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Was totaly pleased

A story the is fictional and only by chance relates to real people.

As I layed on the massage table recieving the full body massage from a young asian girl I had been to on a few occasions I was asked if ther was anything extra, she could give me. I asked what was on offer and she read of a list of sexual things and prices, I opted for a handjob and lay on my back and removed my towel, my cock lay lifeless inbetween my legs as Poppy oiled up her hands.

She lightly gripped my cock and massaged it gently as it slipped through her oily hands making in firm, as she pulled the skin back revealing the head I groaned making it harder than ever, she rubbed the shaft slowly and cupping my balls skweezing them gently, she let go and undone her uniform letting it slip from her body to reveal a smooth skin that was tanned in colour, her tits were a nice size with thick black nipples, she was wearing a pair of black high thigh panties that had a lace front showing a smooth pussy behind it.

She said you like I nodded my head in agreement as she resumed to rub my cock, she carried on slowly rubbing my dick as the shaft and head grew with her touch, she lowered her head and slowly sucked my cock taking a good length down her throat, her head slowly bobbing away, I could feel her tounge wrapping around the shaft as she started to remove her panties.

She lifted her head of my cock it was standing to attention the head glowing like a bulb as it shone where she had sucked it, I could now see her sexy naked body and the little pussy she had, she climbed onto the table and lowered herself onto my thick cock taking full control. She moved up and down as my cock was being coated in her pussy jucies. I held her tits as she moaned begging to fuck her hard I grabbed her slim waist driving my cock deep inside her as I felt her muscles clamp my cock like a vice.

I helped her turn round as she pushed up in the crab like postition driving my hard rod into her pussy my balls hung like a sack, she started to moan loudly as she mumbled it a good fuck and wanted more, as she drove her hips down locking the base of my cock with her muscles, she started to grind her hips. I felt my cock pulse knowing I wouldn't last much longer, she moved slowly being in full control on when I would cum as she felt my cock pulse she would slow down until I had no other option and pumped a huge load into her sweet pussy.

She got of her pussy dripping cum she dipped her finger into her pussy then sucked it saying my cum tasted sweet, I got of the table as my limp cock hung down, she knelt down and sucked my cock saying she wanted a good fuck again from a big cock, I asked how much it would cost she shook her had saying this one free for last load in pussy, as she sucked it all into her mouth, I groaned and let my head fall back, as the sensation of her mouth sucking my cock felt.

I was now semi hard as I felt her small hand cup my balls and the other rub my ever hardening cock as she sucked it like a hungry whore. My cock was now throbbing as she pulled her head of my now solid rod. She stood up and bent over the table opening her legs so I could see her pussy, the pink flesh showed from her slit as I moved behing her feeding my cock into a wet pussy.

I moved slowly my cock being coated in my spent load that now mixed with her juices, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed iot up her arse, as she begged for more groaning loudly saying it a good feel. I slid my cock in and out of her hole as I grabbed her hips driving in and out like a randy mutt fucking a bitch, she mumbled she was cumming and demanded harder as I rammed my cock into her, I felt a surge in my cock as I pumped a load into her triggering a huge orgasm from her as her hips bucked with my cock still in her.

I pulled out as cum dribbled from her hole I slumped in the chair as Poppy still bent over the table not able to move, I could see her pussy slightly open and shinning with her juices, she started to move her hands on her tits feeling her nipples as she stood up saying she was still horny would I like to have a pussy licking show, I agreed thinking I had never seen one before. She picked up the phone and made a short call, before another young Asian girl came in her name was Linda, Poppy asked what I would like I shrugged my shoulders saying no idea just what ever they wanted.

Poppy moved towards Linda kissing her deep on the mouth as she started to feel lindas body, she then started to undo Linda's uniform to reveal a slender body in a pink bra and matching thong, Poppy then undone the bra and started to suck her nipples as Linda leaned about table before letting poppy pull her thong down to reveal a pussy that had a small black patch of pubic hair on it, Poppy then knelt down and licked Lindas pussy making her groan.

Linda now lay on the table and Poppy was on her knees licking her pussy like mad I got up to get a better look, Linda reached out and rubbed my cock I reached down to feel Linda's tits and hard nipples, I watched as Poppy feasted on Linda's pussy, I could see her nibbling her clit as my cock now was at half mast and getting harder at the show I was getting, Linda was now moaning loudly begging for more as she opened her mouth and sucked my cock, he tounge flicking the slit in the head of my dick.

I reached back and rubbed Poppy's clit as she licked linda's pussy as Linda orgasmed in a muffled moan as my cock was in her mouth, Poppy carried on eating Linda's slit not letting up as I rubbed Poppy's clit faster before I cum in Linda's mouth and poppy cum as well, my cock slipped out of Linda's mouth and poppy moved up as she kissed and shared my load between them as the felt each other bringing each oth both to orgasm again, I got dressed and left totaly satisfied.

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