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Exposing at the beach...part 5

I think I may have not posted part 4 correctly. So I will summzrize...our waiter at the island..french, invited us to go to the nude beach with Claude his busboy and Peter the black front desk man. Two girls also joined us from the guest services dept. They were all in mid 20s and my hubby and I about 10 yrs older. The boys had seen me first topless and then naked on the beach and I had even suprised myself by exposing my pussy by opening up my legs for Jean to get a good look. The thrill of doing this for the first time left me flush and breathing hard.
I also enjoyed later that night wearing my sheer top to dinner and feeling even more exposed and excited not being naked but on display so to speak. In part 4..I explained we did meet them all and go to the beach..A local one no used by most tourists and certainly not the cruise ship types who landed for a few hours on the other side of the island, thankfully. Our resort was upscale and mainly europeans..and most younger and well maintained. Anyway back to the soon as we got there the guys....took off shirts and lost their speedos. Jean...was uncut and the skin was bunched up a little at the end. I had had some experiences but never in the USA seen an uncut cock...or hardly a picture of one. Where is the head?...It was a little scary but fascinating...It was "normal" least as it hung down a little. He was relaxed and not showing any sexual reaction...yet. Claude was circumsized and his cock was beautiful in a differnt was..the head was large and had a big rim around it...finally Peter the black local had a longer but narrower cock....not so long,but it did hang down some. The two girls Rene and Suz, as she was called were thin. The had on shift dresses and as we settled down at our spot quickly pulled them over their heads to reveal that that were naked and had not worn a suit. Even though they were naked under the dress they had small breasts which is why you could not tell but could see their nipples poking out.

I was not so fast to disrobe. First I settled down..I did remove my top and felt proud as my 34c's came out for a look by both the guys and the girls for the first time. Although the guys had seen more on the beach..and been close to my wet pussy which I knew must have glistened in the warm sun yesterday I got a tingle as they looked. The girls looked a good while too.

I sat on the towels we had brought and slipped down my bottom suit. The one you see inthe pictures on my profile. I was the one I wore on the beach..
I liked it because I never dreamed I would take them off on a public or semi public place..but I could pull the sides and reveal a little more .
Rene and Suz were not only thin, small breasted but completely shaved and even standing you could see the top of their slit. I had shaved so my hairs would not poke out from my suit but left some on top. But last night after dinner I did shave around my lips so they would not be covered by my fuzz...but that was not apparant unless my legs were open and was laying down. My husband shrugged at me and strpped off his new speedo too. While the french guys had no reaction the the situation, my husbands cock grew a little bigger than norman and slightly stood out...he is about average size and has an cute little head on his. He smiled at me. The beach was larger than the resort and already had several groups there..and some couples. A few groups of 2 or 3 men both french and black. I was looking forward to the day.

We laid out our stuff, put up umbrella and got out some food. Jean asked if I wanted him to show me the beach which meant a walk but I was feeling secure now and it excited me to have him husband said he would stay back...I think he was enjoying see the girls and a little concerned he told me later he would get erect too soon if he walked, and saw more girls.

We walked and went into the water which was at least 85 degrees and was easily entered...First as a couple and then as a group. As we ran in and out it gave me a flush to watch the cocks of the 3 men as they ran and jumped the waves. It is one thing to see someone laying on the beach or in a picture but another to see them got me flushed and it wasn;t the water that make my nipples shrink.

We all sat together and ate...I sat crossed leg which allowed whomever was in front of me to see my pussy better. I also laid on my back....and my front. Although I just wanted to be on my back because I was enjoying showing my pussy to the guys and even the girls, as my lips were bigger and the hairy cunt was something of a novelity now, I rolled over to my stomach sometimes as not to be so obvious as to my intentions.

I even stood up sometimes and walked and stood over the guys on their towels and asked if the wanted to go in the water. I could have asked them from my towel but I enjoyed and got a flush from having them look up and better view my lips which I could tell were getting swollen. The cool water would cool them off but the sun and wine had the opposite effect.. Jean could tell I was fascinating by his cock..I sat up by him as he laid down and was rather obviously looking at it. It rose a little and the head peaked out ..even with a little precum on. I suggested a picture and my husband agreed to take it. All agreeed...they were not ashamed or shy about their bodies. I told them I had to have a memeory of this wonderful day. We arranged ourselves with the guys in back and the girls kneeling infront..I was inthe middle with Jean behind. As we arranged ourselves all three of the guys brushed up against me with their cocks as we decided where to stand. Jean had grasped my shoulders and playfully turned me around and not only brushed by tits but his cock briefly brushed my pussy hairs and left a little streak of precum. Its head was now out. All the guys cocks had stood a little more to attention.
When we were all arranged, me in the middle where I could see over my shoulder all three I turned my head we began taking pictures.

Rene was laughing and joking about out positions for pictures and playfully reached over and held Peters cock as we were standing for a picture. Then Suz grabbed Claudes, both of the guys cocks responded...The girls giggled and told me to take Jean's in my hand for a fun picture...I glanced at my husband not 10 feet away and he laughed and nodded...I could see he liked the idea as now he was nearly fully erect while the young guys were getting there. I held Jean's uncut cock inmy had and felt it grow..the head slowly emerging with moisture on the end. We snapped several pictures like that....the girls hold the cocks...and even switched around parters....the first time I had held a black was thin but longer than my husbands....all of them by now were pretty hard and standing to attention. We were all laughing and joking but a feeling a sexual tension was definitely there. A few on the beach noticed us but they wer enot too close or probably even cared.

Suz suddenly said the poor photographer was not getting any attetion and he was obviously enjoying it. So Suz and Rene ran to him and embraced him and said somethng about how his cock poked and even dripped on them..Jean took a picture of them together..and then they both reached down and held his balls and cock for a husband flushed and glanced at me but Ijust laughed. The girls said he had been so patient that they need to reward they knelt down on each side and rubbed his cock for more pictures....ohh Suz said it likes it....then in a suprise to me and my husband she reached over and put it in her mouth..they guys cheered...and then Rene did it...the alternateed as we clapped and cheered...just about when somethig was about to happen they jumped but and gave him back the camera.....he was breathing heavy...They came back to me and the 3 guys...same couples as before and Suz now grabbed Claudes cock and posed with it in her mouth and Rene did the same with Peter...Jean was standing there looking at me and holding his cock out...I knelt and put it in my mouth as pictures were snapped....

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