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True Story/ My 53 year old fucktoy

Hi I am single 27 year old male and somehow have gained the use
of a 53 year old Slut.
I first met her at a Christmas party 2 years ago at my bosses house.
She was a friend of his wifes, I didnt even notice her during the party as I
am not attracted to over 50 yo women, and she was no beauty.
I had had a lot to drink and was leaving the party when she approached, she reminded me of an old Aunt of mine (She was about 5'3" a bit chubby, blonde, starting to get some deeper lines on her face, smallish tits, she was wearing a purple print mini skirt which did look a bit odd on her, however her slightly chubby legs looked ok) She said she thought she knew me from somewhere but couldnt remember where, I looked at her again and realized the old slut was trying to chat me up, what a laugh but I went along with it. No I said, I cant seem to remember you, maybe you were a friend of my mother I smirked, she looked a bit crestfallen so I said to her, Just k**ding I have had a bit to drink, I was going to drive home but maybe I'd better ring a Taxi. She immediately offered to drive me home, boy she was persistant, I thought what the heck maybe fucking this old bitch would be an experience.
We arrived at my place and I didnt beat around I knew what she wanted and said to her, get on your knees (I knew she would either leave or do as she was told either way didnt care) She looked a bit shy and was slowly kneeling so I sped things up a bit and pulled out my cock, either the drink or the thought of fucking this old slut had made me very limp, so I told her in no uncertain manner to get to work. She started to lick and suck but I still didnt feel aroused but a thought came to me that she was certainly very submissive and maybe if I photographed her doing all I told her it would be a turn on
, so I said to her to wait there I am going to get my camera, she said no photo's, so I said shut up or get out, she looked confused but stayed on her knees I grabbed the camera and returned, she put her hands to her face and said again no photo's, I said shutup and lets see your cunt, she looked annoyed but stood up and dropped her panties, I said lift your skirt and pose for the camera, she did as I said and I knew I could make her do almost anything if at this early stage i had such control (I have the pics and will post later for anyone interested), Her legs were a little thick but still shapely with a few broken veins here and there and her cunt was badly shaven with tufts of hair in patches and she had very wet fleshy lips and what looked like a tight asshole.But no match to the girls I had been dating recently, but her submissive nature was winning me over and I thought lets see how far I can go tonight before she rebels, the harder the better as I didnt have anything to lose just an average plump old bag in a mini skirt.
Suck I ordered, she looked upset so I said one more time, Suck it you old whore or fuck off, she looked beaten but sunk to her knees and started to work my cock with her cheeks and tongue, I said all the way and keep your tongue out she tried but started gagging and drooling, I was starting to enjoy this.

The drool was running freely now and she pulled back and asked for a towel, I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her back on my cock, which had stiffened up nicely, she really started to gag now and with a loud snort ejected snot and drool from her nose while at the same time pushing away from my grasp. I looked down at her, she was totally humiliated her eyes covered in teary mascara, snot dripping from her chin, she looked even older than her 53 years and I could see drool running between her reasonable small but drooping breasts, as she looked back up I took the initiative and said, No hands bitch and go deeper, you have a lot more to do to match my younger girlfriends, I grabbed her head again and went straight back to work, the choking, snorting and gagging was amazing and her hands came up again to push me away, I shouted no fucking hands, and she actually lowerd them jerkily to her knees, I reached down the front of her skirt and was able to cup her whole right breast in my hand and squeeze hard while still deep in her gagging throat. I then couldnt believe it when she put her hand between her legs and started to finger herself. (I have pics and will post later)

Again I held her head locked on my cock, the snorting and gargling noises really reached a peak, and then the old bitch started pushing me off and flailing her arms, I shouted at her keep your tongue out but she managed to free herself, I was not happy as I was close to cumming but wow looking at her
face covered in drool and spit and bright red from the workout was another real turn on, I took a couple of pics and told her to turn around and spread her ass cheeks, this was her best angle so far, she actually looked good her thighs were a bit thicker than my other girlfriends but her asshole was just as tight. I grabbed between her legs and was surprised by her fat loose cunt, I was able to actually grab her whole cunt in my hand and squeeze it like I had her tits. She squirmed I told her I was amazed at how fat her old cunt was, she looked at me with anger, but said nothing, I said to her, I will give you one last chance, stay deep on my cock and I will cum directly in your throat, she looked shocked, what do you mean, she said, I mean shutup open your mouth or fuck off. I then reached down and roughly pulled her skirt off over her head, her body was not that great but could still be of use, her ass was ok but more cellulite than I would like, her tits were small but just starting to droop, she had a slightly sagging belly I noticed would wobble as I face fucked her.
Well Granny I sneered open your mouth.

I grabbed her again and pulled her head onto my cock, I really pushed it in and felt it pop right into the back of her throat, again snot and drool blasted from her nose, she tried to push me off but I held tight as I new I was about to cum, she was really flailing now and her face was bright red under all the muck, I finally came holding my cock deep in her throat, this time my sticky white cum blasted from her nose, finished I pulled back and looked at her she was gasping for air and her face nearly unrecognizable, I now knew that older women could be usefull. Get up I ordered

She stood up red faced goo,snot and slime dripping from her face to her drooping tits, I laughed out loud and said to her, well you really look your age now and then some, her eyes narrowed and she said, you didnt seem to mind me when I was on your cock, yes I admitted you do have your uses, maybe I will call you again, she asked for a towel I said let me help you, I picked up her skirt from the floor put my hands on her shoulders and guided her to the front door, she said what are you doing, I opened the door threw her skirt into the street and told her to go fetch, she darted out to get her skirt it was a funny but sort of erotic sight her plump ass and tits wobbled as she ran and stooped to pick up the skirt, I shouted thanks and shut the door, immediately she was hammering on the door, I opened it and she pushed past me, I said what do you think your doing, she said you bastard I need my bag and car keys and at least the use of the bathroom, I replied use your skirt you old skank I handed her her bag and my business card, call me when you want some more, I opened the door once more and this time she hurriedly pulled her skirt on and walked out glaring at me. I watched her walk down the path, her hair a mess, sticky faced and barefoot (I realized her shoes were still inside).

This was the first of my experience with a much older woman I knew she would call me again, and I will send more details of her future adventures. (And I will post pics of this encounter if I have enough comments and requests)

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