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OHGIRL: And the Vice Squad

I should have known it would happen eventually and my luck hadn‘t been going well, since I had gotten pregnant, then lost the baby in an accident over 2 months prior. I had been stripping and working as an e****t for over 5 years now and had been really doing well working for my newest boss, Lou. I had turned 23 just a month before this all happened and I was trying to get my life back together. My schooling was paid for and I was going part time while I worked on my degree. I was driving a BMW convertible that I had paid cash for and had just closed on a brand new condo in an upscale area of town the year before, that I had also paid in full. I no longer took my customers home with me, as I had when I was younger, often getting mean stares from the other residents that realized that I was a stripper or e****t. I had such a horrible reputation at the last three apartments where I lived, with so many different men visiting at all hours of the day and sometimes we did get a bit loud. I now had a private abode and my business was kept separate. If I was going to meet with a customer, it would be at their place or a hotel, and if I was stripping, it was in a private room or after work. I had learned quite early how to pick out the undercover police officers, but recently, I had been completely fooled. It wasn’t because of my being lax, but because he had busted me i*****lly. Luckily it wasn’t at the club, so Lou would not get into trouble and that was the last thing I needed since we had broken up. This guy had been one of my regular clients for nearly a year, even fucking me when I was pregnant. He could have been the father of my c***d at the time for all I know. At first I had suspected that Bill, my former boss and lover from the previous club at which I worked, had set me up. After a little investigating though, I learned that this cop was just a bad guy.

We had met at the club and on our first get together, he had fucked me in a nearby hotel, after I had left work. After that first time, he had my number and would call me once or twice a week to meet him for sex. He came to the club on this particular night and told me that he wanted me to meet him later that morning at our regular hotel. After a fairly slow night, I was kind of excited to meet up with Darren. He was a middle aged, tall and good looking man and I really enjoyed having sex with him. When I arrived at the hotel, he was sitting in his car and he yelled to me as I got out of my vehicle. I met him at his window and he told me to get into the passenger side. I did and after some small talk, I began to give him a blow job while we sat there, as a prelude to what I thought would be a good fucking, when we got into the room. He ended up cumming in my mouth and then he asked me how much for a blow job. I looked at him kind of strange and then he pulled out his badge and told me that I was under arrest for prostitution. I was so upset and confused. He pushed a button on a recording device and soon there were two cars behind us with their lights flashing. I asked Darren what was going on and he started to read me my rights. I was pulled out of the car, handcuffed and put into the back seat of a cruiser and driven off as the other cruiser and Darren followed.

The lights were turned out after a few blocks down the road and then we turned into another hotel parking lot. Darren pulled me out of the cruiser and the four uniformed officers from the other cars followed us up to a room on the back side of the building. I kept trying to ask Darren what was happening and he refused to speak to me. Once we got into the room, there were two other plain clothes Vice officers present and I was taken into the bathroom by Darren, as they started talking with the uniformed policemen. Darren sat me on the toilet and then quietly began to tell me that he was being investigated and that this was his only way to keep from losing his job. His two fellow Vice officers had been in the department for over 20 years and were his friends and the other four officers were applying for positions in the department. He said that he had convinced them that I would have sex with them if they got off of his back and that I wouldn’t be in trouble if I cooperated with them this time and maybe in the future. I was furious and wanted to spit in his face, but I was still handcuffed, it was nearly 4 am and I was locked in a room with 6 other policemen, besides Darren. He told me that if I didn’t cooperate that he would make sure that I did 30 days in jail and that my name would be seen all over the news. I was kind of at a disadvantage, so I told him that I would do as they asked. When he took me back into the room, he still hadn’t removed my cuffs and his two Vice officer friends were waiting. They were each at least in their early to mid 50’s and both had big beer bellies. They told the other 4 younger , uniformed officers that this was usually how they handled situations outside of the department and that all of them had to participate or they would never get the position that they wanted. All of them nodded in agreement and watched at what happened next.

Glenn, the older of the two vice officers pulled me by my arm and tossed me on the bed. “So you’re the high rate hooker who’s been causing all this trouble for my boys?” he asked, as if he already knew the question. “How many guys you been fucking and sucking to get that BMW you drive?” he asked angrily. I tried to sit up on the bed and he shoved me onto my back. My arms were still behind me and cuffed, so I just laid there as Glenn pulled up my short, clinging black dress. I had been expecting to meet and fuck Darren, so I had worn no panties and my pussy was shaved and bare when they all looked down on me. He spread my legs and pointed at my cunt. “Look at the big fucking hole and those thick lips. That’s a pussy that’s been fucked a lot.” Glenn said as he reached down and slid two fingers into my twat. He started sliding his fingers in and out of me as he undid his pants with his other hand. I laid there helpless as I was surrounded by all 7 of the police officers. “This is how we tell if our suspect is a real whore or not.” he stated as he pulled his hard cock from his pants. Glen pulled his fingers from my pussy and then spread my legs wider. I was lying on my arms and the cuffs cut into my wrists as he stuffed his dick into me and fell on top of me. He started grunting as he rammed me with his pole. “Yeah, she’s a fucking whore.” he said, while he turned his head to look at the other cops as he pumped me, “It’s like fucking the Lincoln tunnel.” he joked as he became more f***eful in his strokes. I was grunting and my arms and hands were in pain as his full weight bore down on me. “Each of you try this slut out and learn something. This is a training exercise that will teach you how to recognize a prostitute when you see one.”

Glen pushed himself off of me and the other officers started to take off their belts, guns and other police gear. “You can also tell by the way they suck cock.” Glenn said matter of factly as he knelt over my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. I began to suck him while he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back and forth on his stiff pole. Glenn’s partner, Stan, began to fuck me while the other officers got ready and lined up. He pulled down the top of my dress and exposed my breasts, then began slapping them as he pounded my pussy with his hard, white rod. Tears ran down my face while Glenn tightly held my head and face pressed against his pelvis, his hard cock nearly choking me as it reached the back of my throat. I couldn’t breath and my eyes bugged out and my face got red as he did it over and over again. Thick saliva ran down my chin and I sucked for air in between each f***ed deep throat. “Yeah, she’s a pro. She’s seen more cock than a toilet seat.” Glenn laughingly said as he continued to f***e his cock down my throat. I looked over to see Darren standing in the corner of the room and he refused to look me in my tear filled eyes. Glenn told Stan to trade him places and I finally got a chance to breath. The other cops looked shocked as they watched their superiors use me. Glenn pulled me off the bed and began calling me names as he shook me by my arms. “You’re a fucking whore, this is what you do for a living, now like it.” he yelled into my face, then slapped me. I fell back onto the bed and laid there dazed.

I felt my dress get pulled over my head and now I was totally nude as it wrapped around my arms and was caught between my shoulders and the hand cuffs. My face was stinging and was still wet from my tears, saliva and Glenn’s pre-cum. He flipped me onto my knees and held onto the cuffs as Stan grabbed my head and stuffed my mouth with his cock, while he sat on the bed. My head was bobbing on his throbbing shaft as Glenn held me by the cuffs and I balanced on the edge of the bed on my knees. “Sometimes when a hooker’s cunt is too big, you have to fuck them in the ass to get any feeling.” he told his recruits. I heard Glenn spit and then felt him press his saliva covered head against the opening of my ass. “All these whores learn to like it in the ass over time. It’s how they end up making most of their money.” he stated while his long cock slid roughly into me. His beer belly rested on my ass while he stood there with his penis buried in my behind, lecturing the policemen on how to properly ass fuck a prostitute. I continued to suck Stan’s cock and he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and he kept his prick between my lips until Glenn ordered another man to take his place. Before Stan moved, Glenn told me to lick up my mess and Stan guided my head and my mouth to his balls to lick up the excess cum. The other officer sat in his place and I was quickly guided to his hunk of man meat. I opened my mouth and began to suck him off as Glenn started to finally pump me with his cock. He slapped my ass with each stroke and I could feel it redden and become warm. “She might make more money than all of the other sluts working the streets in town, but she still takes a cock just like they do. From what I hear, this whore likes to bareback her customers and is a real cum slut. She‘s known as “Cummy Bear” by most of the guys that pay her. One of the few street pros that still lets all of her Johns cum in her. She probably didn’t even know she was on our radar.” Glenn said as he continued with his oratory, all the while dry fucking my ass.

I had heard some of the guys call me “Cummy Bear” in the past and it had become my nickname by most of the men that referred me to others. I guess my reputation had gotten pretty well known. I knew that my sexual practices are what drew most of my customers to me, but word of mouth obviously made it to the vice squad too. “Get over here Jankowski!” Glenn barked at one of the policemen as he pulled his stiff prick from my ass. “Fuck her pussy and then fuck her ass and tell me if you can tell the difference.” Glenn said. I felt Jankowski’s hands grab my hips and he quickly slid into my vagina. He was pumping me slowly when he got the order to fuck me harder. It was hard to balance and with each thrust I lurched forward and my mouth came off of the other cop’s cock. He gripped my hair tighter and held onto his shaft as my lips kept working his pole. “See how loose that pussy is? That’s a whore pussy for you and she’s only 23 years old. Ain’t that a shame?” Glenn asked the men around me. “Now fuck that ass of hers.” Glenn ordered and I again heard the spitting sound before another large cock was shoved into my butt. “See the difference? A normal woman couldn’t take all of us in her ass in one night, but this little bitch could probably fuck us in her sl**p. Now fuck that black ass of hers Jankowski!” he shouted. I was grunting as the pace increased and then another blast of cum filled my mouth. I kept sucking on him until his cock was limp and then Glenn ordered the next man to fuck me.

Jankowski was in my mouth now and Drew was currently sampling my moist slit. He was slamming his pelvis into my ass when I swallowed another huge cum shot. “She sure earned that nickname of hers, didn’t you Cummy Bear?” he asked me, as my mouth finally became free from a penis. “This whore has been one of the busiest sluts in the city for the last 3 years. I can’t imagine how many gallons of jizz she’s had pumped into her. And don‘t any of you cum in her pussy or ass, just in her mouth” Glenn stated as Drew slid his hard pole into my ass. “Now fuck the shit out of that ass while I give Cummy Bear another treat.” he said. He roughly grabbed my head and I found myself once again deep throating his long, hard cock. My asshole was getting sore from the dry fucking and I was gagging on Glenn’s prick as he f***ed it deep into my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I had been set up like this by Darren. He must have been gathering a lot of evidence on me and doing it i*****lly too. Glenn f***ed my head down one more time and he finally erupted against the back of my throat. Luckily my years of cock sucking skills did keep me from choking. Glenn told Drew to stop and he pulled his penis from my ass. Then I was pushed down onto my knees and told to suck Drew’s cock.

“See how she can just suck a cock that’s been in her ass? That’s how hardcore these dirty cunts get.” he stated, as I continued to bob my head on his pole. Drew began to throb and he filled my mouth with another wad of thick cum that I quickly swallowed. “How’s that taste Cummy Bear?” Glenn asked. I just looked up at him and he pulled me up to my feet by the cuffs. “See boys, that’s how all these whores are. She actually enjoyed herself tonight.” he taunted. Glenn unlocked my cuffs and then pulled my dress off of my arms and threw it into the corner. He pushed me onto the bed and I laid there on my back watching all of the staring eyes of the 7 cops looking at me totally naked. “Get up here Fielder!” Glenn yelled at Darren. “She’s your little slut girlfriend, now you fuck her.” he ordered. Darren stared at me and undid his pants. He was limp and was stroking his cock to get it hard. I didn’t see the sense in prolonging this ordeal, so I slid to the edge of the bed and took him in my mouth and began to suck him off. He quickly hardened and Glenn made quite a few comments about me as he watched me lick and suck on Darren’s stiff dick. This time I covered his knob with my spit and I got on all fours on the bed. Darren grabbed my hips and then easily slid into my well used ass. He pumped me for quite a while as his fellow officers watched and then he had me suck him off.

Glenn handcuffed me again and then led me from the room naked. It was about 5 am as we walked into the parking lot of the hotel and it was pretty cool outside. He bent me over the trunk of his car and f***ed me to lay there face down, with my breasts pressed against the cold metal. The officers turned on their flashing lights and I was totally surrounded by two unmarked cars, two police cars and the 7 cops who had just fucked me and cum in my mouth. Cars were going by as the early morning rush began and Glenn was on his car radio telling the person on the other end about the hotel prostitution bust that he had just made. A large group of bystanders began to circle around the area to watch and Glenn finally pulled me off of the trunk of the car and stood me there for everyone to see. He placed me into the back seat of his car and then he and his partner, Stan, drove off with me. “This is how it’s going to work.” Glenn stated. “From now on Cummy Bear, you’re my whore. You can think of me as your pimp. Whenever I need any info, you’ll provide it. Whenever me or the boys are in need of your professional skills, you’ll provide that too, or I will put you away and out of business. In return, I drive you back to the hotel and you can get into your car and go home. Hell, you can even start hooking again. What do you say?” He asked. It wasn’t really a hard decision, I was literally bent over a barrel. I agreed to his demands and we returned to the hotel parking lot. Glenn placed his suit coat around me and we went back to the room to get my dress and purse. The room was still secured and blocked off with yellow police tape. I got my belongings and was about to leave when Glenn said “Not so fast Cummy Bear. We’re not quite finished with this interrogation yet. I spent the rest of the morning fucking and sucking off both Glenn and his partner Stan again. I never really did any type of snitch work, since I had no access to important information, but I did end up fucking a few cops for free whenever they came around and I always knew what they wanted when I heard someone call me “Cummy Bear“.

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