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Awesome threesome

Hii everyone i am shiv..this is my first story pls pardon if any mistake..and reply me at any reply will be appreciated.
Let me describe you about myself i am 5ř height 60 kg 21 year old boy..i am athletic in look and i have a monster cock of 7 lets start the story it was a normal day for me i was coming back from my tution in metro(kolkata ) a hot aunty was beside me in red saree and her perfume was making me horny.i was staring at her continuesly through out the journey ..but soon my station came and i had to move towards the door.there was a crowd at door i was in midst of the crowd. In my front there was a middle aged man between 35-40 age he had beard and was having a suitecase in his hand .As the station came closer people started pushing i was like vegei in between sandwich.2 minutes was left to reach station suddenly i felt something touching my cock.i realised it was the man ahrad me he was rubing my cock i did not had any control my cock got rock hard.i am straight but i was enjoying the play.
Soon my station came....everyone got out. The man in front of me saw me and started walking fast as if i am going to kick his balls.Near the token gate he saw me again this time i gave him a smile he replied with a smile and we both got sepreted .As i came out of the station my phone had a message and it was a miss call alert and when i saw it was my friend sourav.I called him he said me to go to the wine shop and bring some wine while returning.The shop was near metro so i agreed.there was a huge line in the shop i got into it...It took 20 minutes to have my turn.meanwhile i was thinking about that man and thag awkward momemt..suddenly a idea came into my mind.But i was sad that i can't meet that man any more.
While returning with the wine bottles i decided to have some tea.i entered a hotel and order a i was enjoying the tea i saw the man in the metro entering the hotel.He was in a different table and did not saw me.I went forward and sat in his table he suddenly got shocked then i said hi and he also replied hello with a smile.
I said"i am shiv " .and moved my hand forward for a shake.
He replied"hi i am mohan" and shaked hand with me.
I felt that he holded my hand tightly and it was not the sign of confidence as they say but this was something different.
I decided not to waste time and i said "so you like that?"
mohan replied "yes very much"
me ."wanna have it?"
mohan .smiled and said "my pleasure "
me."where you wanna have ha?"
mohan."in my mouth and ass(whisper)"
me smiled and said." its huge enough"
mohan in excitement said."how much?"
i replied ś"
mohan was like."wow"

then it was time for my second step of my plan(idea).
I said "are you married ?"
he said "yes"
i smiled and said "have c***dren ?"
he said "yes 2"
he asked me for my number we exchanged our number..
Then i said" i wanna have a choot(pussy)"
he got a bit amazed and said "ohh nice "
i asked "do you wanna have my dick?"
he said "yes"
i asked "but i want a pussy"
he remained silent for a while then i said" how is your wife ?"
now he was clear with my intention.He hesitated a bit and said nice.i asked him for a threesome he got angered and said "noooo way" i said "thats sad coz i can't give my hard cock unless i get a pussy " he raised from his chair and said ok bye....i paid the bill and went away but this incident was running in my mind all the time .

Days passed by many a time i thought to call him but i don't want to disturb i just left fine night i was reading a sex story in internet and my phone ranged it was mohan i got shocked after few rings i picked up the phone
me."hello "
mohan"hii shiv"
the tone of his voice was totally different with which he left in our last conversation .
I replied "how are you ?"
mohan"at my best say me how are you ?"
i replied "very much fine.."
He invited me for a dinner at his place.i was surprised to hear that but i accepted and we fixed day and time.

The moment came i was getting ready to go his home for dinner then again he called and confirmed.while going his home i stopped at a medical shop to buy a pack of condoms because i was aware i may fuck today and i am safety precacious boy so i buy a choclete flavour condom.
As i reached his house according to the address given and i rang the door bell.mohan opened the door with a huge smile at his face.he was wearing a red colour kurta i could make it out that it was not his usual wear .It was special day .as i entered he offered me a seat and started asking how i am and he missed me all that things then came the wife she was looking jaw dropping gorgeous.let me describe her .she had silky hair which was tied neatly and was wearing a red colour saree.she hade huge boobs and it was jumping out of her bra like a football kept inside tennis ball packet
i bet if boobs could talk they would have cried to come out.She was wearing saree at low her navel was clearly visible it looked so nice that i had a urge to kiss them as soon as i saw them.Her ass was also tight and huge it was perfectly round and she had huge thighs too.
she came near me with a smileing face and sat beside me i was hard on....hubby introduced me to her .her name was nikita
she said"hii shiv heard many times about you "
i smiled back and said "imagined many times about you "
nikita"oh really ?"
i said yes
she asked wheter i look as her imagination

i said" you look better"
she smiled then the hubby interupted and said let go to dinner.we all sat in the dining table i was sitting with the hubby in one side and nikita was opposite to me...she made raita ;chilli panner paratha and fried rice..when she bent down to serve food at my plate my eyes was on her boobs..i got hard seeing then we were talking on random topic at the dinner i was getting bored i moved my leg forward under the table and touched her feet it was so soft she looked at me smiled and responded positivly somehow the hubby noticed but he did not said anything soon he kept one hand at my thigs and started massaging it i was getting horny and my rod was hard and hot in my pants his hands reached my cock and he started rubing it with his hand i moved my hand forward and catched nikita"s hand .mohans left hand was playing with my cock and my left hand was with nikitas left hand it was like inter connection

i said nikita to come other side now we all were this side i started kissing nikita and playing with her boobs and mohan opened my pant to take my monster in his mouth.i was enjoying soi much mohan was such a good suker and nikita kissed very passionately....we all started right from the dinning table i moved the food and made nikita sat on the table i sat down moved her sareee up and i could see a black panty i kissed her pussy from above her panty two times till then mohan went up the table to give his cock in her mouth..she started sucking his cock and i removed her panty to reveal her pussy it was fully saved and had very nice smell i could feel that she had a pre cum i then started licking her juicy pussy it was a very pleasant time for me ..nikita was sucking mohans cock but in between she was stopping to moan ohhhh ahhhhh ummmmmmmmm
i now used my hand to make her pussy open and used my tounge to tease her she got mad by this move of mine she moved mohans cock from her mouth and catched my hairs and pulled me more towards her pusst now she moaning more loudly "ahahaahah ohhhh ahh please" then i got uo and asked them to move to the bedroom nikita was very horny at the time she kisseed me at the same moment we both went kissing to the bedroom the hubby followed us .

I jumped in the bed and asked nikita to sit on my face she got shocked but then came up on me i was licking her huge ass and pussy at the same time mohan again went down at my erect cock and started sucking it now he was also playing with my balls i can't explain you all the moment .
i looked at mohan he gave me a wicked smile i replied him back with smile now my cock was at its highest it must be 7.5 . Then i looked at nikita and brought my condom packet she looked at it and said "wow my favourite flavour chocolate " she took it from my hand and placed it in my cock and for a minute sucked my condom wearing cock.then i placed my cock at her pussy gate and at one f***e got it in her mouth opened wide open at starting i moved slowly his hubby was now sucking her big boobs soon i moved my speed and she started moaning ..this continued for 15 minutes then i loosed my sperm .
nikita also had a organism ...mohan was all fit he moved his cock at nikita ass and i moved my cock at her mouth she was sucking me awesomely i soon got full hard i asked mohan to stop and lie down he followed my words then i said nikita to be on her top and i went at her ass now we both were fucking her at same time i.e doble penetration... Nikita was in other world her eyes were closed we both fucked her at our fullest she again had organism ...we three had awesome threesome...
so friends this was my story any lady or couple if want some fun in her life mail me at i live in kolkata and readers please mail me your response so that i am encouraged to write more...bye:)

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