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Today i was going to the man's house to fuck with him and his wife. I have fucked him several times in my bed now I get to enjoy both of them in their bed. I saw a video of his wife. She is attractive with huge tits and a shaved cunt. He doms her and she does as he desires. He is a great lover and I am looking forward to sex with the wife too.

I get to their house and he lets me in stark naked. His cock is hard and I see cum on the 9 inch tip. I love his cock as it is not only long but extremely thick. I remove my coat and show him that I am also naked and ready to play. He takes me back to his "play" room and his big titted wife is standing there naked. Her nipples are pierced as is her clit. She has several tattoos placed across her tits and across her ass cheeks. They tell the story of her being his sex slave. She is totally in his control. I like that a lot.

He lays me on the bed and spreads my legs and tells the wife to begin licking and tonguing my cunt. He then straddles my face and lets me lick his cock before I get to suck it. I tilt my head back so i can take every inch of his monster and suck him till he cums down my throat. I feel his cock go deep in my throat as I suck him as the wife is really eating and tonguing my wet cunt. Now the hubby begins going in and out of my mouth fucking me fast and deep. The wife sucks my clit then moves to my cunt hole and then rams her tongue in deep. She is good at eating pussy and I begin to cum fast for her covering her tongue with cum. Then he fills my mouth and throat with warm cum. He slides off me and begins to suck on my big tits.

He is now ready to fuck me as he puts the wife next to me so I can feast on those huge globes. I love the F size tits with the huge nipples. He mounts me and plunges his cock in deep and begins to fuck me as I suck on her tits and pull on the hoops thru her nipples. I love her huge tits as they fill my mouth I run my hand down to the hoop thur her clit and pull on it before I rub her clit and make her cum. I then push three fingers in her her cunt and begin to finger her as I chew on her tits. He is watching and fucking my hole deep and hard. I am fucking the wife hard as she moans and screams in joy.

Then he pulls out of me and tosses me a strap on. He wants me to fuck his wife in the ass. I put on the strap on and bend her over the bench in the TOY room. The tattoo on her ass reads "I am his cum slut." I spread her ass cheeks and ram the big long dildo in her ass. She moans but takes the pain. Then the man bends me over his wife as he sticks that big cock into my ass. He is fucking me hard causing me to push hard into the wife. He reaches under me and pinches my tit and then reaches to the wife and pinches her pierced nipple. The three of us ass fuck for about forty minutes then he pulls out of me and shoves a dildo in my cunt and then maneuvers so he gets his cock in his wife's cunt and fucks hard. She is getting a brutal pounding in both holes. We fuck for a long time then he cums in the wife.

I suck her huge tits as I finger her cunt as he finger fucks my cunt and ass. He has four fingers in my stretched asshole from the huge cock on this guy. Fucking him is like fucking a pony. He is long and thick. He then tells me to put the dildo in his wife's cunt and as I do that he then also slides his big thick cock into her cunt also. She cries out in pain but he rams into her. Now we are both fucking her stretched cunt. He fucks her hard as he pulls on the rings pierced thru her nipples. Then he lets go and slaps her big tits. I see his hand print on each tit as we fuck her cunt brutally. He tells me the "slut" loves it rough. As we fuck her deeper he slaps and pinches the huge titties. She truly is his fuck bitch.

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