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Wild Encounters

This is an experience that I had as a young woman and only recently have had thoughts about and thought I would share, so here it goes…
My older s****r and I were both adopted her as an infant and me as a toddler from Korea. My parents were unable to have ch*****n of their own thus how our f****y became what it is. As I grew up I remember from time to time having other ch*****n live with us for a while and then move on. I come to know later that after my adoption my parents remained Foster Parents. I was sevent**n and for the last year and almost a half we had a foster b*****r living with us. He had just turned sixt**n and was of African-American decent. My s****r had graduated and was getting ready to start college so my parents were going to travel with her for her orientation and first couple days. This left Jamal and I alone for a couple days. I don’t remember anything dirty ever coming from Jamal or ever feeling uncomfortable being around him besides he was more like a b*****r to me. It was night number two of three nights alone and Jamal had permission to be out with a local youth group and would be returning later in the evening so I had the house to myself. I had felt a little horny all day and since I had the house to myself if only for a couple hours to a young woman it felt like forever. I remember as if it were yesterday! I was in the basement which housed two bedrooms (one mine and the other Jamal had just taken from my s****r) with a shared bathroom between them and an entertainment room. I had just taken a shower and was looking at myself in the mirror drying myself off. The bathroom door leading into my room was open and knowing I had the house to myself I loved feeling the freedom of being able to just walk around my room naked. I could feel my nipples and seen they were hard as small pencil erasers. The more I walked around naked the more I felt a warming down in my pussy. I had been with a boy before and I had learned from my older s****r about keeping myself clean down there and it not being weird to not want hair down there… So I knew all of those things but something about having the house and being able to feel older just turned me crazy. I grabbed the laptop and started looking at naked pictures and videos. Just dreaming about me being in one of them having these guys ravage my young little body. I was lying across the bed on my stomach with not one stitch of cloths on as I felt a tickle on my now swollen little clit. I reached down and I realized that I had made myself so wet my juices were leaking out and I had a small wet spot on my sheets. I must have not paid attention to the time because before I knew it I heard the garage door open and close. I was so disappointed my free time was over, I now just had enough time to throw on some shorts and t-shirt before Jamal would be coming down the hall. I ran out into the entertainment room and jumped on the couch as if it were my parents coming in. I had thrown on a cutoff pair of sweat pants and an old blue faded t-shirt. I didn’t have time to put on my bra or panties but didn’t expect for it to be a big deal. I was sitting there pretending to watch tv when Jamal came in and asked me what I was doing. I was sitting on the sofa with one leg under me and the other leg pulled back to my chest trying to cover up the fact that my small nipples were still stiff. I must have been overly concerned with the upper half that I forgot about the heat being generated from my still soaked pussy. I could feel the cool air drifting down the leg of my shorts and across my puffy little lips that were coated in a nice layer of juices. I don’t know what it was but I was just getting hotter. Jamal must noticed or been able to see down the leg of my shorts because I would catch him trying to get a better look anytime I would move my leg. He stood there for a while as I noticed a bulge in his pants getting bigger and bigger he turned and walked into his room and the next thing I heard was the shower turn on. I couldn’t help myself I snuck into my room and slowly opened the door to the bathroom. I stood there in shock peeping through the small crack in the opening. Behind that glass door was the biggest cock I had ever seen and now I know he had to have seen something because his cock was fully erect and for sixteen there was a lot of it. I see his hand gliding along the length which I would have guessed over 9 inches by this point my knees and hands were trembling with excitement. I stood and watched for some time he must have been in there a good forty-five minutes or so. I heard the water shut off and I quickly pulled the door shut and scampered off to my bed. I lay back across the bed as I heard the door to his room open and seen his light come on. A few minutes later I heard him upstairs in the kitchen what seemed like an eternity later I heard footsteps in the hall and his door close. I lay there motionless waiting for Jamal to get into bed so I could finally complete what I had waited all day to do and that was to make my throbbing pussy explode. I lay there for a while and finally turned off my light and was in total darkness. I was startled by the opening of the bathroom door that led to my room as I lay there naked from the waist down with the sheet pulled halfway over me. I lay there as if I were in a deep sl**p breathing heavy and trying to not breath too fast as I cracked my eyelids open to see if I had been caught. Standing there looking at me was Jamal just in his boxers. I could tell that he had still not relieved himself from earlier because the bulge in his boxers was bigger than it was before his shower. I could not believe the thoughts going through my head but my teenage hormones were running wild and I could not tame them. A number of dirty thoughts ran through my mind the whole time I was acting as if I were asl**p. I know he could see my pussy peeking out from under the sheets, I just didn’t know how well. I couldn’t fight this anymore I had to do something I thought to myself so as if I were just tossing in my sl**p I pulled my leg up and off to the side clearly exposing my gushing pussy. I could feel my juices running out of my now wide open pussy and down to my tight little asshole. I couldn’t believe what happened next and to this day seems too good to be true. Still peeking through my slightly opened eyes I saw Jamal slowly walk towards me trying hard to not wake me. He slowly bent over trying to get the best look at my pussy shimmering in the dim night light from the bathroom. I see him bend his head out of the way so the light would shine on it as he bent over. I heard him inhale, he clearly wanted to see what my soaking wet pussy smelt like and I was so excited to know that’s what he was doing. As he stood up I noticed that he was tugging that big young cock through his boxers. How was I going to resolve this I thought to myself when finally I had enough and couldn’t take it. With Jamal still standing there in the dim light I made a sudden move as if I had to use the rest room. I swung my feet to the floor and bumped right into Jamal’s thick black cock. I heard his take a deep breath as if he had been caught masturbating by my parents or something. He first tried to back away quick as if he could disappear into thin air. When he knew he had been caught and there were no way around it he started apologizing profusely begging me to not tell that he would never come into my room again. I turned the light next to the bed on looking at him. I knew the ball was in my court at that point as I told him not to worry we could explore with each other. Easing his fears I reached out pulling his boxers down mid thigh. I almost came seeing his huge cock flip up and hit his stomach when I pulled his boxers down. I couldn’t really think of anything to say since I too was breaking new ground and quite nervous. I could only react at this point so I took him cock in my hand. It was heavy and being a smaller girl of 5’ my small hands couldn’t even hold half of his cock. I begin to tug as I heard him trying to catch his breath. I reached out for his hand as I placed it on my small breast. It didn’t take him long to find my stiff little nipple and start rubbing it. I stopped just long enough to remove my t-shirt exposing my B cup breast. I felt his cock tense upon seeing my body completely naked he tried pushing me back onto the bed but I wouldn’t fall over that easy. I told him to lay back onto the bed. Instead of his feet remaining on the floor like I had planned he lay flat on the edge of the bed so I removed the boxers that were now around his ankles. His skin smelled of lotion but was a little rougher than mine. I now stood next to the bed with my legs slightly apart; I bent over licking the tip of his cock head. He was dripping precum out of the top and it tasted like nothing I have ever had before. I couldn’t stop… I slid my hand down that long black shaft until I reached the base making his cock stiffer than ever. His head was nice and thick that I had a hard time putting it in my mouth but I didn’t want to stop. My young pussy was throbbing like I have never felt before. I think he was a bit scared to touch my pussy so I grabbed his hand and placed it right between my legs I swear it made a sloshing sound and he hadn’t even place a finger inside me. Slowly I felt the tip of his finger which was quite long itself rub the length of my slit and finally rub against my tiny swollen clit. It was all I could do not to lose it right then and there, but I knew I had to make this moment last. I am sure that he could hear and feel me moaning on his cock by now as I was trying to suck him like the porn video I watched just hours earlier. I licked down the base to his balls. I could tell that they were full of his seed and I needed him to release it. We were young and not so experienced so there are several things that we could have tried but didn’t that night. I heard him starting to breath deeper and felt his heartbeat picking up and I knew it was just a matter of time before he was going to shoot that load everywhere. His cock now with my saliva all over it and his precum dripping down the underside of his shaft. I climbed on the bed next to him on my knees as his fingers were still exploring every inch of my tight pussy. I was trying to hump his hand as I was still admiring this huge young black cock. All of a sudden I heard him let out a loud moan and watched the biggest load of cum shoot from his cock hitting me on the neck and across his chest. It was so hot not only the feel but the sight of his huge white load puddled all over his chest. I could hold back no longer as I plunged my wet pussy down on his fingers cumming with a large wave of heat throughout my body. I grabbed the t-shirt I had taken off laying on the bed and soaked up the cum puddles on his chest. Neither of us able to move very well I still wasn’t done. I lay there rubbing his now limp cock for a few minutes as he played with my nipples I asked him if he would like to feel his cock in my pussy. Just hearing that made his cock get hard again. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs apart as now he could see all of me clearly. He made the comment about how wet my pussy was and how he like being able to see the pink color. Although my pussy was small and barely used, my lips were a darker olive color and it was very pink inside. I felt him climb on top of me not that I was experience I knew that I would just take control and guide his cock into me. I lifted my feet up giving him better access to me hoping that it wouldn’t hurt as bad as my first time since he was quite large. I rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my wet slit several times before stopping it at the entrance of my waiting pussy. I took a deep breath and as I held his cock there with one hand with the other I pulled him by his hip into me. I didn’t know if I could take any of him just as I felt him give a little thrust and felt his head enter me. I was soaking wet as he slid what seemed to be forever into me. He bottomed out and still had less than half of his cock to go but there was no way we were going to get it all in. His cock felt amazing as it filled me up completely. It didn’t take but a few strokes in and out until I was cumming so hard. I couldn’t even let out the scream that was building in me as I fought to catch my breath. It started to hurt as he obviously was getting more into it that I had to stop him. I pushed him off and got on all fours and asked to try it from behind. Jamal was so tall that he had to stand on the floor next to the bed to reach my pussy this way. I could feel him grab my hips and guide his cock into me as this felt much better not as much pressure. He fucked me for about 20 minutes (I know not too long but it seemed like forever for two teenagers) before I felt his cock get really stiff and his moan pick up like before. Just as I was going to remind him to pull out I felt him slip from my pussy and shoot his steaming load all over my back. The first glob landed right between my shoulder blades and it felt as if someone touched my back with a hair iron. The next few globs landed on down my back with the final little spurt being smeared across my ass. It was like nothing I have ever been apart of before totally amazing. We finished and he helped me clean up the now runny mess he made all over my back side with that same t-shirt that held his first load of cum and we both jumped in the shower. We didn’t have a chance to do anything the last night but there were a couple of other encounters before he left to live with his grandmother out of state a few months later. Over the last few years we have been in touch with each other but rarely does our encounters ever come up, but now that I am recently divorced and being a few years older would like to see what he has become. We have made plans to try and visit when he comes back over this next summer so hopefully I will have an update to add soon.

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