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Black Mailed...pt2

Charlie had positioned himself behind me and was rubbing his huge penis glans over my bung hole. I whimpered as his huge member probed my outer anal muscle ring till it parted and admitted his head to enter my neither region.

I begged 'please, don't do me like this, please don't,' Charlie growled 'bitch, you just swallowed my cousins seed, I'm gonna breed this ass pussy, you ain't sucking me dry till I seed your ass.'

Charlie pulled his penis back and slid more into me, I gripped the mattress and cried as Charlie pulled back and slid more into me. Then when Charlie got into a rhythm, he didn't let up, slamming his thighs against mine as he sunk every inch of his enormous penile shaft deep into my bowels.

Bruce was just sitting in front of me jacking his softening penis watching Charlie's penis slide in and out of my bung. Bruce said 'look at that boy pussy clinging to your dick, fuck that bitch cuz, breed that bitch's ass till he beg for more.'

Charlie was slamming into me so hard he pushed my face into Bruce's crotch, Bruce adjusted my face so that my mouth was pressed up against his butt hole. He took hold of the back of my head and held it still as he hunched his butt against my face.

Charlie grabbed hold of my hips and grind deeply into my ruptured anal cavity and grunted like a pig as he flooded my bowels with his seed. He held me there for awhile as his penis throbbed excessively emptying his testicles of their fluid.

Charlie pulled his flaccid penis from my butt with a wet slurping smacking sound. I pulled away from Bruce's butt hole just as he suddenly ejaculated a huge shot of sperm directly into my face. Caught by the surprise of his action I was tried to turn away as his substance hit my face, I was not fast enough and most of it drenched my face and entered my slightly parted lips.

Before I could raise all the way up Daniel hit me between the shoulder blades and demanded 'put your head back down bitch, you ain't through yet.' My head and face was pushed down into the remaining pool of Bruce's pooling sperm and as I turned it was smeared across my face.

I pleaded 'please, no, I can't take any more, I'm too sore. Please let me go.' Daniel laughed and said 'I'll let you go if you tell me you'll let me fuck you silly later. Say it loud enough so we all can hear it and I'll let you go.' I laid there till I felt Daniel's massively huge penile glans rub over my aching raw bung hole.

I quickly cried out 'NO DANIEL, LET ME GO AND I'LL LET YOU FUCK ME LATER.' Bruce and Charlie said in sync 'damn, that bitch wants to fuck.' Daniel seized my hips and powerfully pushed his monstrously huge penile head into my already ruptured butt hole.

I cried out in agonizing pain 'YYYEEEOOOWWWAAAAUUUUGGGHHHH,' as his huge head parted my anal muscle rings and his rock hard shaft sunk balls deep into my uplifted bung. 'Oh, Oh ,Oh,' I grunted with each thrust of Daniel's hips. I gasped in desperation and pain between breaths ' would...let me...go...if I' Daniel grunted 'I'll fuck you now and fuck you later, you're my little slut. Take this dick lick a man or I'll bust your ass wide open.'

Whimpering and whining I tried to grit my teeth and bare the brunt of his attack. Daniel had the biggest penis of the three and he knew it, he enjoyed letting Bruce and Charlie shot their load in my butt to lube it up so he could enter and not rip his foreskin.

I could not bare the savage sex much longer, my knees were pushed up under me so I could not lay down. Daniel had my hips in his powerful strong grip so I could not get away and he pushed me away and pulled me back to meet his thrust.

Tears flowed freely from my eyes as I cried and whimpered, than Charlie and Bruce came over and took hold of my arms and thighs. I didn't know what they were going to do, the two of them lifted me as Daniel stood up.

Daniel had his fore arms under my thighs and gripped my shoulders as he slammed his huge penis deep into my neither region. I had never fell such a painful intrusion as I sort of flailed hanging from their grip. I cried 'no don't fuck me like this, don't fuck me...' I thought of what I was saying and tried to stop but once I had gotten started I couldn't stop.

Bruce said 'is that dick good, is that dick good?' Whimpering I cried 'yeeesss, that dicks good,' Charlie laughed and said 'if it's so good than let me hear you beg for more. Call Daniel baby and tell him to fuck you good.' I weakly cried 'Daniel baby, fuck me good.'

Bruce and Charlie dropped me on my face, Daniel held my hips as my feet hit the floor. Some one dropped down pinning my head between their thighs and grabbed my calves pushing me over double as I was standing. Daniel said 'yeah baby, that's how I want it, nothing but ass hole.

I felt like my spine would snap into as I was bent double and my butt hole stretched beyond it's limits. I could look up and see Daniel's massively huge black penis slide back and forth into my butt, his balls swinging like two huge black tennis balls. The cum deposits from Charlie was churning in my rectum and turning into a beige froth forming around Daniel's penile shaft and my widely stretched anus.

I saw my anal membrane straining to cling to Daniel's thick black penile shaft and all I could do was whine. I reached back and grabbed his ankles with my hands and dug my finger nails into his flesh. It didn't slow his onslaught and I watched in utter awe as his python length penile shaft slid effortless in and out of my ruptured anal opening.

After six or seven minutes of this bruising punishment Daniel grunted and groan and slid deeper into my rectum and I could see his penis throb and the urethra tube pulsate as he erupted in side my anus. Globs of his and Charlie's sperm squirted from around his massive penile shaft and dropped to my face.

Daniel held me like that till his penis stop squirting, he pulled slowly from my ravage butt hole leaving it a gaping opening. As soon as his huge head had exited my butt hole a huge glob of cum oozed from my anus and dropped directly onto my nose and mouth.

Bruce pushed me away and I fell to the mattress, barely able to straighten out, Bruce scrambled over to me and lifted my aching legs up in the air and quickly slid his steel hard shaft into my twitching bung. Like a man gone mad, Bruce rammed back and forth into my butt hole, pulling his penis all the way out and slamming it all the way back in.

In frantic desperation to ease the pain and give me some relieve, I gripped his fore arms and held on for dear life as he rammed his stiff penis into me. The obscene sounds my butt and his penis made was turning Charlie on his penis was growing as he stood over us stroking his elongated tool.

Bruce slammed deep into me and squirted his seed into me. AS he pulled out I tried to hold on to his arms, I didn't want Charlie to enter me with his huge tool and I thought that if I held Bruce a little longer Charlie would shot his load outside my butt.

Bruce snatched away saying 'bitch, you're ass gonna be full of cum today.' My legs were falling down as Charlie dropped between them and slid his arms under my shoulders. My legs dropped over Charlie's butt as he begin to grind away, his penis having no resistance in entering my well lubed anal opening.

Panting for air as Charlie grind into my bowels, I moaned 'please...please...please stop. I'll do anything, please stop.' Charlie said 'tell me you love me, tel me you love me.' I gasp 'I love you Charlie, I love you.'

Charlie laid down squeezing me tightly whispering in my ear 'I'm gonna breed this ass good now. You gonna be our bitch for a long time. Now hold me tight, that's it hold me tighter.' Giving up I gripped Charlie in my arms and held on to hem as tight as I could till I felt his penis throb and him squirt his seed into my bowels.

Black Mailed...pt2

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