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When my body takes over my mind,,,

As I closed the door to the back room, I looked at him. If he didn't know before, the sex eyes were a big indicator as to why I asked him back here. The door clicked and I smiled and bit my lip.

"It's so hot back here" I said, referring to the wood burning stove that had been burning all night. He didn't say anything. I paused for a moment and thought about my next move. Should I come onto him, or should I let him come to me? Before I could make a decision I felt myself walk across the room and push him up against the back door. Where my mind hesitated, my body took over and took control.

I looked into his eyes and then down to his lips. I bit his lip, and licked down his neck. I pressed my body against his and passionately kissed him. I could feel his dick against my body, and instinctively fell to my knees.

Without a beat, he unlatched his belt and removed it for me as I undid his pants. I waited with anticipation as he removed his cock from his loose boxers. I looked up at him and grabbed his cock. I licked just the tip so I could watch his reaction. He moaned and I knew he wanted it just as much as I did. I licked around the tip a little more, and then up and down the sides of his dick. I swirled my tongue around the shaft until finally my whole mouth was around it. Ty thrust himself into my mouth harder and harder. I moaned because it felt so good. He grabbed my hair and thrust until I gagged. My eyes watered but my mouth was open and asking for more.

I grabbed his penis with my hand and started to jerk him off while I licked and cupped his balls in my mouth. So delicate, yet so sexy.

I stood back up on my feet and he ripped my bra and tank top down. He couldn't resist sucking on my massive tits. He grabbed one in one hand and twirled his tongue around my nipple. I could feel my pussy getting wet with every circle. He moved to the other breast and bit it. I moaned. He licked up my neck and shoved his dick towards my body.

By this time I wanted it so bad I could feel my pussy throbbing. I pushed him back against the door, turned around and took my pants down my legs, bending over so he could see the view. He must have liked what he saw because he grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him.

His dick slid into my tight pussy. It took a couple of thrusts to get all the way in. It was so big that I felt it hard and deep inside me while I was bent over. He thrust one more time and I screamed and stood up. I turned around and held one leg up so we could fuck facing each other. I leaned against him while he leaned against the door and felt his dick inside me again.

The fire was boiling and the room was starting to smell like sweat and sex. He pushed me back, looked at me, and asked me if I'd fuck outside. I nodded in desperation as he opened the back door. Snow littered the deck, and I stepped onto it. The cold against my skin gave me goosebumps, but turned me on even more. I grabbed onto the table and leaned over it. Ty grabbed my ass and pushed himself inside of me. I screamed his name louder and louder. I didn't care that I was outside. It felt so good I wanted him to explode inside me.

I turned around and jumped onto the table. The table and the snow were so cold, but I didn't care, and neither did he. He pulled me to the edge of the table and bent over and licked my clit. Dear god, I couldn't keep it in. He's the only one that can lick it like that. I let him lick up and down and in and out until I came. I pulled him up and licked his lips. I love the sweet taste of my own pussy.

I kissed him and pulled him inside of me. I wanted more. I grabbed his ass and pulled him toward me. I screamed for more and hoped I could make him cum like he did for me. I arched my back and let my breasts breathe. My nipples were hard. He could see that, and licked one of my nipples. He blew on it and it made it even harder. God, it made me scream again.

I threw my legs over his shoulders, leaned back, and told him to fuck my ass. He continued to fuck my pussy and shoved a pinky into my ass. I moaned and thrust myself into him. He spit on my ass and shoved another finger inside of me. I reached down and started to rub my pussy because it felt so good.

He moved his dick from my pussy to my ass and slowly worked his way inside. He moaned and said it felt so tight. I kept rubbing my clit and leaned up so I could finger myself too. Ty slowly pulsated into me while watching my every move.

"Harder, I want it harder"

He stared into my eyes and did what I asked for. I rubbed faster and harder. I was going to cum again and I hoped that he would join me.

"Fuck me baby. Do you like that ass?"

"Yeah, do you want me to cum inside you?"

I moaned and pulled him towards me. I wanted him to last for just a moment more, as I was so close to cumming. I pulled him into me again and again and screamed as the cum dripped down. He thrust once more, and moaned as he came inside my ass.

I collapsed on the cold table to take it all in. I wanted this, and it was so worth it. As I walked back to the room, I was glad my body had taken over. Maybe letting it make decisions isn't such a bad idea after all.

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