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Him and I have been playing this cat and mouse game for the past 8 years now. I am sick of the bullshit and he will finally feel the sweet enjoyment of the pain and pleasure I will bring to him. I will seduce his mind, with humiliation and his loins with my beautiful body that I know he has been dying to worship for the past few years. The day will soon be here, the day he calls me Mistress!
I let him move in here about 8 months ago, we agreed to be roommates and nothing more. He needed a place to stay and well I, I need the extra money to make sure I was caught up on my rent. Things have been going ok, but to be honest they can be a hell of a lot better. He is the typical man, leaving the toilet seat up, not wanting to pick up any mess he has left lying about and he is so lazy he will not do the dishes or cook. I have a job as well so why can’t you help me out with simple tasks to make our living arrangement better for the both of us. I have a trick up my sleeve for him! I ranted to my friends about this daily, till one day the light bulb went off!

‘You and I are going to sit down and talk when I get back home!’ I said in a commanding voice. “yea , umm sure… whatever you say” he looked at me a little puzzled as he replied. I knew he was thinking in the back of his mind, what the fuck does this cunt have to complain about now?!?!? My day went pretty well while I was out. It was a Friday night and I just got in from a late night poker game with my buddies. ‘So you ready for that talk?’ I think he could tell I was a little more, calm then I was before I left. “I’m ready whenever you are.” ‘Well Paul you have been living here for about 8 months now, and I thought I could live with the little things that you do, but they are proving to be….. (Sigh) a little hard to live with. So things are going to change!’ He just sat there in silence eyes wide open. ‘For starters I am sick and tired of waking up in the middle of the night and sitting on the toilet to find out the fucking seat was not put back down. From now on leave the fucking seat down or you will live to regret it!’ Oh god I sounded like a cunt there but shit why should my ass be wet in that way? If it was to be wet it should be wet from some hot sticky cum, from a real man! ‘Second and third thing, you will pick up after yourself! I am not your GOD DAMN mother! And when I am out working, YOU WILL COOK DINNER FOR ME!’ lord knows I wanted to jump across the room and slap that shit eating grin off his fucking face! ‘oh you think I am joking with you?’ “Come on Nicole… You’re a woman, that is what you whores do! You clean after a man, and you cook for him! Plain and simple! I will you the toilet seat being put back down, but the other things…. Hahaha.. Not going to happen!’’ ‘Do you think this a joke Paul? I am not k**ding! Things will change!’ I said it with a little attitude to give him the impression I was not joking at all. ‘I am done with this convo, goodnight!’ I went to my room and slammed the door, I hoped that bitch got my point, but I guess only time will tell.
Days went by and everything seemed to go good. He took my warning serious I thought to myself every day. I guess I stopped second guessing him until his old habits came back in full throttle. I come home from work to find him and his buddies watching a football game and usually I would sit down and watch the game with Paul, but tonight I was just plain old furious!!! I slammed my car keys down on the kitchen table grabbed the jack and took a shot. ‘EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!’ the room cleared instantly, Paul just looked over at me tilted his head to the side and gave me a look of curiosity. “what the hell is wrong with you? Did you not notice the best game in history is on the tv right now?” ‘Oh I noticed paul, I also noticed that there are dishes on the living room floor, there are dishes in the fucking sink, and that GOD DAMN TOILET SEAT IS LEFT THE FUCK UP AGAIN!!!’ “Nicole you really need to calm down. I was going to get to that after the boys left. Relax, go run a bath and take it easy it will be cleaned by the time you are done.” ‘You are right I am sorry.’ I went to my bedroom and got my toiletries when a thought came to my mind. ‘Matter of fact Paul, NO! I will not calm down, you are going to get your ass up from the fucking couch, draw me a bath and get in the fuckin kitchen and clean those damn dishes NOW!!!’ “You are really funny Nicole, I am not washing the dishes until my game is over, and I sure in hell am not running a bath for you!” ‘Oh you’re not?’ “you’re damn right I’m not!” That was it I had it, my mind was completely blown at this moment I felt the fury grow inside me and not the fact that I was sexually frustrated as well. I grabbed the remote and clicked the tv off. ‘I am not going to say it again! Get your ass off the couch and get my bath started!’ He looked at me and just grinned, I walked over to him and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled from the root till he was up off the couch, I led him to the bathroom and pointed to the tub. ‘Now!’ He turned the bath on and at that moment I felt a fire grow deep inside my soul, and between my legs. He left the bathroom and I just let out a chuckle. I soaked in the tub till the water began to grow cold, sitting there plotting my next move. I needed to come out with a big finish and I had the perfect idea.
“I hope you are feeling much better after your bath.” ‘yes, I think I just needed to soak down and collect my thoughts. I do feel good, but there is something that is going to make me feel a lot better!’ I got so excited I let my evil little grin show. “Oh yeah? What exactly is that?” ‘You really want to know?’ he just nodded. ‘I have a little gift for you Paul.’ I disappeared into my room and when I came out I had a blindfold and some clothing folded up in my hand along with some rope I had stopped at the store on the way home and bought. I grabbed him by his hair once again and gave him a passionate kiss, just to trick him into thinking something sexual was going to happen between us. ‘I want you Paul…. I been thinking about this for a while now and I want you to do something for me.’ I handed him the blindfold. ‘put it on and I will make some dreams come true.’ Little did he know that they were actually going to be my dreams coming true. I kissed his lips again after he was blindfolded and rubbed my tits against him playfully. ‘Get naked for my darling, I want to see your body, I want to indulge in what you have to offer me!’ He undressed in a flash, I thought for a second he was going to fall over he was rushing. Rushing for a taste of me? Rushing to get his surprise, I just smiled devilishly happy, happy he couldn’t see my face, and happy he wasn’t going to know what was next. I got my rope and bound his arms behind his back. ‘you ready for the fun we are about to have darling?’ “Yes baby give it to me, I want it!” ‘Your such a beautiful creature, and when I am done you will be even more beautiful!’ I slipped one of my tube dresses on to his legs and told him to shimmy his ass till I have slipped my little surprise up over his body. I played with his hair occasionally kissing his cheeks, fixing it how I wanted to fix it up. ‘oh honey your lips look a little chapped, let me go get my lip balm for you. I don’t want to kiss your lips and have them sore and dry after I am done kissing those gorgeous lips.’ I crept to my room, and grabbed my fave shade of RUBY WOO lipstick, and my camera. He puckered his lips and a slicked on the red lipstick. He had no clue what I was doing and it made me chuckle to myself. I took out my camera and started taking pictures of him. I snatched off the blindfold and took a few more pics, he looked a little pissed but hey I was happy! I picked up the mirror that I had set out earlier and showed him what has been done. ‘Whose the whore now! Your painted up like a cheap whore, maybe I should treat you like one huh?’ I laughed and walked away. This felt too good, maybe I had fallen asl**p in the bathtub and this is a dream right now. I pinched my nipple to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and snuck away to my room once more. This time when I returned I came back with 9 inch long strap on. ‘I told you honey, I was going to make dreams come true! This one is mine. Now open that mouth and suck my cock you whore!’ He looked at me and pleaded. “I’m not a FAG you sadistic cunt! Let me go!” ‘Oh no bitch, you aren’t going anywhere. You disobeyed me and now you are going to pay!’ he closed his mouth tightly but I found a way to fix that quickly I plugged his nose till he let out a gasp for air, and as he did I slipt my dick deep in his throat. ‘mmm well aren’t you a good whore, Paul my whore! Or should I just call you Phylis? Mmm yes I like that, your new name is phylis! You don’t object do you?’ I f***ed my girl cock deeper in his throat. ‘I guess by the grunts you are making that means you like your name huh?’ I slapped his face, forcing as much as my girl cock as I can down his throat. ‘My Phylis, you look so beautiful sucking my cock. I guess this means I am now the man of this house, and your duty as my whore is to clean my fucking house!(thrusting deep in his mouth) Cook my fucking dinner! (Easing up)Piss with the seat down and you sitting on it! (forcing my dick deeper) Getting my beer! ( holding as his throat adjusted to the few more inches he happened to get in his throat) mmmm and my favorite giving up that tight man cunt!’ I saw a tear escape his eye. ‘get the fuck up you stupid bitch!, bend your ass over that fucking couch, say one word and I will make sure you know pain!’ He let out a little whimper, I was so turned on. I was breaking him down, he probably was feeling like less than a man, but I seriously could care less. He wanted to be so rude, and not obey, I was horny and needed this as much as he did. I slapped his ass a few times making it sting. He cried a little more and I loved it. ‘Did you say something about fags earlier? You know what I think Paul? I think you are a fucking Faggot, and I am going to show you just how much of a fucking fag your bitch ass is.’ I spit on my hand and ran it along his asshole, I slipped a finger in and he tensed up. I slapped his ass hard making it sting and turn red. ‘You tense up bitch, its going to hurt more! (slap) that’s right, whose my good little bitch? What’s your name? (slap) WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING NAME YOU STUPID CUNT!’ “Pau..Phylis, please don’t hurt me, my name is phylis!!’ I f***ed my girl cock into his tight virgin asshole, I let the head sink in before I began to move and thrust. ‘it feels good bitch doesn’t it?’ I pulled his hair hard enough so his back arched, and began to pound his tight fuckhole! ‘I hope your bitch ass is learning a lesson, don’t fuck with me… unless you want this hole fucked! Am I understood?’ I thrust a little hard till he let out a cry. “Yes Ma’am, I will do what you say!” ‘Good girl, you do what I say and those picture won’t end up on Facebook, or any other social media site your friends and f****y are on. Got me?’ “Yes Mistress, I will obey!” ‘Good boy, I’m going to unbind your hands and I want you to clean my dick off, and play with your oversized clit till you cum!’ “Yes Mistress anything for you!”

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