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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 6 (Cindys Story part

I was just had a blissful orgasm on my fingers the cum that Bob had deposited in me made some great lubricant, when i sensed that someone was watching me and rather than make a scene, I just pretended to be asl**p. When I heard the voice calling me, I just ignored it so as to create the illusion that i wasnt aware of what was happening. I felt a hand on my ass, then it slid down to my wet dripping pussy and I wanted so much to moan out in pleasure, but I held my breath, It was when I felt a tongue extend to touch my nether regions, and start to lap up the copious amounts of ooze that were there, I really started to feel good.

I had NEVER felt anything so good before and I could not believe how erotic it seemed to be. Whoever it was sure knew what I needed at that point, and the sensation kept rising till I was at the brink of another blissfull orgasm. As my orgasm washed over me I could hold back the cry of pleasure anymore, I screamed "FUCK ME FUCK ME!" and when I felt that hard cock slide into my pussy I was in heaven. The sensations were so great I was just along for the ride as my body was responding with a mind of it's own.

I was riding the rollercoaster of emotions when I felt something nudge my mouth and I opened my eyes a slit to see what it was and another cock was trying to poke my mouth, so I did what any woman would do when presented a hard throbbing cock in such a situation, I sucked it! He wasn't as big as the one in my pussy, but it felt so good to have a cock in my pussy, as well as one in my mouth. I sucked his cock, and he didn't last all that long, till he was filling my mouth with his cum, I swallowed and he retreated while I enjoyed the sensations of the guy fucking me from behind. I looked behind me and said, "Who are you?, and why are you fucking me?" When he told me he was one of my son's friends and that I had begged him to fuck me, I wanted to curl up and die. but the sensations were too great to allow him to pull out. "Can I please roll over?" I wanted to see his face as he was fucking me. As he eased back and allowed me to roll over I reached for the bedside light and turned it on so I could see his face, and Gawd, he was just a k**, but his cock was all man.

When I rolled over I opened my babydoll nighty and he just stared at my tits and my pussy, I asked "Are you going to finish what you started?" When he slipped that massive cock back into me, I almost swooned. He started to suck my nipples and that just increased the sensations that were flooding my pussy and then I thought I heard some movement behind him, and I realized that there were others in the room, I didnt want the sensations to stop, so I pulled his head tighter to my breast and it was then that my orgasm overtook me, and I felt his orgasm at the same time, and I was so out of it, I just fell into a blissful sl**p. `

It was sometime later when I realized I was laying on a very wet spot that all the images came flooding abck to me. I got out of bed and looked at the clock it was just before 6 a.m., I made my way downstairs intending to set the young man straight, that he could tell NO ONE of the incident that happened, and hoping I could be sure that it would be kept a secret.
I saw who he was, but I couldn't remember his name, I had seen him a few times before with my son. I shook him awake and said "Please come into the kitchen, we need to talk" I poured me a cup of coffee and offered one to him as well, at first we didn't talk we just stared at one another, then I asked him "How could you just take advantage of me when I was in such a vulnerable state?" I tried to be as mean sounding as I could, but as soon as I got that out, I realized that this boy/man had just rocked my world better than anyone else had up to that point. When those memories came back to me I smiled and said " It WAS pretty exciting wasn't it?" I think when he realized I wasn't going to call the cops or raise any hell with him, he grinned and nodded his head. "I had never had anyone go down on me after sex before, why did you do that?" he just mumbled something about it being a pleasure and then we drifted into a chat about what he wanted to do after he was out of school and his other future plans. I reminded him that he must NEVER tell ANYONE about what happened and If he could please convince the others that had seen it to keep their mouths shut also as I could lose my job as well as be put in jail for it.

He agreed to all that and as I stood to put put the cups into the sink I felt a trickle of his cum running down the inside of my leg, I turned to him and asked " Is there something you might like to clean up before I shower?" We made our way between the sl**ping bodies in the living room back upstairs and this time I locked the door as I dint want any interruptions I slipped off my robe and nighty and laid on the bed all spread while he undressed. The look in his eye when I said "EAT ME " was priceless. He dove in between my legs like a starving man eating a prime steak. The sensations were so good, I remembered that he had cum in me as well as Bob had cum in me and he was doing his best to suck it all out.

After he had brought me to a satisfying cum I just had to return the favor and I rolled him over and looked at him his gace looked like he had just ate a glazed donut I licked all around his mouth then I traveled down sucking on his nipples then all around his belly button and I took all of his cock into my mouth. I had learned a trick while I was in college on how to full a cock that my boyfriends and some professors seemed to enjoy. Lately I haven't had a cock that was long enough to be able to reach my throat, But, this one was just the right size. I could tell he had never felt that small little piece of flesh in the back of a womans mouth before and the sensations were too great for him. As my nose nestled into his pubic hair, he really started to moan. I knew he liked my technique, shallow then deep then I held him all the way down and swallowed and swallowed so that the throat muscles massaged his cock head. I heard him shout he was going to cum, so I pulled up a bit till I felt the first shot hit my mouth, and using that as lube I buried it all the way down till all the rest just went shooting down to my stomach.

When he started to soften up I asked "You want to shower with me?" We walked completly nude from my room to the bathroom, I started the shower, and got in. He was taking a piss when all of a sudden my son jake walked in and said "I gotta go bad" I just kept quiet in the shower, hoping he would just pee and leave, Then I heard Jake say, "You sure gave it to my mom last night, I know I got royally hard when I saw how well you were fucking her, and damn I didnt know she had a shaved pussy, it looked better than Amanda's did when we all got her last night" He must have flushed the toilet because it went from warm to HOT right now, and I squeeked out a sound while trying to avoid the scalding water, all of a sudden the curtain was torn back and there was my son looking at me with wide eyes "MOM, What are you doing here?" I could feel his eyes traveling accross my body from my breasts to my crotchand then to my red face then he settled looking at my shaved pussy. I finally spoke and said "Jake, honey, please go to your room and we will talk about this later okay?"

We washed each other and soon we started to run out of hot water, we got out and he dried me off even putting a small kiss on my pussy. I sucked his cock for a couple seconds and he was just starting to get hard again and i patted it for him and said "We will have more time later" We wrapped ourselves in towels and went back to my room I dug in my purse and got some money and asked if he would go to the store for some breakfast items while I speak to Jake.

to be continued....

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