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Campsite adventures Part 1: Pre(l/n)ude

- Based on real experiences in life, fictional names due to privacy. I did not use age and real names to give your imagination an open space. When There are positives comments, I will consider writing a second (and more sexual) part this evening. Readers are able to give a twist themselves, in your comment you can ask me to put a certain scène in or certain sexually related content. It is all up to you!

It was a lovely summer night a couple of years ago. The type of night you expect in August. The stars were shining bright, almost a full moon to be seen and the Milky Way fully visible. This is nothing more than a rural area, surrounded by some little villages. The first big city is on a 50 minutes bicycle tour so there was no sight of light pollution. On a campsite which is the place to be for young and old campers, but which is still quiet at night, or so you think. As being three square kilometers big, there was a lot of adventure waiting for me. It was not my first year on this campsite but it was the best ever.

As I am walking down the big road that connected the entrance to the beach side of the camping I see myself in a mirror. How rude of myself, I haven’t even introduced myself. Better late than never! I’m Evan, an year old boxer living in a big city. I am 183cm tall, have a rather athletic posture with the advantages of it being noticed by a lot of girls. My hair is dark brown, hanging down, but hairflipped. (You could call it a “bieber cut”, though it was not the same). My eyes greyish depending on the light I am standing in. When I look back I notice a girl I know standing on the dike.

“What could Sarah be doing?” I wondered. “She must be waiting to go out or something.” I walked over to her. As I was walking I noticed how cute she had become in the years I had known her. She was younger than me at the time and she was about 170cm tall, had a very slim figure and you could notice that she was in puberty. Her female curves were more noticeable than they were a year ago. I guess she must have had a starting B-cup. Either her legs seemed long and thin, the way you expect a young lady to be. She came to visit the campsite in the same year as I started going here, and we saw each other every holiday, this is why the changes were so obvious for me. I hoped she was not waiting for anyone. She was now standing with her back towards me, time for a little prank. I silently walked towards her and put my hands on her shoulders in an instant; she screamed very hard and turned around instantly. Simultaneously she swung her arm backwards resulting her elbow hitting me on the jawbone and almost knocking me down, with raging pain in my face is stepped to the side when I noticed her turning and standing in great sorrow for me.

“O my god Jeffrey, I am so sorry!” and caressed the painful spot on my jaw. “Is there any way to make it up to you?” This of course was an opportunity for me to get more out of this situation than just getting an excuse thrown at me. “Hmm, you might ease the pain when you give a kiss on the spot?” She laughed and bent towards me. Softly I felt her soft lips touching my skin as I shivered with enjoyment. I enjoyed the moment, but it was not satisfying enough. “You forgot a place.” I said.
“I’m sure I had hit you here, hadn’t I?” She asked me.
“Yes, you did. Though my lips hurt too.” I said with trying my best not to burst out laughing. It did not really work and she must have seen me grinning for a split second. She laughed and stepped towards me again. “I hope this will help.” She whispered. She stood in front of my just centimetres away when our heads came closer and closer and finally my lips touched hers. Resulting in a minute long kiss, I felt her opening her mouth and inviting my tongue in for a French kiss. I placed my hand around her waist and felt her arms resting on my shoulders. It felt like we were standing there for about a quarter of an hour because it was so good, so passionate. You know the kind of kiss out of a thousand ones. The ones that almost make you lose your ability so stand without shaking knees, giving you a rush of sensation all over your body. As we stopped kissing I even felt a bit disappointed the moment could not last, but I knew this was just the start. We hugged for another minute and when I stepped back I noticed that she was smiling and I saw a twinkle in her eye. “Your jaw must feel a lot better now.” She stated. I confirmed it with a nod and a smile, she knew I enjoyed it.

"Where were you actually going?" I asked her. "I don't know, I just went here and thought that I'll eventually would meet someone I know, and there you came." She said smiling. "Well then, will you take a walk with me on the beach?” I asked her. She nodded as I took her and headed for the beach. Who knows what could happen more tonight? My fantasy started working already, would she still be a virgin?

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