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Coconut oil

I was telling a guy this story and he said I should post it :D I was out partying one night when I met a guy I used to know.We were chatting a bit when I started to remember how hot he was in bed.:P He offered me a drink and after a couple we headed to his place.I couldn't contain myself as I was tingling with excitement.As we were driving along my hand started wandering..i could feel his cock was already I leaned over and unzipped his pants..I reached in and pulled out his cock.It already had precum dripping out the tip..I opened my mouth and started was just as I remembered..before I new it we were at his I walked in his bed was in the middle of the lounge room.Suddenly we started kissing and undressing when he said "Give me one second" He came back with a big sheet of plastic and a big bottle of Coconut oil.He put the sheet on the bed and poured oil all over it.We quickly finished getting undressed and I got on to the bed.He poured more coconut oil on me and I rubbed it all over myself.He was standing next to the bed and his cock was hard as.I grabbed his cock and started sucking like a woman on a mission,the oil made everything nice and slippery. as i worked his cock with my mouth he was reaching down and rubbing my boobs.He said "fuck i forgot how big your nipples are" lol He turned me around and started to fuck my wet and oily pussy.I could feel his hands pulling my butt cheeks apart..his thumbs were getting closer and closer to my bum hole.Then as he was still pumping hard i felt one then two fingers slide up my butt.He fucked me like this for ages when all of a sudden he stopped.I thought he was going to cum,but he slowly pulled his hard cock out of my pussy and started rubbing it against my bum hole..then all i felt was his hard cock fill my butt as he held my hips and pushed it all the way in..We were fucking like this for a while when the lights came on and two of his house mates came in with a couple of their mates..I just stayed as I was as he continued to work my butt.They all sat on the couch and watched us fuck..this made me even more horny.:P After a little bit i noticed the guys on the couch were naked lol they came over and one layed on the bed before long i had cock in my mouth,pussy,butt and each hand..The guy i came home with was starting to quiver,then i could feel his cock pulsing as he rammed his cock as far up my butt as he could and filled my butt with his cum.As he pulled out i thought that's one hole filled lol.He sat on the couch and was watching as one of the cocks i had in my hand went around behind me..i could see him living his cock with the coconut oil..then suddenly as i was riding another cock in my pussy,such was getting sore lol :P he pushed his cock up my butt.I didn't think guys would be keen to put their cock in a girl that already had a load of cum in her..but i was wrong lol :P the guy i had i my mouth finally cum,i looked in his eyes as he was shooting jets of cum down my throat..:D They all had a go in each of my holes lol :P how bad does that sound lol :D there was cum everywhere lol i swallowed that much I got a bit of a belly ache :P my pussy was dripping all the time my butt made squishy noises as the guys would thrust in and out lol :P but we continued to fuck until it was light..:P I ended up sl**ping until midday,naked and covered in oil and cum.The guys said that they took pictures of me while I was sl**ping with their cocks in my mouth,pics of my sore pussy and boobs felt like they were going to fall off too lol :P but they were nice and we had a great night together. :D

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