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Holiday Cyber Play

Kevin and I played one my favorite games over the holiday. I get him to contact a person I do not know and have them control a sex scene remotely while watching us through the web cam. I hope it makes you as wet as it made me!! Please comment on my b*****rs site, since I still do not trust putting any of my personal stuff online… yet. xoxoxo Kay

Please let me know if this gets you off like it does me!! My pussy is sooo wet!


The computer chimed and I jumped. I was expecting it, but still. I guess it was indicative of just how wound I was. I looked at my b*****r, Kevin, and he smiled at me. He had seen me jump. He thought it was funny. I almost called him a bastard, but I did not. It was not like I did not want to play, but still….

I clicked on the flashing tab and a window popped with a simple phrase: “Are you ready?” As I lifted my hands to the keyboard, I noticed a little tremor in my fingers, and I had to type very deliberately. “We are here, and I am ready to serve.” The moment I hit the enter key to send the message. I did not even know who or where the person was that was reading it. I just knew that this was like standing at the doorway of a perfectly good airplane and jumping out into the nothingness of space.

It did not take long. The text said simply, “Turn on your camera and have Kevin move behind you to where I can see him also.” I obeyed.

I did not always obey. Sometimes I just ignored him. But those times were when he caught me online and I was by myself. When Kevin scheduled a time with the Man, I had no choice. It was something I was going to have to go through.
My heart was pounding and I could feel a single cold drop of sweat begin to work its way down between my breasts. I had no idea what was before me, but I could guess. The thought made my skin rise in goose bumps and I saw that the screen enlarged and I could see in the bottom corner of the screen, my own image.

I was surprised that my face was not beet red. The screen instead showed me as a composed woman who looked very calm and yet, very alive. My horny b*****r stood behind me and the camera cut his head off, but as I looked back at him over my shoulder I could see his glance looking down my blouse. He squeezed by shoulders and I let out a breath I had not noticed that I was holding.

“You look nice.” Came the voice from the computer. “I like your hair pulled back and braided. It allows me to see so much better. Kevin, I believe that your s****r looks a little warm, could you reach down and help her out by undoing her top couple of buttons?”

Obediently, Kevin’s hands moved from my shoulders to the top of the V made by my white blouse. He had told me to dress this way. A white blouse and black skirt… Nothing else. No bra. No panties. White shirt and black silky skirt.
Kevin had added his own touch. When I got out of the shower, I had walked into the bedroom and he had the ironing board out and he was starching my shirt. I mean, he was making it board solid with starch. When I put it on just a few minutes before logging into the computer, I was stunned at how the stiff, rough material rubbed my nipples and made them hard. The more I walked about the house and moved, the more my nipples lengthened.

Now, as my sibling undid the buttons, the stiff fabric moved roughly across my sensitive flesh and I could feel the bl**d rush to my face as my nipples sprang to attention once again. There are times where I do not like my tits. At the end of long days of work, their DD size feels so exhausting, and my nipples require me to wear what Kevin calls, “Industrial Strength” bras or risk me poking someone’s eye out without even noticing! But at moments like this, I could imagine what he was seeing, and I knew how he liked to see my hard nipples and I sat there proudly as my b*****r let his hands brush across them lightly and my nipples jumped to full attention!

“Good, I see you are ready, but I don’t believe that Kevin is yet. Take his cock out and let’s see if I am correct,” came the voice. Kevin moved around to my side and I moved so he was directly in front of me and giving the computer a side view of us. I slowly pulled his zipper down and then undid the belt and snap. His pants dropped to the floor and I could see a slight rise in the front of his boxers, but he was not anywhere near a full erection.

Rather than pull his boxers down, I slid my hand up the inside of his thigh and pulled his manhood out the leg hole. This had the desired effect, as I could see him twitching before I even saw him. As his balls came into view, I saw them hanging like full fruit from the bough that soon came into sight. I pulled the foreskin of his cock partially back and then let it slide back up, just enough to give him a good shiver and I turned to the camera on the computer and said, “I think with a little encouragement, this will work quite nicely, don’t you agree?”

The voice said, “Agreed. But I want you to start my way. Peel back his foreskin, and just at the v on the underside of the head, flick your tongue.” I obediently complied. Kevin’s breathing became shallow and quicker. His cock was beginning to harden and I could barely keep myself from popping his length into my mouth. “Slowly” came the voice. “Stroke and massage that little spot lightly with the tip of your tongue. I want to see a drop of his nectar there for your first… It is all about the birds and bees, you know.” He chuckled at his own little joke, but on our end, everything was business.

Kevin’s hands moved to the back of my head and he moaned. When I looked, there was indeed, a solitary drop of his warm dew at the tip of his cock and it took all my restraint not to lap it up immediately. Instead, I pulled my head back and pointed him toward the computer. The drop became a drip as is rolled out of the slit and fell, leaving a cobweb trail suspended in the air.

I could feel my own moisture gathering within my skirt. I hoped that it would not be long, but I knew I would do what the computer said. It was surrender of our control, and yet it was more. I wanted the thrill of having sex in front of another man. I wanted to know that I still turned men on, and this was certainly giving me that thrill, but…. I also needed the safety of knowing we would be alone. If there was anything I did not like, I could end it all with a keystroke.

But thinking about a second cock getting hard brought my attention back to Kevin’s now three quarter erect member and I felt the familiar tightening squeeze more drops to my inner lips…. The voice came out a little deeper in tone when it spoke, choked with desire. “Alright, show me how you take him down. Show me how well you know how to suck him, but don’t bring him off, I want this to last.”

I did too. As I leaned forward, Kevin’s hands moved to my shoulders and he pushed the stiff fabric off of my shoulders. My heavy breasts swung out as I leaned forward to hungrily devour his cock. It filled my mouth with just his head and a little of the shaft. Even though it was just coming into its fullness, it still filled my small mouth and as I inhaled the scent of his passion filled me with a lust that allowed me to easily relax and begin the process of taking his member into the back of my throat!

The moan from above let me know what I knew from experience. Kevin was loving my attention. The sound of deeper breathes coming from the computer though reminded me that we were not alone. “Cup her breasts. Show me how you make her hot by working her nipples.” His voice now was full of an obvious hunger for what he was watching. The person who was controlling our time, was being drawn into it and that knowledge made me want to cum without hardly being touched.

Kevin’s hands took the weight of my breasts and began to massage and systematically play across my nipples. I moaned, with his cock near my throat which sent a shiver of lust through him and his fingers tightened reflexively on my tender flesh. We were both getting close to the edge, quickly.

“I don’t want him to cum, yet, you better slap his stick against your boobs for a moment,” he said, and I reluctantly surrendered my mouth’s prize. Kevin’s cock glistened and was darker in color. It was as erect as I had seen for years, and as I slapped it against my now hyper-sensitive breasts, I moaned.

“She sounds ready. Turn so I can see between your legs and pull that skirt up out of the way. I like the contrast of your white flesh and the black fabric. Kevin, use your fingers to show me just how wet she is.” My b*****r sat on the floor and I put the heels of my feet on either side of the laptop. Then he pushed the skirt up to reveal my naked snatch. I had kept my pussy bald for years and I could feel my face flush at the thought of this faceless voice seeing what Kevin saw.

Instead of sticking his fingers in me, Kevin instead put his hands to either side of my pussy lips, and pressed them up against me and then drew my flesh out toward my thighs. I could only imagine how my wet inner lips were now exposed. I felt a finger from either hand press in on the base of the hood covering my clit and the sensation was electric! It felt like every nerve in my body had been plugged into a thousand volts of electricity!!

“Put your finger in her and pull it out.” Came the lust-filled voice. “I could imagine a man watching us, his own cock sliding in and out of his fist. Kevin’s finger slid easily into me and I arched my back, willing him to do more, but he pulled it back out. “Taste her juices and tell me if you think your s****r tastes good.”

I was mortified. And I was turned on. My pervert b*****r did not hesitate. He bent forward between my thighs, ran the slick finger under his nose and inhaled like a man judging the vintage of a wine. Then he stuck his whole finger into his mouth and slowly pulled it out, sucking it clean and purring like a kitten!! It was an incredible rush!!

The chuckle from the screen preceded his comment of, “Oh that was marvelous!! That was DAMN Marvelous!!!” My face heated up as I remembered we were not only being watched, we were being directed. And I did not even know who was watching!!

“Kevin, take the camera with you and go down between her legs. I simply have to see this honey pot that serves up such delicious morsels!” I pushed the chair back and Kevin got on his knees. “Spread her open again…. Yes!! Like that!!! My God!! See that little drop that just came out of her? Yes, there! Oh, take that with your finger tip and smooth it over her pussy lips! That’s it! Make them glisten wet for me!” He directed Kevin’s every move and they went on and on, all the while my sex betrayed me as it continued to drip with lust!!

“How we doing there Kevin? Are you sporting hard enough wood yet for your little s****r? She is one smoking hot woman! Stand up. Oh yeah. She has you turned on too, you lucky bastard!!” the voice went on with an evil laugh. “Well we can’t let that go to waste. You two trade places. Only this time, let’s change it up. I let Kevin use his fingers on you but no mouth, so Kay, you can do anything to his cock, you just cannot use your hands!!”

By now, I was so delirious with lust, I did not care how I got it, I just needed Kevin in me and I needed it NOW!

His bobbing cock jumped before my eyes, and I wasted no time, whatsoever. I caught the head of his cock in my mouth, locked my lips around its head and started sucking like I could turn him inside out by sucking him through his little slit!!

To be honest, I know the guy on the computer was saying things, but I tuned him out. I would hear, “Damn, she is HOT.” Or, “You lucky shit! Is that really your s*s? Fuck she can suck cock!!” But all I wanted was to feel Kevin’s balls tighten. I wanted to feel the left one turn just a little. I wanted to feel him tighten up and I wanted to feel the molten core of his lust break through because of me!

And a minute or two later, I was not disappointed. I felt him twitch, and heard my b*****r moan. At the last, possible moment, I pulled him out and spit on his shiny shaft and with two firm strokes, felt his cum blow out of the end of his cock, all over my tits.

I could hear the guy saying, “Jesus!! That is soo fucking hot!! Oh My GOD!!”

I stood up and leaned into the laptop and wiped some cum from my tits onto the lens! You should have heard him scream then!!! I clicked end the session.
Because he did not need to see what I did to Kevin next!!

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