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My Wife the Pretend Hooker!

The construction company i work for in Las Vegas sent me to Reno to do a small job for a couple months.
I found a place to live and hired 4 guys and went to work. the wife came up to spend the last week with me. it had been over a month since we fucked so the first night we spent fucking like rabbits.
My wife likes to pretend she is a hooker and i am her john. on the weekends she will get all dressed up and go walk the streets for an hour or two then i pick her up at a bar. she has had a few offers for sex but all ways turns them down.
Mind if i walk the streets a little tonight? my wife asked. that sounds like fun in fact i think its time you had a real john. no body here in Reno knows you are my wife so what we could do is. you leave an hour early and take a little walk and get in the mood then you go to Tony`s pub were Frank and i will be drinking a beer and i will tell Frank how horny i am and i will start hitting on you.
So what do you think? i asked her. sounds great but how far are we going to take it? i say all the way! are you saying you want me to fuck this guy? she asked. no i want you to do what ever we pay you to do. i said. ok then tonight i am going to be a real whore! so you be ready my wife told me!
We were drinking our beer when in walked this nasty looking woman my wife!
Wow look at that nasty bitch i told Frank.oh fuck yea i bet she can suck some cock Frank said. its been awhile for me maybe we should find out just how good she can suck cock. you game? my treat i told him. hell yes Frank said.
Hey sweet heart can we buy you a drink i asked her. sure my wife said. i stood up and let her sit down between the two of us.
My name is Susan, you guys horny tonight? she asked reaching down and putting a hand on each of our cocks yes you are! she said.when i reached down to rub her pussy i found Frank was all ready rubbing it!
Now wait a minute you two know i am not going to fuck the two of you for free right. my wife you will fuck us both? asked Frank. looking right at me my wife said hey i will do more then just fuck you two if the money`s right. lets go then i said.
We were driving to the apartment when Frank asked do you suck cock? you little whore. yes i do! do you? asked my wife. both the wife and i were shocked when Frank replied maybe! then he grabbed the back of my wife`s head and pushed it down to his hard cock now suck it bitch! he said. my wife didn`t even resist she just wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking. what a nasty bitch i said as we pulled into the driveway.
Once in the house my wife told us to get our pants off so she could suck some cock. that is when i saw just how big Frank`s cock really was. it had to be 2" longer then mine and a whole lot thicker.
Oh my god, look at that cock i heard my wife say. oh just shut up and suck on it you whore i said. and boy did she!
When Frank got ready to fuck her she stopped him and said you should let your buddy fuck me first before you put that big fucking cock in me! yea you are right Frank said.
I was fucking my wife hard when Frank started licking my balls. he is licking my balls i whispered in my wife`s ear as i started cumming!
Yes, fuck yes my wife yelled as Frank pushed his big cock into her and started fucking her as i watched. it did not take him long to start cumming.
We was resting a bit when my wife said i know how you guys can save some money. how`s that? i asked. suck each other`s cock for me. no i don`t think so i said. well wait a minute how much money? Frank asked. i will do it for half price! i`m game nobody will ever know Frank said. my wife looked at me please!
Ok but we will do it at the same time. wow it felt good having my cock in Frank`s mouth. and after a few minutes with Frank`s cock in my mouth i decided it was not all that bad. i am going to cum i yelled. do it Frank said. i had just finished cumming when i felt Frank start cumming in my mouth. and i did not take my mouth off of it till he got done!
Wow that was hot as hell my wife said. we drank a couple more beers and relaxed.
I tell you what it will be free if you do one more thing for me my wife said. what is that we both said.
Frank let Randy fuck you! well come on Randy fuck me good!! Frank said.

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