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Needful son (true story)

I was not doing well in school. Just kinda walking around in this haze of lust and imagery: Sheila's tight little butt, Mary's ample cleavage, Ginny's labia showing thru her gymnast uniform, Jill's blushin gsideways glances at my erection in study hall to name just a few.

I couldnt think, let alone concentrate. I had nearly constant erections. We didnt have much money to buy looser fitting clothes so I wore oversized button up shirts with the tails out to cover my embrassment. Jacking off helped but I was milking it constantly. Once in the morning, sometimes in the stall at school and three sometimes up to five times at night. It started as just a dribble then teaspoons then tablespoons.

When I wasnt surfing porn, I looked on the internet for ways to calm it down. Learned about how monks introduced hops into their beer making to calm it down. I got some hops tea at the health food store and that helped a little.

My grades were really suffering. Met at school for a little 420. Got caught. Parents were PISSED!

Finally, we had "The Talk". "The Talk" began at the breakfast table. They interoggated me on my lack of ambition, fogginess, poor grades, shyness and general nervousness. They asked how long I had been using d**gs - honestly, that was something new and they believed me. They asked me about girl friends. I said it was hard to talk to them and I was definitely interested but it just wasnt going to happen. After a whole bunch of stonewalling, I finally blurted out that I could think of nothing except fucking them. They were shocked at the language but relieved to get to the root cause - FINALLY. They said that they would discuss it and try to find some way to help me out.

For a week or so, nothing was said. I was glad because the guilt and embarassment was thick in the air. Avoidance was the best policy at that point.
Then one early morning I woke up to find a warm, soft woman's body cuddled next to me. Her hands had gently stroked me awake and were moving all over my body slowly and gently.

I was frightened at first - appalled and scared. Then she held on to me as I was trying to get out of bed and told me how it was going to be.... "Here's the deal. You get on the A honor roll by the end of this school year and stay on it. You join the school sports teams: cross country, wrestling or basketball and soccer. Take a job with the greenhouse in the summer. No d**gs. No parties. No smoking. And, most importantly, you dont discuss it or tell anyone! It is just you and I and nobody else involved. You ONLY discuss this with me. Do all that and you get pussy every night. If you fail on any account, there is no pussy until you get it back together."

But, what about Dad?, I replied. "We discussed it. Remember when he was going to doctors all the time a few years ago after he quit his job at the mine? Well he is impotent from the equipment he was running. He has lost the ability to get an erection. We have tried everything short of surgery and we cant afford that. I still love him dearly. He is encouraging this and feels like it is the best for all of us. As for me, I miss it. I had a hysterectomy after your s****r was born so there is no chance of pregnancy. We want you to be successful, Honey!"

I was silent for a long time just getting over the shock. She cuddled with me warmly. Finally, she asked in the darkness. "So, what do you think?"

My mind just screamed out... What did I think? Well, I have got boner you could cut glass with. Im hot. The sweat is pouring off me. There is this nice hot soft female body next to me. I can feel her pubic hair against my thigh. And there is relief just less than a foot away - I could smell it! At that thought, I grunted, my cock flexed against the covers and I shot a load all over the blankets.

She didnt say a word. Just grabbed a washcloth off the bedstand and wiped me up. I watched as her boobs hang over me and jiggle around. I watched her pussy right in front of me. She caught my eye and just smiled, gave me a kiss on the forehead and said good night.

The next morning it was like nothing had happened. We had breakfast and went on with our day. I worked my ass off at school. Joined the track team. Avoided the 420 crowd. I did some homework then watched a little TV then went to bed.

About the same time as last, I got another visit.

This time I was more relaxed. I couldnt wait to get in some pussy for the first time. It was weird at first but as soon as my cock felt those juicy walls wrapped around it and we found a rhythm all my worries just faded away. After I came, I just kept going. It was a sloppy mess by the time I quit. She came a few times too. Feeling her pussy pulse and grab my cock in was AWESOME. She grunted and sweated too. It was good for her and for me. I went until I was exhausted and fell asl**p inside her.

This went on routinely day after day, night after night for several years. She made sure I knew how to please orally, in every position and once we even tried anal. She made sure I was an expert cocksman before I finally found a girl friend - a girl friend that reminded me of my mom in every way...

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