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Linda's 18th Birthday Party

My birthday party was great. I got many wonderful presents and had my entire f****y and all of my friends there. After the cake and ice-cream was devoured and all my presents opened my guests began to trickle out until only my Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and cousin were left. The cousin was Billy who helped me lose my virginity when I was 10.

My Aunt Ginnie wanted to know if I would like to spend the night with her and uncle Pete and Billy. She said they had some more presents for me at their house. I was more than happy to accompany them home.

Upon arrival we all piled out of their pickup truck. It was a crew cab so we had a lot of room. When we got into the house my aunt pulled me aside and handed me a box about a foot long and 3 inches on a side. It was wrapped in blue paper with a big white ribbon. "Don't open it just yet", Aunt Ginnie said. "Let's get everyone together so we can all enjoy watching you open it."

Soon we were all together sitting on the floor with me in the center of my f****y.

I tore all the wrapping off the box and opened the box to find a huge rubber dick. Needless to say I was totally embarrassed. I didn't know what to say so just stared at the dildo with my mouth hanging open.

"Do you like it?" asked aunt Ginnie, "it was patterned after Billies cock which we know you like a lot. We thought you might like to try it out tonight."

I was shocked but not nearly as much as when uncle Pete, aunt Ginnie and Billy started striping down to their birthday suits. I didn't know what to do but it dawned on me that we were about to have an orgy. That not withstanding I stripped to my birthday suit as well. It was my birthday after all.

Aunt Ginnie moved first. She crawled over to me and pushed me onto my back. Then she crawled up my body caressing me with her ample breasts. Once she was nose to nose with me she pressed her lips to mine then slowly worked her tongue between my lips until she was caressing my tongue with hers. I was so hot I almost had an orgasm right there. Then she began rubbing her pussy against mine and I lost it. I grabbed her and held her tight as my orgasm overtook me. I was panting and rubbing my pussy against her coating her with my juices. I finally came down from my cum and we just held each other for a while.

Uncle Pete and Billy were getting anxious to partake in my birthday present. Uncle Pete came over to me and ran his hand down between Aunt Ginnie and me and began to massage both of our pussies. Aunt Ginny new what my uncle wanted and rolled off of me only to be accosted by Billy. "We have always been a close f****y, " Billy said as he enveloped my aunt's cunt with his lips.

Aunt Ginnie wrapped her legs around Billies neck and began rubbing her pussy on his face. I thought Billy was going to suffocate but he managed to hold his own.

Uncle Pete was getting impatient and came over beside me and stuck his monster dick in my face. Like a good little girl I wrapped my lips around it an started sucking. I thought Billy was big but uncle Pete was huge. I couldn't get it all in my mouth. Only about three inches went in when my jaw just couldn't open far enough to let the rest in. So I took it out and lay down on my back and offered my hot and flowing pussy to uncle Pete.

He got down on all four and began licking and sucking on my pussy and clit. "No, fuck me uncle Pete, I want that monster in my pussy stretching me for all future dicks."

Uncle Pete then placed the head of his dick at the entrance of my sopping pussy and started pushing. The first couple of inches went in with no problem then it got rather difficult. "Push harder uncle Pete, I won't break."

Uncle Pete pushed a little harder but just couldn't get it all the way in. I really think he was concerned about hurting me. It was just feeling too good and was getting frustrating. I wanted that monster all the way inside my cunt. "Wait a minute uncle Pete," I suggested, "roll over and let me on top."

When uncle Pete rolled over and with that magnificent tool standing straight up I straddled his hips and slowly sank down on his spear. It was half way in and I started my orgasm. My pussy pulsed and squeezed his cock and I got a little light headed and just fell on uncle Pete forcing his cock all the way in till we were pubic hair to pubic hair. I fell over on top of uncle Pete and nearly passed out. I was never so exhausted from fucking. And I finally got my first orgasm from fucking a man. I want to do this a lot more. And I want to tell you all about it.

This was a truly fantastic birthday present.

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