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Step mum & s****r total dirty women part 1

fictional story

A little about things dad had met a women a few years back and had decide to marry her, I got on well with Tracey and her daughter Amanda and was always flirting with both of them, I often heard dad and Tracey fucking and always had to jack off, she was one horny women, not to mention Amanda who I had seen naked and would love to fuck her pussy with my fair sized cock.

Dad worked for a advertising company and had met Tracey through work, as we sat having dinner he mentioned he was away for a few days, my head spun of nothing but catching both women naked sometime over the days he was away, Dad went on his merry way as planned my moves, I waited in my room dreaming on what Tracey looked like naked, I knew she had big tits that was obvious. I was an 18yr old horn ball that would fuck anything with a pussy and stood still long enough to take it.

I was walking about downstairs when Amanda came into the kitchen, wearing a skirt that could only be described as, a hankie she went to the fridge and bent down, all I could see was her cute arse and a thong that covered her pussy, I commented saying nice colour thong, she smiled and said thanks, opening her legs slightly staying bent over a bit longer. I cheekily said well your pussy would feel better without that thong on, she put her hands up her skirt and pulled it down, revealing a shaved pussy that craved my cock.

My cock sprung to attention, making a lump in my trousers, Amanda commented saying I think little Tommy wants to play hide and seek, as I unzipped my trousers letting my cock escape, Amanda said well ok not so little, as she said well come on then fuck me you know you want to, as I got behind her slipping my cock into her pussy as she groaned saying it felt good, as I moved back and forth my cock, coated in her pussy juices.

As I groaned I couldn't hold back as I shot my load, making her cum my cock slipped out of her pussy as she straightened up saying well that killed a while, would you want seconds later, I nodded my head and shot upstairs to my bedroom, I thought 1 down 1 to go. I heard Tracey singing in her bedroom she had a good voice, she went from her bedroom into the bathroom, and turned the shower on. I sneaked along to the bathroom door and peeked through the key hole, to see these Milf big tits hard dark nipples, and an arse I would bite if I had the chance, as well as a pussy that was smooth as silk to look at.

My cock twitched at the thought of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy filling her full of cum, I was so engrossed in watching Tracey, Amanda caught me spying, she said hadn't I had enough for now, I replied no way I want both pussys before it too late, as I chatted to Tracey, Amanda came out with a towel wrapped around her, she asked what we was doing, when Tracey said spying on you in the shower mum, and would love to fuck you, O does he is this true I nodded as I looked down at my feet, well we better see to that, turning to Tracey she said have you had him, Tracey says yes downstairs about 30 mins ago and has a fair size cock that pleased my pussy.

Amanda grabbed my trousers feeling my cock as she licked her lips saying o yes that will do nicely, you better come with me young man. She entered the bedroom closing the door behind me, telling me to stand by the bed she would be there in a moment, I stood watching as she removed her towel, her naked body made my cock harden, I wanted to get it out and wank it like hell but she turned round, saying no touching that’s my job and smiled. she walked over and sat on the bed turning me round, rubbing the lump in my trousers dragging her finger over the firm outline my cock made her innocent look of her with her finger tip in her mouth like a little girl being told off.

I reached out touching her tit her nipple all hard as she unzipped my trousers pulling my cock out wrapping her fingers around it rubbing it slowly revealing a throbbing head, she stuck her tongue out, licking the tip making it swell more, she now opened her mouth saying now don't cum to quick will you I want to enjoy this, as she lowered her head sucking my cock, her warm mouth felt good, as her tongue wrapped round the head as she moved her head back and forth, she cupped my balls as she gently rolled them around in her hand.

I placed my hand on her head as she sucked my cock long and hard taking it out every so often to rub it, I groaned as I felt my cum rise before I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer Cumming in her mouth, she pulled it out slurping as she did letting it dribble on her ample tits, she swallowed my cum then said well that was nice want to lick my pussy, I nodded as she lay down rubbing her pussy slowly then licking her finger to taste her juices, she remarked saying it was sweet as sugar, as I knelt down my tongue running up each lip as she moaned softly.

I was now about to eat a pussy that my dad had fucked, as i stuck my tongue in making her sigh searching for her clit that was now swollen and throbbing, I probed my tongue in further licking the pink sweet flesh of her pussy, she gasped O god as I pushed my tongue in further making her back arch, she grabbed my head pushing my head into her pussy as she cried out a orgasm. I slowly pushed my fingers into her soaking wet pussy massaging her throbbing clit making her groan, before seeking out her, I rubbed it softly as she begged for more I increased my speed and she lifted her body slightly, I could feel her juices on my fingers as she said she was Cumming and Cumming big as she shook and screamed out, as I pulled my fingers out a fountain of fluid spurted from her pussy.

She lay breathing heavily as she gasped for breath saying she had never cum like that as I lay on the bed next to her, I suckled her tits as she cradled my head saying eat baby, mummy will take care of you as I flicked her nipples in my mouth, as she sighed with pleasure. We got into bed and kissed for a while as Tracey felt my cock stiffen she moved down the bed as I felt her warm mouth encase it sucking it slowly, I could hear her slurping on it before she slid back up my chest feeding my cock into her hungry fanny, it felt warm as it slid into her wet hole, her muscles gripping the shaft holding it like a prisoner not letting it escape, she wrapped the bed sheet around her waist as her hips started to grind on my pelvis, I reached up grasping her ample breasts softly playing with her hard dark nipples.
I looked up as her face was full of pleasure I had now completed my target but wanted more as Tracey kept grinding her hips making the sensation unreal her hands run through her hair as she groaned and moaned, all of a sudden the door opened and in walked Tracey with a video camera, sitting down she started to film her mother and I fucking I carried on pleasing this sweet pussy that I was now filling with cock, a few moments later I looked across at Tracey she had put the video camera on the table and carried on filming, and started to undress, as she removed her panties she walked around the bed and kissed me, and then her mother passionately like lovers feeling her breasts. Tracey then straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth.
My tongue darted in and out of Tracey’s as I lapped up her juices I could hear Amanda and Tracey kissing only imaging what they were playing with, I nibbled lightly on Tracey’s clit making her jump as I could feel my cock twitch, all of a sudden Amanda shook and had a orgasm, she got of my face and kissed my lips tasting her own juices, I was on the point of no return as I felt my cock throb, as I unleashed a huge surge of cum making my balls ache as I pumped Tracey’s pussy full of my seed, Tracey bucked and jerked as she yelled out in a series of orgasms that left her drained.

That evening we sat on the sofa cuddling and kissing, as the 2 feasted on my cock making me cum as they shared my load, we went to bed that night totally warn out. I woke the following morning in the usual horny way ready to please a pussy, I went to the bathroom and on the way back bumped into Amanda, I grabbed her dragged her to my bedroom and ripped her panties off, shoving my thick cock into her wet pussy, her begging for me to fuck her like a horny bastered I was, she moaned loudly as I drove my cock in and out of her pussy before Cumming in her making her cum as well.

Dad arrived home and asked if all was well and had we been upto anything good I said nothing really exciting as Tracey came into the kitchen kissing dad on the lips to welcome him home, and then lent over the breakfast bar where I was leaning, as we spoke I moved my hand up Traceys skirt and pulled her panty elastic to one side and slipped 2 fingers into her pussy, slowly rubbing her slit I pushed the fingers deep in her feeling how wet she really was, I looked as she started to bite her bottom lip, I then rubbed her clit as she opened her legs slightly before I heard her sigh softly feeling her jucies on my fingers.

I was as hard as hell and Tracey knew it as she slowly rubbed my buldge still talking to dad, she had a devilish look in her eye as she unzipped my trousers and pulling my cock out before letting go, walking towards where dad sat, whispering in his ear before walking away and upstairs, she was a tease and would get punished when she wasnt expecting it, dad got up and went upstairs I tucked myself away and sat in the living room.

About 10 mins had gone by when I heard their bed going and Tracey was moaning loudly rhe horny women was polishing dads cock after I had made her horny, I listened as Tracey begged for more and the bed skweeking increased, all of a sudden dad groaned and all went silent. About a hour later dad came downstairs saying Tracey wanted to see my about something, and would I go up whilst I pop out to get her some stuff I nodded my head as I climbed the stairs and dad went out the front door and drove off.

I knocked on their bedroom door and was asked to come in and saw ....... part 2 to follow

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