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Barebacked CD

I was facing backward on the couch, with my face toward the wall. My knees were on the edge of the pillows and my legs were spread wide. With a quick motion, he flicked my school gurl skirt up on to my back, exposing my ass, framed by the black leather garter which held up my seamed stockings. My stilettos were pointing out, horizontal to the floor.

He pushed his dick up my crack as he pressed in closer and slid it up and down. With one hand, he reached around and firmly grabbed my cock and balls and held them tightly. With his other hand, he fondled my fake tits through my white blouse with the red bra underneath.

As he nuzzled my neck and ears, I heard us both pant louder. My cock was starting to strain against his palm, throbbing. I felt him grow larger against my ass and the small of my back. He was grinding harder now and it was working.

He backed up a step and reached for the lube on the end table. Positioning himself over me again, he squeezed the bottle and I felt the cold rush of a large plop of the lube splash against the top of my ass crack. It warmed as it dripped down my ass, past my hole and onto the back of my balls near my taint.

He spread it around my crack and then took a finger and jammed it into my ass. I barked, "Ohhhhh!" as he worked his finger in and out and all around my man-pussy.

He hit me with a second spray of lube right on top of his finger, still in me. He worked it into my anus and then managed to get a second finger in - then some of a third. The feeling was tremendous.

Tossing the bottle aside and reaching under me with his free hand, he jerked my cock hard. He massaged my balls and ran his hand up and down my taint.

All the while, he'd bump up against my ass with his ever-hardening dick.

He retrieved the lube and squirted a generous amount to the top of his cock. What spilled off made again me jump when it dripped on me.

His left hand rubbed the top of my hip and my ass check. He worked the lube onto his cock with the other. I could feel the knuckle of his hand hit me as he did this. And, then, I felt him guide his slippery cock deliberately up and down my crack. He'd let it catch on my asshole and then poke it into my ball sack. He must have done this for five minutes. I closed my eyes in anticipation of what was coming.

He stopped completely, still resting his hand on my hip. That hand then slid toward my front as he grabbed for my pelvis and bone to hang onto.

He positioned his cock at my asshole and held it there, pushing into me ever so slowly. I felt my skin around my ass open up slightly as it reflexively pulsed to try and grab his cock like it did for his finger. I opened up more as I felt his mushroomed head push into me.

As the head got a little farther in, I started to feel the burn on my O-ring. I whimpered and asked him to hold it there until I could tolerate the sensation. It was that great feeling of pleasure and pain all rolled up into one. But this didn't last too long because of his earlier massage and I told him it was all good and to enjoy himself.

His dick wasn't the longest, but under his head, it tapered out to a great girth as it got closer to his body. He had large veins and I felt every one as he pushed farther into me.

I started out having my face buried in the top of the couch next to my hands. As he got further and further inside me, my back started to straighten up a little as I maneuvered to give him the best position to get it all in me. He recognized this, took his hand off guiding his cock and grabbed my other hip. He then made one good push.

I now had all of his wonderful cock inside. He held it there and made it pulse. This made me jump and moan as I was able to feel the whole shaft and head up my ass.

He started to retreat back down and plopped out. Without using his hands, he worked his head back into me and plunged straight in again. What a feeling. As he pulled back out again and again and worked back in, I met his thrust by pushing back against him. Loud squishing sounds and moans were all that heard.

He then fucked me good. Long, thrusting strokes trying to cram everything in. Short moves popping his head in and out. He swayed side to side to move his dick around to stretch me out some more. He'd come out and rub up and down my crack. He'd hold it all the way up in me and reach around to grab and jerk my dick. This went on for twenty minutes. I was in ecstacy. He'd tell me that he "was fucking me good" and "you're my little bitch" and even a "who's your daddy?" as he'd smack my ass from time to time. I was his little bitch.

I was pushing back on him as much as he was pushing into me. I felt him grow even bigger. We were one unit and he was grunting and starting to sweat. It dripped from his nose onto my back. This guy knew exactly what he was doing to make himself and me feel great.

We fucked for the longest time. The more I moaned, the harder he'd give it to me. He filled me completely. His cock was wonderful in my ass.

He was finally ready. He got a solid hold on my hips and jumped into me, time and again. I looked down between my legs and past my own hard cock, saw him push up on his toes to cram his cock into me. I felt him grow in my ass, his veins pushing against my rectum.

He screamed, "I'm cumming" and I whimpered back, "cum in me, cum in me, cum in me." He didn't disappoint. He grabbed my hips so hard he pinched me and came into my ass. I felt the warm jism fill me up. Wow.

He pulled out and came some more on my back, soaking my garter and skirt. His load was tremendous. He took his hand and guided his cock around his cum, spreading it around, pushing some back into my ass to add to the lubrication. He then repositioned his cock and entered me again. With a couple more pulses of his cock, he gave me more juice. He stayed hard so long after he came, I thought he was going to give me another load.

He relaxed and stayed in me for a bit. He let go of my hips and just stood straight up, locked in my ass as I tried to hold him there as long as I was able to. I could feel him getting just a little smaller and finally he plopped out and backed up a step. I stayed on my knees for a minute or two, savoring my fuck. His cum was starting to stream out of me and as the warm cum hit my balls and was cooled by the air, I shuddered.

I turned over and sat down on the couch, feeling the wetness all over my ass and lower back. I reached out and grabbed him by the dick and tugged him towards me. I put him in my mouth and played with his cum on his dick and abdomen. My toungue played with his veins. I licked under his head. My toungue found his slit and I licked there, too. I hoovered all his cum up and swallowed it up, smiling so slightly and locking eyes with him as I did. When I was finished, he was clean except for my red lipstick on his cock.

As he watched, I quietly laid back on the sofa, pulled the front of my skirt up and jerked myself off. It didn't take long - I was so ready. I finally gave it one big pull and came all over my hand and my clothes. I worked the cum around on my hand and one by one, sucked my fingers clean.

He sat on the sofa with me, pulling my stocking legs over his. We massaged each other's cock, playing with the clear cum that was left in us. After a while, he leaned in, kissed me and said, "Wanna go again?" To which, my answer was, "Absolutely."

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