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Sex with my friend's husband!!

This is based on something I did to Kay a couple of years ago. I wrote it from the female perspective because I remember just how visceral Kay’s emotions were when it went down. She read it and smiled and said, “Damn. It was good, wasn’t it!!!” Oh it was! It surely was!!

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It was one of those Saturdays. My husband, Tim, was off an hour and half before dawn to go climb into a tree stand and kill Bambi. All the while, I was left bored and unfulfilled again. He claimed that deer could smell a woman’s scent on a man for miles, no matter how many times he showered, so deer season was far from dear for me. It was frustrating as hell!!!

As I stepped into the shower I thought about my friend’s husband. They had come down from Canada earlier in the week and were staying up in the k**’s old room. He was not a hunter, though on occasion, my friend had confided he had more bullets in his gun than she was able to handle. He seemed always to be looking at women and smiling and flirting, but I had never caught him looking at me in the 15 years I had known him.

Not until last night. It’s my house, they are our guests, so maybe I should have been more discreet, but we are all friends and it had been a long day of walking at the zoo, so my back hurt and my boobs were sweaty and so the bra came off. Even in grade school I had “the girls”. They got me a lot of attention back then and these days they still get me more attention than I sometimes want, but I really don’t even think about them.

So I was not thinking about having 5 pound sacks of sweetness hanging off of my chest last night at all. Not until I bent over to get the pizza out of the oven and I realized my friend’s husband was taking full advantage of the gaping opening down the front of my shirt! I straightened up quickly and bumped the side of my index finger against the rack above in the oven and burned myself. I set the pizza down quickly on the stove top and began to suck on my finger where I had burned it.

I swear, I did not see him come around the table! He was just there and he took hold of my hand and turned on the cold water on the tap and ran it over the burn. He held my hand there under the cold water for a good while and stared into my eyes as he asked if I was okay.

Then, once I started to pull my hand back from the water, he flicked the now icy water at my shirt and the sudden cold splash had the girls poking through the material immediately. He kissed the burned spot on my finger with an all too lingering kiss, but this time his eyes left mine and were locked on my breasts.

I blushed, pushed him back and said stop, but he just laughed, winked and let the back of his hand graze the side of my breast before turning and walking back to the table.

That touch, more than the water or the burn, sent my nipples hardening and my head spinning. The rest of the evening as we played cards and watched a DVR movie I kept seeing him appraising my chest, and each time, my nipples would pucker up shamelessly.

So the next morning, as the warm spray of the water played across my flesh, I had thought it might remove some of the dirtiness I felt. I love my husband, but all night, I had tossed and turned with dreams of James touching me. It had been years since I had had dreams so lurid and vivid. I had thought about maybe satisfying myself after Tim left for “the wilds”, but had opted instead to try to sl**p.

But as the water played over my skin, the thought of James’ touch along the side of my breast and the memory of how he had seen me as something to be devoured filled my mind. As I passed the soap over my lower belly and my fingers passed so close, I could not resist the opportunity to touch just a little, and I was so ready that those brief touches made my legs feel suddenly as liquid as the water cascading down them! I stopped my touching, because I knew I would just be frustrated, and because I hate trying to bring myself off while standing, even if it is in the shower. But my mind and body now were like a spring wound so tightly that it would not take much for it all to break free.

Turning off the shower, I wrapped my hair and piled it up on top of my head. Then I grabbed my second towel and began the morning ritual. I tried to focus on what I was going to need to do to schedule meals for Tim and the rest of us when I knew we would not be on the same schedule. But that only made me resentful. And the more I thought about it, the more frustrated I became! I really needed him and he was off firing a load of gun powder instead of giving me his load and it pissed me off.

I walked across the bedroom to my dresser and dug out a pair of “normal day” undies and then put them back. I figured why not and instead pulled out a pair that was a little more sexy and fun. No one would see them, but maybe between James’ leering at me and the silky material I might feel more like a private moment later in the day…

I pulled them on and loved the way they slid over my baby oiled legs. They snugged up against my privates so nicely as well since I had done all of my grooming while in the shower and I was immediately glad that I had chosen my silkies.

I walked back toward the bath, but with the steam still heavy in the air, opted for finishing my hair drying in the doorway to the master bath. I tossed the towel I had used for my body into the hamper and started the process of squeezing the water out of my hair. Over the years I have let my hair grow and now, while being long, it is quite an involved process to get dry and a lot of time I just lose myself in the act.

That was where I was. Physically I was bent over at the waist, hair up over the top of my head and facing bedroom door when I saw feet and sweat pants appear silently at the top of my peripheral vision. I began to straighten and scream when two hands grabbed the towel and pushed it up into my face!

I felt the long arms and bare chest of a man envelope me and the voice of James quietly in my ear saying, “If you want me to walk out and let you go, stomp on my foot, but if you want to have as much fun as I do, then just nod.”

The next moment was like lying on my back, staring up at a guillotine blade poised to fall. I wanted to scream and push him away. He was not my husband!! But his flesh was warm, and his muscles felt so powerful as they held me. I wanted to know what he would do. I had not been touched or kissed by any other man for over 17 years. It had been years since I had felt the touch of any man’s flesh make my heart hammer like this.

I cut the cord myself and let the blade fall.

I nodded weakly.

He wasted no time as he pushed me back on the bed and kept my face covered with the towel. His hands held the towel loosely in place at first as his lips and tongue quickly found the soft flesh of the top of my breast. The heat of his body over me melted the core of my sensuality and I could feel the hot honey of my sex begin to pool immediately deep in me, wishing he would break the dam that held it back.

His beard scratched my nipples and I could feel them stiffen as he sucked them hard then gently played his teeth against the elongated flesh. My hands fisted in his hair and held him tightly to my breasts, longing for him to take me and pleasure himself with me. He hungrily sucked on me and then gave love bites to the sides and underside of my breasts in ways that drove me crazy!!

I finally got him moved between my thighs and I began to grind up against his bulge that was still restrained by the soft cotton fabric of his sweat pants. I d**g my fingers down his back and in my mind’s eye wondered how he would explain the obvious marks, but did not really care. Without surrendering his possession of my breast he pulled his hips higher and with a tug I was able to pull his sl**pwear down and free his cock.

Tim is well endowed and has never disappointed me that way, but while James was not as long as Tim, I moaned as my fingers encircled his organ and I discovered that he was way thicker than I could have imagined!!

His hands were no longer on the towel, but he murmured into my chest, “Keep the towel there.” and I complied. The lack of ability to see made every touch, every flick of his tongue, every squeeze of his hand more electric. His right hand was cupping my breast and tugging on my nipple firmly. My eyes rolled back at the memory of preparing my breasts years earlier for breast feeding and how those tugs had excited me. The image of my milk covering his hand, completed the imaginary and sent a whole new wave of pleasure through my belly just as his fingers spread open my outer lips and met the steamy hot cream that melted from within me.

His fingers explored every fold of my pouty flesh and found every point that had been neglected for so long. He seemed to be able to sense just the right pressure, stroke and motion on my hidden flesh to send me ever higher.

And then he touched it. My clit was now fully ready for contact and with his thumb and finger he began to make little motions almost as if he were jacking me off!! I could not believe the incredible sensations that caused!!! My back arched and my mind exploded into a million shards of ecstatic debris!!! His fingers left my nub that pulsed with nerves too sensitive, and instead began to open me up.

That was when he finally surrendered my breast. And I whimpered. I never wanted to lose that touch, but then a different sensation filled my mind, as he began to slowly enter me!! The warm tip of him opened the dark passage into me, but as he pushed further into me, he filled me like a man with a virgin. I thought for certain, that even having had 2 c***dren more than 15 years earlier that this was going to rip me open.

Then his body met mine. His pubic mound touched my sensitive nub and my breath caught. He was in and I felt so full!! Slowly at first he just rotated his hips and then he began to take a couple slow strokes in and out of me.

I groaned for more and he knew what I meant. The next stroke slammed into me and the collision of his body into my clitoris was electric, but was followed again and again by more and more. The room began to spin as he showed no mercy and very soon I was chewing on the towel I sucked into my mouth to keep from screaming!!!

The convulsions of my now pulsating pussy milked his fleshy rod and I felt him tighten every muscle and then his hot liquids were overflowing me and running down, over my ass and onto the bed. He spasmed every time I tightened my muscles and I longed to milk every precious drop from him, so I did until he fell to the side.

He reached over and pulled the towel from my face and looked at me with a dopey grin on his face. As he moved the towel to clean himself he asked, “umm, I was going to take a shower before Pam woke up. Do you have a towel I can use?”

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