shower."

"Okay. Let's get you naked!" Rhonda says, attacking the buttons on his shirt.

"The cards are an awesome idea," he tells her. "What made you think of it?"

"I've always been fascinated by the sex position books and wondered if there could really be that many different ways," she smiles as she drops his shirt on a chair and starts unfastening his belt.

"If this works out, there's a book called 365 Sex Positions - A Year of Great Sex," she teases as she pulls his pants and boxer shorts down together, releasing his hard cock. Rhonda kisses the tip of his cock, flicking her tongue against it, before standing up and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"We can use the cards to find out how many times you can cum," she smiles. Rhonda pushes him down on the bed and takes a step back. She starts rhythmically swaying from side to side while teasingly pulling up the bottom of the sheer babydoll. Smiling at his cock's instant reaction, she dances erotically and slowly removes her nightie.

"You are so beautiful," Tim sighs as Rhonda tosses the nightie aside and climbs up on the bed.

"I know I am!" she smiles over her shoulder while turning to straddle his legs, "Ready?"

"I think I'm going to like this," he says, admiring her sensational ass again while she positions herself over his stiff cock. He uses his hand to push his erection into a more upright position and slides it between her pussy lips as she lowers herself down.

"Mmmmm," he moans when her hot pussy glides down around his hard cock. Rhonda leans forward, placing her hands on his knees and forcing his cock to bend with her.

"This is really different," he says as her pussy grips his cock and she starts moving up and down.

"Feels awesome!" he adds, grabbing her hips and trying to speed up her motions.

"This feels sooo good!" she answers and starts rocking faster. He tries to thrust into her but her weight keeps him from moving very much and he finally just lies back and enjoys her being in control.

The position is absolutely wicked. Not only is she moving up and down, she's undulating her hips and stimulating his cock in a way he's never experienced.

Rhonda leans farther forward, gripping his ankles and grinding her clit against him as she rocks faster. Her widespread ass cheeks give him a clear view of his glistening cock disappearing between her wet pussy lips. This position also affords him a great view of her puckered asshole and he moves one hand from her hips to run a finger around the crinkled opening.

"Ohhhh Yeah!" Rhonda moans while glancing back over her shoulder. "Play with my ass," she pleads.

"That wasn't on the card," he teases as he sticks his index finger in his mouth, moistening it with a thick coating of saliva before moving it towards her asshole. Twisting it around to lubricate the opening, he tries to gently push it in but she's bouncing too rapidly.

"Stop moving a second," he tells her and she sits firmly down on his cock, panting as he corkscrews his finger into her ass.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moans, wiggling her ass against his finger, which titillates his cock and buries it deeper inside her hot pussy. With his finger about halfway into her ass, she starts moving again, riding his cock harder and faster than before. Her asshole is tight and he twists and turns his finger rather than trying to pump it in and out as she pistons up and down on his hard cock.

"Fuck! I'm about to cum!" he declares. Rhonda's gyrations on his cock, and the excitement of fingering her asshole, have pushed him to the peak of arousal. The way she's moving and panting, she can't be far behind him. His finger now easily slides in and out of her ass.

"Oh! Fuucck!" he moans, tensing his legs as his orgasm builds. Again, his attempts to thrust up into her are thwarted by her weight on his legs.

"Hang on, Tim!" she cries. "I'm almost there. I'm so damn close!" she begs and he tries not to shoot his load. While she increases the urgency of her thrusts and slams down harder on his sensitive cock, he jams his finger deeper into her asshole.

"I can't hold back!" he shouts as the first load of cum blasts from his cock. He spasms beneath her but she just rides harder while he spews his cum into her fiery pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuccccck!" Rhonda screams, slamming down hard on his nearly spent cock. Squeezing her pussy muscles around him, she jerks upright and sits fully erect. He pulls his finger out as her orgasm rips through her body. Grabbing her hips, he holds onto her as she convulses through the multiple shockwaves surging from her quivering pussy.

"And that's only the first card," Rhonda says, trying to catch her breath as she disengages herself from his cock.

"Lucky me," he smiles. "Forty-nine cards to go!" She flips around and is lying with her head on his chest. Dr****g one leg over his, she cuddles into his shoulder as he wraps his arm around her.

"Think we'll live through them all?" she asks, her breath still coming in gasps.

"If not, I can't think of a better way to die," he laughs.

"I really liked your finger in my ass," she says. "I've never done that before."

"Wow! You fooled me!" he says. "The way you commanded me to play with your ass I thought this was a regular occurrence."

"Some of the cards are for anal sex positions and I want to be ready when we draw one," she says quietly. Fuck! Anal sex with his s****r-in-law! Of course, he's heard about it and seen porn videos but he never thought he'd get to try it.

"Have you ever done it?" she asks, when he doesn't respond.

"No," he answers, "but I've always wondered what it would be like."

"Well, play your cards right..." she laughs and leans her head up to kiss him.

The standing position in the shower doesn't go as well as the reverse cowgirl but they manage to both get off and he does enjoy being face to face while they're fucking.

Afterwards, they dry off and just lie on the bed, talking.

"Sharon asked some weird questions at lunch today," Rhonda tells him.

"What kind of weird questions?" Tim asks nervously.

"Oh, she doesn't suspect anything," she reassures him. "She was more interested in Paul and I?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it's not like she came right out and asked but she seemed very interested in how Paul and I are doing sexually," Rhonda says. "It was weird, because we used to have these girl talks before either of us got married but we haven't in a long time."

"I've noticed a slight change at home," Tim confides. He explains how he's felt Sharon starting to respond during their monthly ritual but seemingly trying to fight it. Rhonda can't believe it when he tells her how Sharon uses a lubricant.

"With your tongue at her disposal?" she says, flicking her tongue out for emphasis. "She's an idiot!"

"So, what did you tell her?" he asks.

"She was pretty interested in how her f****y's religious beliefs affected me in the bedroom and I thought maybe if she knew Paul didn't buy into all that crap she might, you know, loosen up a little." Rhonda is running her hand across Tim's stomach as she speaks.

"I lied," she says, matter-of-factly. "I told her that her b*****r was an amazingly passionate and sensitive lover who took me to places I couldn't even describe," Rhonda laughs. "You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that what he does with his tongue was downright sinful." Rhonda's hand is combing through Tim's pubic hair as she continues more seriously.

"If she only knew I was describing you," she sighs, her hand sliding between his legs and gently caressing his balls.

"What did Sharon say?" Tim asks, spreading his legs to give Rhonda more access while not even trying to hide his fascination with the sexual discussion between his lover and his wife.

"That's what's weird," Rhonda says, still stroking his balls. "Her face got red and... at first, I thought I had embarrassed her but then I realized she looked really angry. She quickly changed the subject and then said she had to go." Tim thinks about the conversation while enjoying the way Rhonda is fondling his balls. His cock is coming to life from her teasing.

"I can't imagine why she would be angry about you and Paul," he says, almost to himself. "Unless she feels like it somehow betrays their parent's beliefs."

"Do you thing she'll stop resisting her own feelings if she thinks her b*****r has abandoned the fold?" Rhonda asks.

"I don't know but I appreciate you trying to help," he says, kissing the top of her head.

"Tim," Rhonda says, "if Sharon starts responding to you... will we still...?" She doesn't finish.

"Oh, Rhonda, no," Tim answers honestly, his cock now standing at attention. "I can't imagine stopping this. What you do to me..." His voice trails off.

"What we do to each other," she says with a mischievous grin on her face. "Speaking of which..." she smiles as she licks her way down his body, dragging her soft tits across his cock, before sucking the head of it between her lips.

In no time at all Rhonda is bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock as her fingers continue to tease his balls. He thrusts up into her mouth, not even trying to hold back and explodes with his third orgasm of the afternoon.

"We aren't even close to finding out how many times you can cum," Rhonda says as they get dressed. "We need more time."

"Once schools out, I have a couple of weeks before summer school starts. We could spend the whole day," he tells her as she runs a brush through her hair.

"Let's plan on that," she says, smiling at him in the mirror. "And of course, we're going to spend a week together at the beach," she adds, mischievously.

"With our spouses," he reminds her. She just shrugs and kisses him on the lips.

Before they leave, Rhonda suggests they draw cards for next week so they know what to look forward to. He agrees and draws a Doggy Style card from the box. The picture is just what you would expect with the woman on all fours and the man penetrating her from behind. He was hoping for something more exotic, before it dawns on him that just fucking Rhonda every week is exotic.

Rhonda draws a Missionary Anal position card. Now we're talking! The woman is on her back with her legs drawn up next to her head and a pillow under her hips while the man half kneels between her legs, penetrating her ass with his cock.

"You look happy about fucking my ass!" Rhonda teases as she playfully squeezes his cock. He didn't realize he was getting aroused again.

"Should we bring some lubricant?" he asks. "I've never done this before."

"You can get some just in case, but first we'll try using some natural lubricant," she laughs at the puzzled look on his face. "I'm sure you can churn up some lubricating juice with your tongue in the right place, can't you?" she asks.

"No doubt!" he says, kissing her again before they exit the apartment.

Sharon is fuming! Ever since her lunch with Rhonda, she's been pacing the floor and trying to figure out how her b*****r could betray her like this. The hypocritical bastard was sucking and fucking his wife into oblivion, while Sharon was gritting her teeth and trying not to have an orgasm because of the vow they took! The vow to never enjoy sex again! Doesn't that mean no orgasms?

What the hell was she thinking? How could she have been so stupid? Women can have sex without climaxing but men never do! While she's sacrificing her sex life with her husband, her b*****r is getting off with his wife all the time, according to Rhonda.

Rhonda's description of their lovemaking brings back vivid images of the day she was gyrating on her b*****r's hard cock. The only orgasm she's ever had, at least when she was fully lucid. She doesn't want to think about that! Pounding her fist against her leg, not for the first time, she tries to make sense of it all. How could her b*****r have deceived her like this?

She needs to calm down and label her feelings. That's what all the self-help books say; label your feelings. Okay, there is anger, of course, and betrayal, frustration, hurt, jealousy. Jealousy?

Of what? Of who? Of Rhonda? Because she's getting orgasms that Sharon's not or... no! She is not jealous of her b*****r's wife! No! That's not what this is about. She hears Tim's car in the driveway and tries to pull herself together.

"How was your day?" Tim asks, walking into the kitchen where Sharon is making dinner.

"Fine. And yours?" she asks, smiling over her shoulder at him.

"Great!" he says, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. It really was a great day, eating and fucking his s****r-in-law. "How was your lunch with Rhonda?" he asks, wondering how Sharon will react.

"Good," she says, not very convincingly.

"Did you guys agree on a date for our joint vacation?" he asks, already knowing the answer from Rhonda.

"Yes," she says, hesitantly. "Fourth of July week," she answers, turning from the stove. "Do you really want to do this? Would you rather take a vacation somewhere, just the two of us?"

"I thought this was your idea," Tim answers, wondering how her lunchtime discussion of Rhonda and Paul's sex life has suddenly given Sharon a change of heart about the vacation.

"It was. I just wasn't sure how you felt about it," she says and he knows she's lying.

"I think it's great," he says. "You absolutely love your b*****r and we both adore Rhonda. Is there a problem?"

"No," Sharon lies again. "We'll have a great time," she says, unenthusiastically. Tim lets it go.

One of the most ironic elements of Tim and Sharon's marriage is that they sl**p cuddled up to each other every night except on the nights they make love. Sharon, in her knee length cotton nightgown, spoons against Tim's naked back with her arm around him, or sometimes he spoons against Sharon's back, being careful not to touch her breasts.

A couple of days after their vacation discussion, Sharon climbs into bed and snuggles up against her husband's back as usual. Tim, who had his back to her and didn't see her come to bed, notices the difference immediately. Instead of her normal cotton nightgown, Sharon is wearing something soft and cool; satin maybe? She cuddles up to him and says goodnight. Maybe Rhonda's right. Maybe if Sharon thinks her b*****r isn't buying into the whole sexual repression, she shouldn't either. He wiggles his ass against her satin covered thighs and says goodnight.

Neither Tim nor Sharon mention the satin nightgown but Tim starts lying on his other side when Sharon comes to bed so he can admire the way it clings to her sexy curves. He cuddles up against her, resting his cock against her satin covered ass.

As exciting a development as this is, Tim is totally preoccupied with fucking Rhonda's ass. He's been doing research on the Internet about anal intercourse so he can make the experience mutually satisfying. He's so excited that he's been jacking off nearly everyday.

The night before he's supposed to meet Rhonda again, Sharon shocks Tim by coming to bed completely naked. Having turned towards the wall when he went to bed, he didn't see her come out of the bathroom so he's completely unprepared when she cuddles up to his back. When he feels the smoothness of her thighs against his ass, he tentatively moves back against her, thinking maybe her nightgown has just ridden up but her bare tits resting against his back assures him she is indeed naked.

She picked a hell of a night to start something, he thinks. All he wants to do is close his eyes and dream about fucking Rhonda tomorrow. The thought of his hard cock pumping in and out of his s****r-in-law's tight ass is so erotic that he can't bring himself to deal with his wife's tentative attempts at seduction. He kisses her goodnight and then turns over towards the wall.

Sharon doesn't know what to do. She thought Tim would react more enthusiastically to her new nightgown but he didn't even seem to notice. After a few nights of cuddling him with just the thin satin material between them, she worked up the courage to abandon the nightgown and crawl into bed completely naked. Cuddling against him and pressing her bare tits into his back made her heart pound in her chest and her breathing become labored. She felt an unfamiliar tingling between her legs; reminiscent of the burning itch she had the night she convinced her b*****r to commit i****t.

The sobering thoughts about her b*****r, combined with her husband's indifference to her exposed flesh, squelches her desires and she dozes off, wondering if she's even capable of becoming a normal wife. While Tim dreams of fucking Rhonda's ass, Sharon dreams about her b*****r and the only orgasms she's ever had.

Rhonda is pacing the apartment, nervous as a schoolgirl on her first date. Conflicting emotions are raging through her brain; she's scared, nervous, excited and, incredibly aroused by the idea of Tim fucking her ass. She arrived at the apartment early, soaked in the bathtub and has barely eaten all day. She thinks her ass is as clean and ready as it's ever going to be.

Taking a drag on her cigarette, she catches a glimpse of herself reflected in the dark television screen and again wonders if she should put on her nightie. After her bath, she massaged flavored oil all over her body and decided to stay naked while she waited for Tim. Then thinking she looked too anxious, she put her pantsuit back on. A few minutes later, she shed the pantsuit and put on the sheer nightie. Now she's naked again, second-guessing herself, when she hears the doorbell ring.

Tim's cock, already excitedly pushing against the front of his pants, springs to attention when Rhonda opens the door. His eyes devour her naked body and her smooth skin glistening from the body oil.

"You look delicious," he says, closing the door and taking her into his arms. She melts against him, wanting to tear his clothes off as he cups her bare ass cheeks and pushes his tongue into her mouth. Sliding her hand between them, she grips his hard cock through his pants, gently squeezing it in a slow rhythm. Tim moans into her mouth as his hands caress her ass. I'm going to be fucking this ass in a few minutes, he thinks as his cock swells in Rhonda's hand.

"I did some research," Tim says a few minutes later as he starts shedding his clothes. "Two things seem to permeate the information about anal sex. First, you have to be at the peak of arousal; I can take care of that. Secondly, I have to be at the peak of hardness. In other words, I shouldn't have cum yet," he smiles.

"You have it all figured out," Rhonda laughs nervously. "I guess I'll just put myself in your capable hands," she says, wrapping her arms around his neck as he drops his underwear on the floor and stands up. His stiff cock bumps against her leg and she reaches down and gently pulls it up, trapping it between their bodies.

"Capable but inexperienced," he reminds her, "and I can hardly wait to change that." As he moves her towards the bed he adds, "my plan is to eat you through a couple of orgasms," he pushes her onto her back onto the bed, "and then, fuck you until you're almost ready to cum again. Crawling up between her outstretched legs, he continues, "then you should be ready for the main event."

"Mmmmm," Rhonda smiles, "sounds heavenly." Rhonda spreads her legs farther apart and Tim starts licking her inner thighs, getting his first taste of the flavored oil.

"Strawberry?" He gives her a surprised look and Rhonda nods. "My favorite!" he says, teasing her smooth skin with his tongue as he works his way towards her moist pussy lips.

True to his word, Tim's tongue works his magic on Rhonda's pussy. With his fingers pumping her pussy and his mouth sucking her clit, he detonates two explosive orgasms back to back.

"Ohhhhhmyyyyygod!" Rhonda sighs, falling back on the bed, while Tim continues lapping up her steady flow of juices.

"Let's fuck!" Tim says excitedly, moving up next to Rhonda. "Turn over," he tells her, gently nudging her body. "We're going to do my card, so I can lubricate your ass while I'm fucking you." Rhonda had completely forgotten about the doggie style card Tim drew last week.

"You've thought of everything," Rhonda says, still gasping for breath. Rolling on to her stomach, she shakily pushes herself up on all fours. Retrieving the lubricant from the small bag he had dropped by the door when he first came in, Tim positions himself behind her gorgeous ass. His cock throbs with anticipation as he lines it up with her frothing pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Yeah!" Rhonda moans as Tim plunges his cock deeply inside her well-lubricated hole. Pushing himself tightly against her ass to keep his cock deeply imbedded in her pussy, he squeezes lubricant on his finger and pulls her cheeks apart with his thumbs.

"Oh! Tim! Oh!" Rhonda squeals as he swirls his finger around her puckered opening. Rhonda is rocking back and forth against Tim's hard cock while he corkscrews his finger into her tight ass.

"Oh! Fuck!" Rhonda moans, lunging back at him as Tim inserts a second finger into her ass and wonders how he'll ever get his cock into this narrow opening. Twisting his fingers around, he smears the lubricant and tries to stretch her hole.

"Okay. Time to turn over," Tim says, pulling his rock solid cock from Rhonda's soggy pussy.

"Supposedly the trick is for you to try and relax your sphincter," Tim chuckles nervously as Rhonda rolls onto her back and Tim pushes her legs up to her shoulders.

"Hold your ankles," he instructs as he lines his cockhead up with her crinkled opening. With Rhonda bent in half like this all he sees is ass, pussy and tits. His cock is throbbing at the erotic sight.

"Be careful," Rhonda cautions him. "Take it slowly, okay," she pants, trembling with anticipation and arousal. Taking a deep breath, she consciously tries to relax her ass muscles as Tim pushes forward.

"Okay. Just try to relax," Tim is so excited; pre-cum is dripping from his cock, adding lubricant as he pushes it into his s****r-in-law's ass. Fuck! It's so goddamn tight. Rhonda's ass starts stretching around his cockhead and he pushes harder causing Rhonda to lose her grip on her ankles.

"Owwww!" Rhonda yowls. He's going to tear me apart, she panics. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," she says, trying to disengage her dilated ass from his cockhead.

"Hold on," Tim pants. "We're almost there," he assures her, pushing down on her ankles and thrusting his thick cock into her compact asshole.

"Owwww! Fuuuuccck!" Rhonda screams as Tim buries his cock into her burning ass. "It hurts!

Take it out!" Rhonda cries.

"Give it a minute," Tim pleads. "It should feel okay in a second." He holds perfectly still as his stiff cock throbs inside her snug little asshole. God! He's never felt anything so constricting around his cock. Rhonda's ass is shrinking around his swollen cock like a fiery vice.

"This will help," Tim says, remembering his research and letting go of one ankle so he can rub her clit. Positioning his thumb over her love button, he rubs light circles as he slowly withdraws his cock. With his cock about halfway out of her ass, he pushes his thumb into her pussy and his palm against her neatly trimmed mound, cradling her clit between his thumb and his palm. Rocking his hand against her clit, he slides his cock all the way back inside her ass.

Rhonda feels completely helpless, bent in half with her b*****r-in-law's cock ripping her ass apart. What the fuck was she thinking? She can't move! Her ass is burning and she's at his mercy. Oh fuck! Her pussy is on fire now, too! Tim is rubbing her clit and thumb fucking her pussy. She starts rocking against his thumb, but it pushes his cock deeper into her ass. Fuck! It's better if her legs are up higher. She grabs her ankles again and raises her ass up to meet Tim's strokes.

Tim starts a slow, steady rhythm, alternating between his thumb and his cock. When his cock is on the downward stroke, he pulls his thumb out and visa versa. Before long, Rhonda is rocking up to meet his cock strokes, pushing her ass into the air as he thrusts down into her.

"Ohmygod!" Rhonda moans, her orgasm building from the dual attack on her ass and pussy. Her ass has expanded sufficiently to ease the pain and Tim's thumb in her pussy is churning her hot juices.

Tim breathes a sigh of relief as Rhonda gets into it. He didn't want to hurt her, but he sure didn't want to stop! Now they're really fucking and Rhonda is rocking up to welcome his cock into her ass. Fuck!

This is fucking incredible! He can't believe he's actually fucking his s****r-in-law's ass!

Rhonda starts jerking as her orgasm hits and her pussy spasms around his thumb. She stops rocking as Tim pulls his thumb from her pussy and slams into her ass a few more times before erupting in a surge of cum that he thinks might never end.

"Fuck!" he breathes, finally pulling his spent cock from Rhonda's ass and letting her legs drop onto the bed. He collapses next to her and just smiles as they catch their breath.

"You okay?" Tim asks sheepishly, breaking the silence.

"Yeah," Rhonda smiles. "It wasn't like I thought it would be," she smiles, "but I came so fucking hard! I can see why women like it but it felt like you were going to tear me apart."

"I'm sorry," Tim says.

"It was my idea but I think I'm going to be sore." Rhonda says, kissing him. "You've nothing to feel sorry about." She grabs a cigarette and abruptly changes the subject. "How are things with Sharon?" she asks.

"Are you allowed to smoke in here?" Tim asks, raising his head and looking around for an ashtray as he avoids answering her.

"No," she says. "But I'm allowed to ass fuck my b*****r-in-law," she smiles as she points out the absurdity of his question. "Tell me what happened," she says, sitting on the bed and lightly rubbing his back. Tim tells her about Sharon's new nightgown and how last night she came to bed naked for the first time.

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