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Wrestling a 'Gay' Friend

Just for private reasons I shall not mention the name of the other people involved in this.

When in was in high school, which is about 7 or 8 years ago, we had a friend who we all assumed was gay. I had a girlfriend back then, which I am married to right now.
He never confirmed to be gay, but all of us really could see he was. The way he talked, the people he hang around with and the way he did things. But because he seemed to be ashamed he never told anybody.

About 5 years after high school, all of our friends were still in touch. The 'gay' friend was married and nobody thought he was still gay. He was just 23 when he got married and we decided to meet up and talk about everything that happened, how he proposed and all of that romance. When we were in high school, we all did wrestling.
He told how he invited her to a wrestling match and got her on stage and asked her to marry her. After this we decided we should meet up again and do a wrestling match together, because we hadn't in very long time. It was time to check out who still had 'the fire'.

About a week later we met up again and we headed to the gym. It was a gym were you could rent private rooms. So we rent one private rooms and got on our singlets which we also rent their. We started wrestling for a bit and from time to time we accidently groped each other. In the heat of the fight, it sometimes came to the point where his crotch reached my face or ass. And so on, this was both ways, it also happened to him. Because we had wrestled for a long time, we were used to this happening, it was just in the motion of the fight, these things happened. But slowly it seemed as if it happened more than it would normally. But I thought this just felt like this because we hadn't wrestled in a long time. At one point he pinned me down and slowly moved his hand from my foot to my crotch. I looked at him and asked him what he was doing. He told me he had a new idea of how we would see who the winner would be. I knew he would be the winner, because in comparison to me, he exactly stayed in shape. But still I asked him what his idea was. He told me the first to cum would lose the match. Because I was and still am a heterosexual man, i declined his 'offer'. We just kept on wrestling. At one point he had me in a pose which it was impossible for me to come out. At least so it seemed. His ass crack was around my face, whereas his face was around my crotch. I kind of scared me, because of how he earlier talked about his idea. And my worries seemed to be right. He put his face on my crotch. When I asked him what he did, he said it gave him a better grip. He stuck out his tongue and started licked my singlet, at the same place my cock was. It felt kinda good, so i became a little stiff. But at the same time it felt so wrong that I tried harder to come out of his grip. He pulled down my singlet a bit and put my cock in his mouth. He started sucking it as a crazy person. Strangely enough I started to moan a little and my cock became stone hard. I know was 9 inches and around as big as it got. I got a little horny, but at the same time I didn't want this to happen. I slowly could feel it wouldn't take long for me to cum. Right at that point I came out of his grip as he loosened up to much. I got up and tried to walk to the door. But before I was at the door he tackled me down. It seemed as if he was possesed or something. He took me down and put his ass crack back on my face and took my cock back in his mouth. When I tried to get out I pulled his cock. It was stone hard and I noticed he also seemed to have lost his singlet. He started sucking my sock again and soon after I came. He let me go and I left.

After that we didn't speak for about two weeks. Than he called me to tell me he was sorry and if we could meet up at his place so he could apologize in person. Althought I didn't to, I agreed I would come. I put on a t-shirt and some swim shorts, because it was hot. When I got to his place he was waiting on the couch. He was wearing a training suite. He probably just came back from a work out, because he was quiet sweaty. We started talking about what happened and slowly he rounded up his apologize pretty quickly. He did ask me one question. He asked how come I got stiff if I didn't like it. I told me I didn't know what happened and that it probably just was naturally. I also agree I wouldn't tell his wife, because he did still want to marry her and the whole gay wrestling was just a thing he did in the weekends because he liked to dominate guys as well as women. We finished the talk and did a b*o hug.

When we were hugging, he moved his hand down a little and tried to grope my ass. I backed out and pushed him away. He said sorry, I couldn't help myself. But hey, it's hot in here, let me take of my suit. He took as his sweater and had nothing underneath it. Than he took off his jeans and showed a boxer with probably a thong underneath it. I asked him why he was wearing a thong. He told me he lost a bet and that was why he was wearing them. I thought it was funny and we decided to make a bet to. If the Lakers lost, I would have to were a thong but if they won, he had to were a thong.

A few days after we were watching the Lakers game together. They had a huge lead and I was alreasy joking about he walking around in a thong. But suddenly the game completely changed and the Lakers lost. He laughed at me and showed me his wife room and where the thongs were. He said he would leave me alone for a minute. I put on a blue thong and had to admit it kind of felt funny wearing it. He came in and began to laugh. He said he felt sorry for me and also put on a thong. I saw his 8 inch cock and I gave me a funny feeling. When we got down, i put my boxers back on and then got my swimming shorts. He also put on his boxers. He said b*o hug? I said yeah sure, why not. We had another b*o hug and he again tried groping my ass. I said fuck this and pushed him away again. But he was consisted, I saw he had a bulge in his pants and he begged me to show my thong again. But I declined and he walked up the stairs. I thought he was sad so I walked up and walked to his bedroom asking if everything was alright. But as I walk in he grapped me and f***ed me on his bed. He quickly stripped off my shorts and Boxers. Leaving me in his wife thong. He put of his clothes and I saw his 8 inch hard cock. He turned me around and he tight me arms together with my shorts. He started rubbing his cock in my asscrack and again I moaned. I reminded me of the wrestling match and it turned me on so badly. I started groaning and moaning and he went faster and faster. He asked if I liked it and I said hell yeah. Fuck me man. He turned me around and put his cock in my mouth. I was surprised but I tried to suck his nice cock. He moved it in and out my mouth and it turned me on so badly. He took back his arms and while I sucked his hard cock, he grabbed my cock. He moved it out of my thong and started jerking my cock. I loved this so much for some sort of reason. He started licking his cockhead and he started jerking faster. In no-time I had a 9 inch hard on and wanted to cum so badly. But before I had a chance he said he was going to cum and he cum in my mouth. I tried to get all of his cum and cleaned his dick.
He asked me if I would like to cum in his ass and I said okay. He begged of a little and shove my dick of his ass. He moaned but took pretty much all the 9 inches. He started moving up and down slowly. But because we were horny as fuck we both started moving really fast and I came in his ass. He got off and started licking and cleaning my cock.

We than agreed to do this again some time.

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