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Old Friend

An old friend Jeff reached me and we meet up. He had belts, bandannas, ruler paddle, lotions all set out. All I could think is "you read my mine", YES, I am getting tied up today. Some pictures are posted "Old Friend".

As I undressed down to my bikinis. Really all they are is a cock sling. Stood there and had an instant wet undies. On my way into the shower. I brushed my package just in front of his lips as he turns around. He reached up and grabbed hold of my cock sling and said "I'm going to enjoy this". All I can do is smile and instantly become his TOY. This is my first time being tied up. HOLLY SHIT- yes one for the "FUCK-IT LIST". *Being tied up*

He tied a bandanna around each thigh. Then wrist to inner thigh, index fingers just under my sack. He pulls tight with wrist and runs two belts end to end around my waist and wrist. Tried some cock rings but no go.
Jeff tied raw hide straps around my balls and bottom of my shaft. He said it is something new. Each knot was cut as it own, makes for a longer shaft :) My cock was socking wet from sweet pre-cum. He grabs the ends of the belts and rolls me over. Pulls my purple ball sack and shaft backwards. HO WOW.... Lowers me down and spanks me with the ruler paddle. My eyes were spinning in circles and and a shiver ran up my spine. Oh what a filling I thought begging for more. He spread my ass check wide apart and spank my hole. THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY if done right.
Guess what? Jeff dose...

I was in Ecstasy..... no d**gs or alcohol....... just enjoying my fantasy/s cum true.

Jeff ran his very large tongue in between my cheeks. Flickered my knotted up balls sack and back up driving an even longer as wide tongue DEEP IN MY ASS. I screamed out in sure pleasure. Oh, shit you can stay right there all day I told him. I love getting my ass ate out. I will ride a face in a hart beat.
Thinking to myself "wish I was in a swing right now".

Jeff gloved up and spanked my hole some more. Tugging on my ball sack with his lips. #@$#^$$%% yea it was awesome. Greased up his hand and lubed my sweet hole with it. All I can do is flick my knotted ball sack with my fingers. This is grate LOVE it!!! He had a job ahead of him. I told him "I am tight"that's good he replies. He has wanted to fist me for the longest time.
Jeff plays and plays with my hole; 1 finger- plays around. 2 fingers- plays around 3 fingers- plays around.
We are about one hour in a half in and going strong. He asked me if I could do the dildo, we had 3 fingers deep.. This thing is big, the last time I tried I failed on the head.
He played with my cock; sucking it, stroking it, slapping it, chewing it. Rubbed the head all around my hole and started pushing up against it. While jacking my cock off. OH SHIT.... I am so fucking horny. I backed my ass right up against that fucking monster. OH oh oh I slam my ass again. I am determined to take that monster... I meet this couple a few weeks ago. This is him 7 foot and black packed out to the house. Her 5'7 and so AWESOME. So yea he's fucking me with that monster cock while she fucks my cock (hay it fits) But anyways I will continue.

He fucked my ass with that thing; FUCK it was big. But I took all but an inch in my ass ------------------------------------------------ AWESOME. Jacked my cock and balls, spanked my ass and loved every bit of it. Three hours later I blow like a yard sprinkler. HOLLY FUCK ME SILLY..... Did I say it was AWESOME.

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