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Kelly's Massage

Most recent adventure with another of my wife's best friends. I have changed names to protect everyone. Enjoy the story and let me know what you think. Happy reading.

My wife and I have married for almost 7 years, and although we married in our late 20's, we're still sexually active, and as far as I know, we've both been faithful to each other. On our honeymoon, we tried a couples massage and loved it. Over the next few years, we would trade off giving massages to each other, and would get couples massages whenever we went on vacation. About a year ago, I bought a professional massage table online for about $100. If I had known they were so inexpensive, I would have done that years ago!

I've gotten pretty good at giving massages, and even took an evening course at the community college. My wife is pretty expert, too, but this story isn't about her; it's about her hot, young friend, Kelly.

Carol and I met Kelly and her husband, Mark, about two years ago. Carol works with Mark, and we all hit it off pretty quickly. They are about 10 years younger than us, but we get along like old friends. It doesn't hurt that they're both very attractive, either. Kelly is about 5'10 with long, brown hair, glowing blue eyes and perky C cup breasts. She's very slim and the kind of pretty that makes you want to stare at her all day long. Her skin always seems to be tan and taut, even in the dead of winter.

Mark is no slouch either. As much as I flirt with Kelly, my wife, Carol flirts with Mark. He's about my height, but spends a lot more time exercising and keeping in shape. My wife often (too often) notes how he has rugged good looks. Unfortunately for Kelly, Mark's job has been sending him away from home more and more.

About a month ago, Kelly and Mark were supposed to come over to have dinner with Carol and I. Mark had to fly out of town suddenly, but Carol convinced Kelly to come over and have dinner with us anyway. The three of us had a fun time, even without Mark. It was particularly hard for me to keep my eyes off of Kelly that night, though, because she was wearing skin tight, black spandex pants and a tight, knit sweater. My focus kept shifting from her supple, young legs and ass to her perky tits to her pretty, sweet, innocent face.

Around the time we started on dessert, Kelly began to rub and stretch her neck. She told us that the stress from her job and Mark's job was getting to her. Maybe it was the wine, but my wife suddenly offered my services as a masseur. The thought of rubbing down Kelly was certainly appealing, but I wasn't interested in betting half my stuff that Carol would be okay with where that might lead. Not to mention Mark's reaction.

Carol kept going on about how good I was with my hands. Kelly could tell I was reluctant, but she was clearly game for a neck rub. "Come on, sweetie," Carol said, "it's just a harmless little massage!" Carol picked up the dessert plates and, after a bit more "it'll be fine, we're all adults," from Kelly, I stood up and started to give Kelly a shoulder massage while she sat at the table.

I was rubbing Kelly through her sweater, which wasn't ideal, but it gave me a nice view of her breasts as she leaned back. Touching, rubbing and smelling Kelly was starting to get me aroused, and her shoulder was right at my groin level, pressing gently against me. When she let out a little moan, my cock flinched involuntarily and started growing into a full erection.

At that point, Carol came back from the kitchen and shouted. "What the heck are you doing?!?" I pulled my hands back, thinking Carol was going to yell at me for touching Kelly; like this had all been a big test that I just failed. Kelly even looked a little startled by the sudden interruption.

"You can't give her a proper massage like that! Get the table set up and do it right!" I looked at my wife sideways a bit, saw she was serious, and left to set up the massage table in the bedroom. As I left, I heard Carol and Kelly talking "didn't I tell you he was good?"

"He really is," said Kelly, a little surprised. "I was really getting into that."

"It's much better with the oils. You'll get a rug burn going through the sweater like that. Here, let me get you a towel, you can take a nice hot shower while Jim gets ready...Honey," she shouted to me, "don't forget to warm the oils."

Carol and Kelly came in a few minutes later, as I set the table up in the bedroom. They both had refilled their wine glasses and were sipping happily. "Kelly's going to take a shower, I'll get the dishes cleaned up." Kelly sauntered past me to the master bathroom, and Carol came closer to whisper in my ear. "Have fun, but," she slid her hand across my waist and grabbed my semi hard cock, "but not too much fun." She playfully kissed me and winked as she walked back to the kitchen, closing the door behind her.

I set up the sheets on the table, warmed the oils, and lit a few candles for light and aroma. If Carol was pushing this, I was going to give Kelly the same treatment Carol got. I could still hear Kelly in the shower, and realized I should probably change my own clothes. When I massaged Carol, we were usually both naked. That seemed like a stretch with Kelly.

I quickly stripped down and threw on some gym shorts and a t-shirt. I decided to go commando. I realized Carol could walk in on us at any minute, and wondered what she was planning on doing. I needed to get some hot water to keep the oils warm, so I used that as an excuse to check on my wife in the kitchen. As I made my way to the kitchen, I saw Carol passed out on the couch in the living room. Her wine glass was empty again, and the dishes hadn't moved. I tucked her in with a blanket and put a glass of water out for her. My hope was she wouldn't need to get up for anything, and risk interrupting Kelly and I.

When I got back to the bedroom, Kelly was already lying face down on the massage table. She had d****d the towel over her back, from her neck to the tops of her thighs. Her long, brown hair was d****d over one shoulder, and other than the towel, she was completely exposed and every inch was young, tanned, taut and so inviting. It was all I could do not to rip the towel off and mount her right there. The thought of her naked body under that towel made my cock twitch again.

I told her I was going to gently rub her through her towel while the oils warmed up. She moaned her approval. "Is there anything in particular that is bothering you," I asked as I gave her a gentle rub through the towel. I was trying to sound professional as possible. I wasn't sure how far Kelly would let me go, so I decided to play things cool.

She giggled a little, "yes, I seemed to have misplaced my husband."

"We'll see what we can do about that," I said out of reflex, and then realized what that might mean.

"Mmmhmmm," she cooed, followed by another half nervous giggle. I maneuvered around the table to grab the oil, and rubbed some in my hands. I folded the towel down, exposing her neck and shoulder blades. Starting at the side of the table, facing her head, I began to rub her shoulders and neck. "Mmm, that feels so good, Jim," she encouraged. Her soft, young hair caressed my hands as I moved across her neck and shoulder blades.

As I moved down her back, I needed to fold back her towel down again to continue. Through the slight gap between her arms and sides, I could see the sides of her breasts pressed against the table. My cock twitched thinking about seeing my wife's friend naked, and I wondered how much convincing was need to get her to move those arms out of the way.

To work on her back, I stood at the head of the table, and that put her pretty, young head right next to my bulging cock. I tried to keep my growing erection pressed down against the headrest, but with every passing caress, it got harder and harder to keep my cock from popping out onto her head.

I was focusing on not getting a full hard on, when Kelly moved her arms from her sides to her head, resting her face on her hands with her elbows out. The sides of her breasts were now exposed, and aching to be touched.

I let my hands slip a little further to her side and casually glance the sides her breasts as I rubbed down the length of her tight back. At first, she half moaned, half giggled, and with her face turned to to side. That turned more and more into a deep, satisfied, moan with each stroke. I could see her grinning through her bitten lip, with her eyes closed. Encouraged, I stopped trying so hard to hide my growing erection, and folded her towel down again, exposing all the way down to the small of her back, where the inflection of her ass began to rise subtly.

Now that I had to reach over her top half to get to her lower back, there was no avoiding my cock touching her head. Kelly still had her eyes closed, so I hoped she wouldn't realize what part of me was pushing against her, or better yet, that she wouldn't care. So with my cock firmly pressing against the back of Kelly's head and neck, I reached over her body and began rubbing her lower back. She continued her deep, satisfied moans in rhythm with my strokes.

As I pushed deeper, Kelly's moans grew loader and deeper. With each one, I moved further down her back, under the towel to her ass. Still going back to her lower back and sides, I would linger more than I needed to on Kelly's ass cheeks, playfully running my fingers across her tight, young skin as I finished each stroke. My fingers would dance up her hips, ribs and the sides of her breasts, returning to her soft, taut neck. I used long, driving strokes going from her shoulder blades to her ass, each time spending more and more attention on her ass under the towel. "Mmm, that feels good," Kelly moaned.

I reached under the towel and cupped her ass cheeks, lifting and pulling them towards her head. I knew this would not only press her head firmly into my cock, but it would also lift and separate her labia, giving her the sensation of being opened without me actually touching her pussy. Carol loved this, and it usually began the erotic portion of the massage.

Kelly let out a slight gasp, which turned into a giggle and then into an approving moan, as I held her open for several beats. I did this a few times and then switched to a soft touch technique, slowly dancing my fingers lightly over her skin and teasingly traced the contours of her tight body. As I continued, I caught a glimpse of Kelly blighting her lower lip, and grinning with her eyes closed.

By this time, the massage oils were warming her skin and she was beginning to glisten. Her skin was flushed in all the right places. As I moved down the table to work on her legs, I repositioned the towel over her back. The towel covered her back and those luscious breasts, but that perfect, young ass was finally exposed. I worked Kelly's feet, thighs and legs for a while, knowing the heat, the wine and the foot massage were all working to loosen her inhibitions.

As I moved up her legs toward her ass from below, my cock was popping a massive tent in my shorts. I desperately wanted to jump on the table and plunge my cock into her wet, waiting twat. With superhuman strength, I continued, trying to pretend this was just a casual massage. I know if i was too overt or moved too fast, Kelly might get offended or, worse, dressed. As my hands moved up her soft legs, towards her ass, Kelly would arch her back, more and more with each pass. I let my thumbs linger at the tops of her inner thighs, just beside her warm and glistening pussy, and then danced my fingers down the backs of her thighs and calves to start again from her feet.

"Is it a little...warm in here," Kelly asked coyly after a while.

Taking the hint, I said, "I can remove the towel if you're a little warm."

"Mmm, maybe that's a good idea," she said, casually, as if I had asked her if she wanted the heat on. I gently removed the towel, and from the side of the table, I replaced the towel with some soft touch attention. "Much better," she said feigning innocence as she wiggled her hips and ass. Standing by the side of the table, my now fully hard cock was resting on the massage table, pointing at Kelly's supple hips. Kelly's eyes were still closed, so she could not have noticed.

As I worked Kelly's inner thighs, she spread her legs ever so slightly, encouraging me to go further. With a heavy application of massage oil, I let my hands keep slipping closer and closer to her pussy, rubbing from the supple back of her knee to the top of her thigh, then rotating out towards her hips. As I did this, her cheeks and thighs would separate and I could smell her juices and feel the warmth coming from her womanhood. Once again, she was biting her lip in tortured pleasure as I built her arousal.

I was focusing on her inner thighs, and almost didn't see her move her arms back to her sides. She unfolded them from underneath her head, and then stretched them out to her side. Her right hand landed gently on my now rock hard cock, straining against my thin gym shorts. She moaned a little giggle and grabbed my cock firmly, through the fabric. I continued my massage, and she kept her hand wrapped around my member, gently rotating her grasp, giving me a slow motion handjob through the fabric. Neither of us acknowledged it, but I was so close to cumming just from her touch, I wasn't focusing on the massage very much.

After a long, wonderfully agonizing while, I asked her, "Would you like to turn over?"

"Definitely," she said, and after giving a last, firm, squeeze, she released my cock and started to turn over. I reached for the towel to cover her, but she waved me off casually. "We're both adults, Jim." I returned her smile and rolled up the towel to prop up her neck. She tried to steal a glance at my cock, which was on the massage table to her side, still stretching out my shorts. She bit her lip again, then laid down flat on her back, grinning slightly.

"I don't know why it's such a big deal; seeing someone naked," Kelly continued. "Mark and I went to Spain last summer and everyone was topless." Kelly was getting a bit more chatty now that she was face up. No doubt, the wine and constant touching was tuning her up, and having held on to another man's cock couldn't hurt.

"I wanted to take my top off, and Mark got all jealous. When I finally did, I could tell that all the attention I got gave him a huge hard on." She propped herself up slightly, grinned mischievously and glanced at my cock and added, "well, for him."

I knew I wanted to hear more. "So you did go topless?"

"At first, Mark was a prude about it. He almost ordered me not to." Kelly leaned back and closed her eyes while I continued my massage. She was savoring the story of her victory. "But then this slutty little Italian girl came up to him with her tanned, naked tits hanging out. She kept giggling and laughing with him in broken English. She was clearly hitting on him and he was completely oblivious to me, so I took my top off and went swimming. He couldn't say anything after that.". She smiled slightly and opened her eyes, searching for mine. I smiled back, acknowledging the minor victory she won over Mark. "I got a great tan that vacation," she added, as if it was the spoils she was after.

"I bet you were pretty popular, too," I said trying to extend the conversation. "Did a couple of Italian boys hit on you?"

Kelly grinned. "I did okay. Mark got jealous a few times, but we did have the best sex of our marriage that night." Kelly paused again, "but I wasn't thinking about Mark." She laughed naughtily, and I joined her with a knowing giggle.

I was reluctantly staying towards Kelly's feet, not sure how comfortable she would be with me touching her chest, and not wanting to risk ending this before I memorized every inch of her naked body. "I probably shouldn't be sharing all this, I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable."

"Not at all," I said. Knowing I had to continue the conversation, I asked, "so you're okay going topless now?"

"I love it," Kelly said, "and it drives Mark nuts. But he does get to see a lot of breasts when we go to the beach, so he rationalizes it that way. It's not like bikinis leave a lot to the imagination, so it's not like you're learning anything new. I don't really see the big deal." She looked up suddenly, "Jim, are you sure you're not uncomfortable with this?"

"Yeah," I said, "I'm fine."

"You seem to be stuck on my legs," she pointed out. She added in a stage whisper, "Mark's not gonna hear about any of this—he'd lose his mind." Kelly's message was clear: keep going.

With a green light, I started working my way up her body again. As I got to her waist, I took in her soft, tanned mound. She was completely shaven and had a little devil tattoo just above her pussy. I hesitated there for a minute. She propped her head up and opened her eyes to see why I hesitated again. "I didn't know you had a tattoo," I said, explaining.

"Oh, that? I got that in college. He's my mischievous little fella." I started wondering about all the things I didn't know about my wife's friend, Kelly.

"Kind of like a hot wife who taunts her husband at the topless beach?" Kelly let out a little knowing chuckle. "So did you ever go to a completely nude beach," I asked.

"No," she added, then motioned to her tanned pussy, "I do tan in the nude in the sunbed," she explained. "I'd like to go to a nude beach, but there's no way Mark would go for it. He can see breasts at the topless beaches, and I guess he'd rather not have to show his cock to strangers. Have you and Carol ever done that?"

"Showed my cock to strangers?" Kelly laughed a little too hard at my joke. "No, I wouldn't mind, but Carol is a bit self conscious."

"Really? You wouldn't mind showing off your package to strangers?" Kelly sounded like a woman who had heard this bluff before. "Well, come on then," she teased.

I had been trying to come up with a reason to drop my shorts, and this looked like the perfect pretense. It was this or I had to lamely pretend to spill oil on my shorts. "Are you serious?" I asked.

"Are you?" Kelly fired back, her eyes locked onto mine. I stared at her for a long second. The unspoken condition was that neither of us would tell our spouses. Kelly had propped herself up on her elbows, her right hand tantalizingly close to my cock. My hands were resting on the tops of her thighs, intimately close to her glistening pussy. She grinned and glanced at the twitching tent in my shorts, then back at me. "Come on, it's just the two of us," she urged with a soft whisper and a smile.

I held her gaze and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling it over my head. She bit her lip as we again made eye contact. My thumbs hooked the waistband of my shorts. I held still for a moment, savoring the taboo tension. I smiled at her and pushed my shorts down, releasing my cock. Kelly paused for a moment to take in my manhood. She let out a nervous, encouraging cheer. I stood there naked, next to my wife's naked, oiled friend.

Kelly kept herself propped up on her elbows. Staring at my cock as it lay on the massage table, unsheathed and waiting for her. Now, I'm no porn star, but my cock is about 8.5 inches long and about 3 inches wide. I've been with a few women before Carol, and I knew this was a pleasant surprise. I had seen this look before on younger girls I had slept with before my wife and I got married. I knew Kelly was enamored with my cock. "Wow, Carol told me your were blessed, but I didn't know that size came in white!"

We exchanged nervous laughs. I loved the thought of my wife telling her friends that I was well hung. I wondered what else they talked about.

Kelly leaned forward and placed her hand over my cock, petting it; studying it. I put my arm across her waist, resting on the far side of the table, but still grazing her ass cheek. My other arm was outside of her's and gently touching her at her hips. She looked up from my cock and our eyes connected again. Kelly gently stroked my cock, wrapping her hand over the top of me. We stared into each others eyes. I knew then that nothing could stop me from taking her, but I wanted to tease her some more. I leaned in as if I was going to kiss her. She leaned in to meet me. In a deep, husky voice I said, "I'm giving the massage here." She bit her lip in playful angst as I gently pushed her back down on the table.

"Ooh!" Kelly let out a mocking, exasperated sigh. "Can't a girl have any fun!"

I moved my hands up, across her abs and danced them across her breasts. I continued to rub oil into her luscious young tits as I moved to the head of the table. My cock was glancing against her face as I poured generous amounts of warm oil over her perky breasts and across her abs and hips. I would wrap my hands under her waist, with my thumbs on her pelvis and my fingers encircling her hips and lower back. Kelly arched her back, aching for me to do more. I practically lathered her whole body with scented oil, teasing her, getting closer and closer to her glistening pussy lips before slipping my hands out to her sides, and dancing them back up her body.

Desperate for me to give her her release, she turned her head towards my cock and parted her lips. I felt her cute little nose press against my balls and felt her hot, moist breath on my cock. I let her barely kiss it, then I moved back away from her. I knew that moving my cock away was torturing her, and I wanted to tease her more and more until she was begging for it. I raised her arms up one at a time to massage and stretch them. I continued teasing her, building the tension.

After working her arms, I stretched them both up and over her head, behind me, stretching her shoulders and pecs. She took the opportunity to grab my ass and pull my cock towards her. I leaned forward, gliding my hands over her oiled chest, breasts, abs and, finally, her pussy.

At that point, we were practically sixty nining. My cock was d****d over her pretty young mouth and my balls were on the bridge of her nose. I slipped two fingers around her labia, squeezing them together and she slipped her tongue out and licked the length of my shaft as it glided over her mouth. We both let out a moan and my precum dripped from my cock onto her lips and tongue.

I went to work, earnestly massaging her pussy lips and clit. Kelly opened her mouth and eagerly sucked my cock in. Her soft young lips caressed my aching cock as my oiled fingers rubbed her pussy. Kelly spread her legs wide and arched her back to give me better access. I moved the towel from under her neck to under the small of her back. Still sucking my cock, Kelly bent her knees up and spread wide. I was now nearly balls deep in her sweet young mouth, and she was eagerly gyrating her tortured young pussy.

I leaned forward and kissed her clit, eating her out as I massaged her ass and pussy. I rubbed the oils around the outside of her pussy lips and anus, and she moaned and hummed with my cock pistoning in and out of her mouth. "Mmm, Mmm, mmmmnngghhh," she was pleading with me to make her cum.

I wasn't far off myself, so I slipped my index and middle finger into her wet pussy and my pinkie finger into her ass. "Mmm oohh god, fuck me, fuck me!" Kelly commanded through her cock filled mouth. I did as I was told and finger fucked her with long, slow strokes of my hand. I slipped a third finger into her cunt and steadily increased the strength and speed.

I was face fucking Kelly, with my balls slapping her nose and forehead, and was about to shoot my load into her mouth. I had one hand firmly grasping her ass cheek, the other furiously pounding her ass and twat, I kept my tongue pressed against her clit, giving her the sensation of pressure and penetration at once. After a very short time, Kelly's whole body tensed and flushed, her toes curled, lifting her feet off the massage table. She arched her back and came hard, with a loud, guttural groan. I came with her, shooting my load down her throat, overflowing past her lips, and dripping down her cheek and chin.

We caught our breath, and drew apart. I kept my hands in contact with Kelly's body, not wanting to break the connection. I gently massaged her thighs, breasts and chest as she came down from her orgasm. She caught my eye, and said, "We HAVE to do that again." We both chuckled, knowing this would not be the last time we were naked together.

Knowing that I desperately wanted to fuck Kelly, but wouldn't be ready just yet, I turned her back on her stomach. I put the towel and a pillow from the bed under her waist and propped her ass up. She looked back at me, curious and horny, biting her lip. She wagged her ass at me, pressed her face into the table and braced herself, holding the head of the table.

From my wife's dresser, I grabbed her 8" dildo. Still caressing Kelly's ass, thighs and back, I lubed the dildo with my other hand. Holding onto her tight, thin waist with my left hand, I slipped the monster dildo into her with my right. She speechlessly gasped at the sensation, for the first few strokes. "Oh god, so fucking...oh my god, so good." She threw her hand back in vain, grasping for my cock, but I wouldn't let her.

I kept the pace, as before, firm, slow strokes steadily growing faster and harder. "So good, so deep, so much bigger than my husband." As she said that, I pushed extra hard and held the dildo in to the hilt, with its balls pressing hard against her clit. "Ohhh, fuck!!" she screamed. I grabbed my shorts from the floor and pushed them into her mouth to muffle her.

I continued to pound her tight, young pussy from behind with the dildo, moving my other hand from her hips to under her, massaging her clit. Before long, she started to cum again, and I kept steadily increasing the pace. "Fuck me!!" I heard her muffled shout, my musky, precum drenched shorts stuffed in her pretty mouth.

I kept pounding her pussy harder and harder, until she tensed up, locking her legs and shooting her ass higher into the air. I kept pounding her through her orgasm, and finally stopped when she collapsed, sweaty and quivering. I pulled the dildo out and she gasped and moaned as my shorts fell out of her mouth. Her hair was frazzled and her whole body was glistening with sweat and oil.

She began to catch her breath again, when I relubed the dildo and surprised her with another pounding. This time, I was a lot rougher a lot quicker. I entered her with the huge cock fast and firmly. She gasped, and braced herself again. I moved quickly into overdrive, pounding away at her open, willing twat. She came again in seconds, and lay exasperated on the massage table.

After a few minutes, she caught her senses again. "Holy shit, that was amazing!" She rolled over and propped herself up on her elbows again. Her hair strewn about, still sweating and glowing with sex. She tenderly grasped my cock with one hand and my shoulder with the other. She pulled me in, and we shared our first, passionate kiss.

After kissing for a good, long while, Kelly got up to shower and I went to check on my wife. I found her still sound asl**p as I'd left her. There was something awesomely liberating about walking around naked to see if my wife had heard me fuck Kelly's brains out with her dildo. I was vaguely hoping for a threesome, but waking my wife could have just as easily meant a quick end to the night, and possibly my marriage. Knowing Carol was out for the night, I joined Kelly in the shower.

In the shower, we took turns washing each other and Kelly stroked my cock back to life. I bent her over and grabbed her arms from behind. I placed them on the shower wall under the shower head. She spread her legs expectantly, and leaned back, letting the water run down her face, neck and back, dripping into her ass crack and flowing over her red, pouting pussy lips.

I probed her ass and pussy again with my finger, and found her hot, and more open than before. I grabbed both of her perky tits from behind and mounted her, finally feeling my cock slip into Kelly's tight cunt. I fucked her long and hard as the water flowed over us, until we came together, and I shot another load inside her young pussy.

We fucked again on Carol and my bed before getting dressed. I drove her home, planning to tell Carol that Kelly was too tipsy to drive. Kelly blew me again on the way over to get me hard, and we fucked again at Kelly's place. I have to admit, I got quite a thrill knowing I was fucking Kelly in the same bed Mark did. I left Kelly a naked, sweaty, satisfied mess, secretly hoping Mark would come home to find my cum dripping out of her cunt.

I got home that very late that night, and my wife, Carol, was still sound asl**p on the couch. My cock felt like a spraigned muscle after an over intense workout.

That was four weeks ago. Kelly and I get together whenever Carol or Mark are out of town, which is more and more frequent for both of them. Kelly even has another young, married friend who she wants to "refer" to me as a massage client. Maybe I can offer a group discount.

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