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My horny neice

way back in 93 my wife and i went to visit her b*****rs ex back in her hme town where they grew up, we had been there about 3 days when the girls decided to have a girly night out with friend,so saturday night came and like all women they stated to drink and get ready early,so i was setteling down for a night of tv and baby sitting,7 o,clock came and the girls left for their night out.

i was now on baby sitting duty only my neice debbie was no baby,she was a tall leggy girl of about 16 with dark brown hair brown eyes and a boby to wank over,it was about 8.30 and i was engrossed in the tv when the livingroom door opened and there stood debbie in a shot flimmsy nightie you could see right through with light from behind her,hi brad she said i've missed you and aunt jayne,well it had been about 7 years,and she was now quite a young lady and all grown up.

she came over and snuggled upbeside me on the sofa just as she had done when she was younger ,her nightie riding up revieling her tight white panties,i could feel my cock begin to stiffen,god it was so uncomfortable but the sight of her soft little pussy encased in little white panties was a sight to behold,she let out a little sigh,whats up sweetie i asked,well she replied do you remember steve,no i don't think so why i asked well he put his cock in my mouth ,i had not heard anything of this,so i tryed to laugh it off ,saying i thought that you liked to look at mens cocks, uncle brad how do you know about that,i know you used to watch me inthe shower through the crack in the door when you were younger.

she blushed a little and laught then to my surprise she said that she had seen my cock last night too and gone back to bed to play withher pussy wundering what it would be like to play with it,god did she really want to play with my cock, it was playing tent in my shorts she could not have missed it,she then turn to me and said oh uncle brad is that all for me,i knew it was wrong but thought what the fuckshe wanted it she was hot and i could see the gusset of her little white panties more and more wet,i felt her hand tug at my shorts and release the b**st within and her hand rap around the shaft of throbing cock and slowly start to stroke up and down,god that felt good was she really doing this to me,i let my hand move down between her legs,she parted them more to let my fingers rub up and down her moist mound under her panties,she looked up at me and said brad can i suck on your cock i have want to for such along time.

we streched out on the sofa and i took off her panties, we lay there for a while just touching each other her hand wanking my cock and me gentley rubbing her little nub,her juices were now flowing she was ready to cum her breahting getting heavyer and shallow within seconds her had her first orgasm cuming all over my hand we changed possition so i could lick and suck on her sweet little pussy while she took my now throbbing cock in her mouth sucking and licking untill we both exploded inti each others mouths,and this was just the start of things to come.

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