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Bbc twist of fate, little white boy.

I wasn't always this way. In fact i quit the wrestling team in junior high because i didnt like gr[video][/video]inding on the matt with some other guy, now i would love to grind with anyone named matt, or steve, mike, david or any other name for that matter. I am getting off on a tangent, so i will think of sucking your cock from now on to stay on topic. By the way, i am right now thinking of your beautiful cock, so keep stroking it or if you want, i am pretty easy and ready to please. Lets get back to my sissy slut story.

I have always loved porn, from the time i first found the old box of playboys my dad had stashed in the attic to the penthouses my older b*****rs ha to the clubs and ouis and high societies, ect. Ect. Ect.. i always went ape shit hard and horney as fuck, when i would see a black cock, a black cock getting sucked, a black cock fucking, a big beautiful cock deep fucking some hot beautiful blonde. I like brunetts but black on blonde chic drove my dick to brickdom every time. I couldn't get enough of the shit. Hot as hell. Black men are awesome when it comes to good good sex, damn right. Sorry tangent, started thinking about big black cock. I will try to stay on subject but im thinking of your cock. Ok now back to the story. I was dating my current wife of over 20 years, we were young and we fucked all the time. I jacked off 3 to 5 times per day and we would fuck like crazy every night, one horney little white boy. I had had somes desires with gay porn and flirted around with some porno brokers wholiked young boys before, but didnt have much interest in what is now and has been a great enjoyment for a long time and hopefully undoubtedly for ever. The object of my complete desire. " Big Black Cocks" yum. Off on a tageant again, sorry, fuck me with you cock. Stuff it in my mouth and ass, cum on my ass and let me lick you beautiful ass, balls and cock. Back to the story of how i became a sissy slut for big black cock. I was young horney and intuative, open honest hard working, 5'11" 165lb, brown hair, hazel eyes, tight ass, cute, funny, happy go lucky, still am. I stumbled upon some grafetti, in a mens bathroom, at a notoriouse primarily black land grant college that turned my life around,up,down,inside out, sounds fun and all around. The hottest most disgusting thing i had ever seen. Epic in proportion to my whole life and sexuality. One drawing that either shaped warped or straightend my sexuality for ever. Not that i wasnt already interested in cock, just not the boys i hung out with. This cock was different. This cock was fresh, new ,big,beautiful, powerful, intoxicating. This was my first awareness of the joys of Big Black Cock. My first inclination was reject, denial, i ran away and tried to forget the image i just saw. Tried to brush it off, but my cock was so hard i couldnt think straight, all the bl**d in my brrain was raceing through my hard cock. I was hooked on black cock. I was hooked on the image i saw and how i wanted that to happen to me. I wanted the ultimate sissy boy fantacy to come true for me. I wanted to suck black cock, to fuck black cocks, they could have anything they want, i love big black cock! Naturally i visited the restroom with the vile grafetti as much as i could. I niticed other people frequenting the stall. What a work of bathroom wall art. 20+ years later, i am still dreaming of the experience. It maynever turn out the way i dream, but black cock is very addickting. I love big black cocks! To be contnued............................

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