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Teaching younger cousin how to dance

Besides football there was nothing I enjoyed more than hitting up the clubs (Ok I enjoy having sex more but lets just say those are my two favorite things to do outside of sex).

My buddy and I would hit up the clubs almost every other day and would go to the after parties right after. I remember going to the clubs then an after party before going to my first class. I probably stink of liquor and cologne but I didn't give a shit. I would then go home, shower, take a little nap before we do it again.

As a poor freshman student I did not have alot of money to pay for drinks at the club so I usually pregame and buy my liquor from the liquor store. So that when I get in I wouldn't need to buy anything unless I am buying a drink for a girl.

While dancing with this cute blonde, I noticed my younger cousin on the dance floor with a few of her friends. All the girls were around the same age and must have found a place that makes fake IDs. I told my little blonde fiend I will be back and walked over to my cousin.

I asked her what she was doing here and she was caught off guard that I was in the same club as her. She gave me a hug and she said the same thing I am doing trying to have fun.

Well I told her you can't have fun dancing with your girlfriends....

So I walked up to one her friends and asked her to come with me. She smiled and followed me to the middle of the dance floor. I started out slow by just passively grinding behind her. She told me she's never done this before and neither did my cousin or her friends. I told her to loosen up and just feel the beat of the music and follow me. She began working her hips and started grinding on me.

She wasn't a terrible dancer but I noticed that she was aiming her ass crack right to my dick. I complied and started to rub my hard dick on her ass crack. She whispered, this is amazing under her breath. I told her to stop for a second and I decided to pull my dick out and placed it between her legs. She stopped and asked is that...?

Yes, it was starting to hurt so I had to take it out. I told her we can go as far as you want and we can stop at any moment. She said ok as we continue to grind. My dick was literally trying to pierce through this thin piece of cloth blocking me fromfucking her pussy. My hands began to wonder and found its way to her tits. At this point we were far from dancing but I am not complaining.

She started grinding faster and faster and I could not hold it anymore so I grabbed her tits and before I knew it I came between her legs. She stopped and for a second squeezing my cock between her leg.

I pulled my dick back in and we walked back to her friends. My cousin looked at me and said what were you guys doing on the dance floor. I smiled and said just dancing. She seemed jealous but I wasn't sure why.

Towards the end of the night my cousin asked me to drop her off home. My buddy and the girls were going to an after party and my cousin did not want to go. I decided to drop her off and meet up with the guys after.

On our way home she confessed that she did not know how to dance and came to the club to try to learn. She asked me if I can teach her so that she doesn't end up being a loser with her friends. I told her she had nothing to worry about her friend wasnt exactly a good dancer. She smiled but then said she doesn't believe me. So I pulled over to a park near her house and told her I will show her how to.

I got out the car and took her hands and pulled her close to me. I told her for me the easiest thing is having a girl infront of me while she grinds herself on me. In order to ease the tension and avoid any unwanted contact I had her ass grind my thighs. She was right I didn't realize how stiff she was.

I stopped for a second before I can say anything she ran back in the car. I am terrible aren't I? I told her no but she just needs to loosen up. She then asked how? All she can think about was how shitty of a dancer she was. In order to just boost her ego I told her she just needs the right music.

So she took my ipod and started searching for songs. In the mean time I had her sipping on my Hennessy and coke. She hated it at first but I told her it will her her loosen up. After 15 minutes she found the song she liked. It was sexy lady by shaggy and sean paul. By this time we already drank half a pint of Hennessy.

She got up and said lets try it again. I grabbed her by the waist and guided her movements. Within minutes she was getting the hang of it. Although she was only grinding on my thigh my dick was starting to get hard. Our grinding began to shift from fun and casual to sensual. She began to move her ass to my dick. She then asked well how do we dance with you infront. I the took my right thigh and placed it between her legs. Slowly grinding until she began rubbing her pussy on my thighs. I noticed that she wasnt wearing any panties as I placed my hand on her back working it to her ass.

I looked at her and I am not sure what got over me but I went in for a kiss. And little did I know that was the key to our adventure. She kissed back tongue and everything. She unzip my pants and next thing I knew my dick was grinding on her bare pussy. Without hesitation she grabbed my dick and slowly placed it on her opening. Needing more leverage I picked her up and leaned her against the car. With one good push I was in all the way. We slowly fucked to the rythm of the beat and were kissing at the same time. With every push joins an intoxicating moan. She the asked me to put her down and she has an idea.

She asked me to sit on the passenger side with my legs out. She lowered herself in a reverse cowgirl position. She started out slow and then began to speed up. Soon I was pumping her hard and fast. She was screaming as I continue the pace. Finally her pussy tightened as she was having an orgasm. I immediately came after my dick was getting squeezed inside her.

I unloaded hard and we both just collapsed.

We chatted for a bit before I drove her home. Although we never spoke about what happened that night I knew it was something we will both remember for the rest of our life.

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