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Exposing on the beach part6

After we had our photo session everyone was in a good mood. We had been playing around in our poses and even when holding the cocks and putting them in my mouth it was more in fun than sex. But it was the first time since marriage of 15 years I had handled or had another mans cock in my mouth for sure. And this was with my husband taking the pictures. Although it was not really sex we were all a little heated and Jean suggested we take a dip. As we all headed to the water I noticed some others on the beach had indeed noticed our activities as they looked up. Maybe because 4 men had full erections or that the girls were giggling and as we ran to the beach were still grabbing playfully at the cocks, including my husbands.

I was dripping not just from the tropical heat even with the constant breeze. I felt not only a tingle and flush but even had an aftertaste of salty precum from the three cocks. Actually they did not cum for us as it was too much play but the guys did get erect and each had a little pre cum as I put each in my mouth. I was still fascinated by Jeans cock, being uncut and how it emerged as it grew. As I said I had only in pictures seen an uncut cock. It a looked like one of my friends in one of my profile tributes, which is the reason I friended him in my profile. Funny each of the cocks tasted different, and that memory caused by lips to throb and juice ran down my leg as we ran to the water. We chatted and played in the water and finally the guys cocks returned to a more normal state. I was still fascinated by Jean's cock as how it retreated into its little tunnel of skin, the head just disappeared. Claude who was cut. But with a large rimmed head ( I wondered if it would pull on my pussy lips if he inserted it in?). It too must have become smaller as he relaxed and was cooled by the water.

We went back to our towels and laughed and got more food and wine. Some others from the beach that the guys and girls knew stopped by. Both French and a couple of black guys. They stopped and were offered wine and chatted and laughed at our antics. I was overcome by the lust and my pussy throbbed and juiced freely. I am sure it glistened. I laid back on my elbows next to the girls and giggled about the day. We were having such fun. As I leaned back on my elbows facing the guys and their visitors I had my legs bent and as if acting like I was hot and not paying attention, wiggled by knees back and forth. I knew this opened up my pussy and gave not only Jean, Claude and Peter a view but their friends sitting with them. We got a little more bold with each other as if putting a mans cock wasn't bold enough, but the guys started to discuss whether shaving was better for sex or not. The had obviously trimmed their pubic hair but. No completely off. Rene and Suz even entered into the discussion. Just like a normal lunch time discussion. Something these foreign young people though nothing off.

We then started laughing about the girls holding and then kissing and sucking on the guys cocks. I noticed my husband no did not say much but had a great view of not only my pussy but the bald pussies of the girls was getting aroused. Just more obvious in guys but I was too. I felt my breathing g increase and the flush. Finally my nipple tightened even though it was warm and they should have been relaxed. Finally Suz said my husband was cheats because he took most of the pictures and while all the other 3 guys had their cocks handled and sucked on by the three of us only he did not get all off us. By that she meant I had done it to the 3 but not to my husband. They all started clapping and laughing and said he needed to be treated fairly. Suz sprang up walked over to him and stood over him, her pussy was within inches of his face and held put her hand to lift him up. She walked him over to me and made him stand as I remained seated and they all chanted for me to hold my husbands cock, I did. But then they insisted it was not fair that he had not got me to us k on him.. I said oh no..not with just me..because it would be just me and ow we had 4 others watching. When it was all it was easy , but at my face level Suz grabbed his now full erection and guided it to my face. I reached out and held it saw they shiny pre cum, rubbed it around the tip and opened my mouth. Unlike the earlier kissing and stroking I took in the whole cock of my husband and vigoriously sucked.

One day earlier I was shy about being topless and now I was giving my husband a blow job before 8 people I had not known over a day. The other guys were discretely holding their cocks and the girls were reaching down to thier pussies. Certainly a day to remember.

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