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Giving my first blowjob

Hi there everyone, my name is Danielle. I am just posting an account of one of my first sexual experiences that took place. I have always been a horny, highly sexual girl. I never though of acting out any sexual desires or fantasies before until I became of age. And when I did become of age, my sexual boundaries and chains were broken. I plan on trying as much as I possibly can. This experience took place on Monday January 8th 2013, please excuse my poor writing.

The first blowjob I ever gave was to my friends father. His name is Mike, he is 6 feet 2 inches tall,caucasian, a little heavy on the build, 54 years old. He keeps his head shaved and has a nice clean cut beard. My friends name is Michelle, her dad was dropping me home in his truck one evening when I noticed him glancing at what I was wearing. I was wearing tight black yoga pants, and an sweater jacket. My friend and I both practice yoga at her place. I didn't bother with a coat or anything as I had a guaranteed ride to and back from her place.

I felt a sudden rush between my thighs as this older man took notice of me, a much younger girl, the same age as his own daughter. It turned me on a lot, I shot him a look of desire and asked him if he liked what he saw. He didn't say anything and turned away quickly focusing on the road. This only got me more turned on. I don't know if it was raging hormones or my sexual need that took over but I leaned in closer to him and rested my hand on his inner thigh near his crotch and gently squeezed. Surprisingly without any other word he grabbed my hand and placed it right on his penis. I could feel it start to inflate and grow under his jeans. My heart started to race and I could feel myself become flush. I started to rub and massage his cock all the way to the car park of my place.

I live with my f****y at a condo, most of the time my parents are out at work and come back very late. Our condo building has a huge visitors parking and security is only there on the weekends. So throughout the average working day the parking lot is empty and a safe place to try things.

As we reached my car park, I asked him if I could give him head. And he willingly agreed. Most of the time his expression on his face was hard to read. He doesn't really smile or anything. But from the bulge he had I knew he enjoyed what I was doing. We parked in an empty area of the lot and he wanted to go up to my place but I asked him to do it right there. While my parents do come home late I didn't want to take the risk. He was first a bit hesitant but he agreed.

He told me get in the back, with my heart racing I jupmed out the front seat and into the back. My pussy was literally dripping wet with excitement. Acting a bit suspiciously he slowly looked around and got out the front of his seat, he then joined me in the back after moving his front seat up for more room. HE sat in the back next to me and kept looking around to make sure the coast was clear. It was a bit awkward at first and then I told him I really needed to suck him off. I made sure to say that I was a virgin with no prior experience at any of this. And he only nodded.

Taking the initiative he pulled down his pants and underwear to his ankles and started groping at my breasts. His rough hands and firm grip got my nipples hard in no time. Staring at me was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen in my life. A thick white cock standing straight up at attention. I jolted my hand for it and I latched on and started to jerk it off. For those guys with hand fetishes I have small, soft hands and I was wearing bright pink nail polish). My mouth was watering for it, I was in luck, Mike had a condom on him. He took it out told me to slide my pants down a bit and rolled on the condom. It was fun to see the red condom roll over his cock. I told him I did NOT want to have sex assuming that is what he wanted asking me to slide my pants down a bit. He only wanted to feel me up is all he said. As the condom went on I went down. My face lowered to the beautiful site before me, and with one deep breath I opened my mouth and put the mushroom head into my mouth. I was so horny and excited I almost cried with joy. Of course I had a little inner regret with a little voice telling me to stop what I was doing, it's immoral, I am too young etc.. but the urge was over powering. He had light brown bus around the base of his cock and a nice tight sack. I fondled his balls while I started my rhythmic blowjob. Their wasn't much taste with the condom on except for rubber, I jerked him off a bit and kept sucking.

I love porn, I admit that. So when I try things out I have a general idea what to do. I kept my teeth in so as to not sc**** against him causing any pain and I sucked hard coming back up. My spit was running down the rubber and it was a bit strange at first breathing through my nose and sucking his dick. Mike kept looking all around to make sure no one was around and as he had me bent over sucking him his big rough hands grabbed for my wet pussy and ass. He was a bit too rough, he didn't finger me but he rubbed his hands all over my tight holes. my pussy was ok as I was already juicy but my ass wasn't lubed up for such play. It was a bit irritating at first but I got used to it. 5 minutes into the blowjob I got a call from my parents saying they were coming home in 10 minutes with dinner. This startled me but I kept my cool. I told Mike he would have to hurry up, in the back of my mind I knew I could get caught by my parents or people passing by from the building but it only added to the fun and dare of it all. I decided to give my friends dad the most pleasure I could give him possible and did something I thought I would never do.

I told him to take his condom off so I can suck him bareback so he could cum faster. I always read about STD's and diseases and I always told myself I would use protection, i guess in the heat of the moment I got carried away. Without a second thought he yanked the condom off. And urged me to suck him. I told him to let me know when he was going to cum and to relax myself a bit more I asked him to caress my buttocks with both hands. It put me at rest form the rough annoying dry handed groping. Lowering my mouth to his now bare cock I inhaled deeply, and sucked in that cock like a pro. The feel of his cock was heavenly to my tongue! The rubber did not do justice to the real feel at all, I can't explain properly how soft and velvety and amazing the texture of his cock felt. I dropped my mouth as low as it could go to the base of his rigid shaft, burying my face in his hairy bush and legs. Slowly I pulled up to the tip of his head. As I went back down I opened my mouth as wide as I could and as I came back up again I made sure to suck hard using my mouth like a vacuum. "OH FUCK yeah!" Mike grunted. Throughout the first part of our play session he was quiet, rarely talking and all of a sudden he grunted a "FUCK yeah". This shot through my mind that i was doing a fantastic job. It only powered me on to suck harder and faster. my pussy was on fire but I didn't dare try and please myself.

My main mission and goal right there and then was to make this man cum harder than ever before. I rested one hand on his thigh and the other at the base of his pole and sucked for my life. I kept bobbing up and down, slurping on his cock and sucking in with deep breaths to vacuum pump his cock to cum. As I did this, Mike opened up to me more than I thought he would and shared his pent up feelings. He sat back enjoying my pro deep throat blowjob and confessed his wife hadn't fucked him in 3 months and how great I was doing. This only kept me going more. My mouth was fully adjusted to his thick cock and I was gonna make him cum soon enough. I added in a bit of spice to the blowjob, occasionally slowing down, slurping on his cock, releasing his cock head from my mouth with a popping noise and flicking my tongue on the white gorgeous swollen head of his meat. While I was doing a fantastic job, I still had to adjust to sucking down all the spit. A lot of it was getting help up in my mouth and some was just running down his dick. He began to groan more and say "Yes Danielle, keep going". Then I heard him sniffing in something really hard. As I stopped and looked up and asked what it was he was doing. I saw him move a bottle away from his nose. I got a bit jumpy, i thought he was ssniffing hard d**gs, but he said they were poppers". Apparently a d**g used to get a high feeling quick to get him to cum faster. I just shook it off with my courage and got back to hard work, my head was moving faster than ever, deep down I went and up I came hard sucking. He began to wiggle and screamed "Fuck me, yeah fuck me. I'm cumming!" I sucked as hard as I could, up and down, up and down. He grabbed the back of my head and f***ed me down,smushing my face into his pubes. He came in pure ecstasy. He eventually let go and I raised my head. My mouth had built up with my spit, I didn't feel when he came with so much saliva in my mouuth so I just swallowed. Only after moving my tongue around in my mouth did I feel a bit of after taste. And my stomach lurched with butterflies as I realized I swallowed his cum. It pretty much finished from there. He wiped his penis clean of my spit and pulled his pants up, said thanks and I said no problem. I then normally pulled my pants up, hopped out the back and said thanks for the ride.And i was on my way to home. My parents ended up reaching the underground parking lot for residence 2 minutes after mike and I had our little session. I had my shower and went around my normal activitiies. It took some time for me to really reflect on what I had done. Then I gargled with listerine and drank down a few glasses of water for the cum taste in my mouth. Later that night before bed I decided to call Mike, I could reach him from his f****y home number. It wasn't strange for me to chat with my friends parents on ocassion and I was lucky Mike did answer the phone. I asked in a rush "How was I? Did I do well? I hope i pleased you." IN a low voice but seeming much friendlier in his own words he said "I did better than any experienced woman out there could". This really made my night and before bed it got me finger myself and masturbate to 2 powerful orgasms. Some might call me a filthy slut for doing what I did, others might call me a bitch but I don't care. I was horny and it was one time. I got off to it and I am really good at it. I loved it. I wouldn't ever regret it.

Stay tuned for more stories of my adventures as I explore my inner sexuality.Rate it and comment. Jack and jill off as much as you like. ;)

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