This is a print version of story i'm a naughty little slut always have been- t by HorneyStFuckhole from

I'm a naughty little slut always have been- t

This is the real story of how I found out, that I’m a perverted and missbehaving, naughty
Slut deep inside of me. It was at a party.
I met a boy I knew briefly, and never thought that there was any symphaty at all. Because
All the many times before, when we passed our ways, he most openly disrespected me.
That party it was different. He knew my friends well, so he walked up to us when we arrived and he was waisted out of his mind but still clear enough to sight me. And his
Wandering, waisted eyes suddenly stoped and focused on me. And he, grabed me around
The shoulders and started to give me the fuckeyes, for the quick moments he could see straight in his hell of a buzz. He hardly could walk anymore, and it got to the point where
I tried to get out of this unpleasant situation.
He wouldn’t let me go and started kissing me, I knew what he wanted and I knew that he
Didn’t really want me, just getting laid no matter how, and he was a bully and I was a
Perfekt victim. That’s why we never liked eachother, he wanted to bully me sooo bad, but
Too many popular ppl sympathized with me. And there he coverd it up as a pick up, but
Actually r****g me. This one, I can’t really count as **** thou, cause I fucking enjoyed
How he f***ed me being amazingly strong for a fucked up person that level, holding me
Vicelike when I tried to wind myself out of his arms as soon as I noticed where this might
Be going.
He draged me through the whole club like that, and outside there was a parkside, with
Few campers and lots of party guests getting fresh air outside, that’s where he was going.
On our way there where so many man, that where about to punch him cause they thought
I was held against my will, but I told them its all good. And they just shaked their head.
He, d***k and clumsy, jumped on to me right on this big green behind the tent. He fucked me so hard, and I loved it right there, even thou he ****d me and I knew, he fucked my
Pussy so hard and f***efull and angry, I realized I loved it rough. Meanwhile, while
He was fucking the living hell out of me there, people had gather around. I was waisted
And high on the most intense feeling of cock I knew by than, and just noticed them through a blurr, their was a f****y couple that was camping there, that tried to shoo the
Audience away. I had heard how they where talking in the tent if there was a need to do something, and if I was ****d or not and it turned me on even more. Than a group with a loud young man came close and watched, one guy was saying how they should stop him from r****g me and the other guy was like “no, look at her, she fucking likes that” and i
Noded my head to him, fucked up and high as I was.
So, they where watching him and commenting on his fucking and cheering him on. If it wouldn’t have been my deepest and most intense orgasms giving masturbation fantasy, I would have realized that I was ****d, but I didn’t and loved it. The guys watching where standing right over me to see right in my face and say stuff like “ohhhh yeahhh, look at her, she loves that shit” than the camper women “ you should leave them alone” the other guy, he is fucking r****g her nobody sees that?”,he had folded my legs as far back as possibel and pounded harder and harder, when he was hearing that he was r****g me.
And than, all of them just where like awwww and yeahhhh and he is realy handing it to her, man, and I started to come, slowly and amazingly intense, the guy watching my face from above saw it immediatly, “ I fucking cant believe it, she is totally coming.” “told you she wants it like that, she loves it” Camper lady to her husband, “look, yeah, she really is coming” Towards me”Good girl! Yeeaah, fuckthe cock inside you and fuck, yeaahh,=just like that, now, that’s a good girl “What nasty slut comes getting ****d ” “ now you guys leave, leave them alone.” The lady was more certain now.
They lost interest and I got fucked till the end. And I think the old camper couple watched secretly .
From than on I knew I had Slave Tendencies and enjoyed public disgrace, fucked up, but its amazing.

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