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Wedding Arrangements 2

Brenda and Tony left after much talking and looking and even some feeling up of Brenda by Mary and Dan. Dan and Mary went to the body specialist that Brenda had recommended for a shave and clean up. After the waxing Mary couldn't believe how smooth she was. The wedding took place at local hotel that catered to the swing crowd. The Justice of the Peace was also a swinger. Tony and Brenda had written their vows. Tony stood nude with two groomsmen, Seth and Tom a swinging friend. Brenda's two bridesmaids were Carrie a swinging friend and Krystal a cousin who also was in their swing circles.

The small gathering watched as Krystal a short, but thick girls made her way down the ailse. Her heavy tits swaying as she walked. She held a dildo like a bouquet. Then Carrie came down the ailse older than Krystal by 20 years and wilder than anybody else in the club. Carrie wore a strap on harness and masturbated her large dildo with a pocket pussy. Tony, Seth and Tom had all taked viagra before the wedding and all stood at half mast. Brenda now came down the ailse e****ted by Dan. Dan was hard as a rock. Brenda had her hand wrapped around his hard cock. Dan had his big hand cupping Brenda's pussy, fingering the clit as they walked. When they got to Tony Brenda let go of Dan's cock and faced Tony. Robert the JP began the ceremony. Finally announcing Tony and Brenda married and ended with you may now fuck the bride. Tony's cock was rock hard and he buried in Brenda's wet pussy. Within five minutes Brenda had had her first orgasm. Tony's cock was slick and wet from Brenda as he got up. The room was rearranged quickly with pillows in place of the chairs. Tony made his way to his pillow and Brenda made her way to her pillow.

Mary and Paula joined Tony as Seth and Dan joined Brenda. Paula and Tony started kissing passionately and then Tony was passionately kissing his own mother. He then asked Paula and Mary to kiss. Tony started playing with both of the mom's tits; Paula's nipples were hard and jutted out while Mary had big puffy nipples. Tony's favorite. Tony arranged Mary down at his cock. Mary began to suck his already hard cock. Paula straddled Tony's face and began to grind on her son-in-law's willing tongue. Mary's head was bobbing up and down on her son. She paused to see Dan's cock disappear into Brenda's wet pussy. She also saw Seth's thick cock and wondered about having Seth come over and fuck her from time to time. She reached between her legs and her pussy was wet. She got up and straddled her son and started fucking herself with her son's hard cock. Carrie came up in the mean time with a head harness and mounted a dildo on Tony's chin. Tony slid the 6 inch dildo up Paula's pussy and began licking her clit. Soon Paula's pussy was cumming and Tony found a puddle of cum forming around his head. Soon Paula got off as did Mary. Tony bent Paula over doggy style and started fucking her. He told his mom to get in front of Paula. Carrie helped Paula with the harness as she began to eat Mary's pussy. Tony looked over and saw Brenda enjoying Dan's cock in her pussy as Brenda was on top and Seth was positioning his cock for anal as he pushed her forward. After about 15 minutes Tony came filling Paula's pussy. Tony called Tom over and Tom laid Mary down and started fucking her like a porn star. Soon Tom's cum was filling Mary's pussy.

Seth was fucking Brenda's ass for all he was worth. Dan was really liking the feel of Seth's cock rubbing his. Too soon Seth came filling Brenda's ass with cum. Brenda got off of Dan and started jacking and sucking his cock and was soon rewarded with a thick load of cum oozing from Dan's cock.

Over the next two hours Brenda had four men cum in her pussy and two more jack off and put their loads in her pussy. Tony has 6 women cum on him while he was being riden. Both we covered with cum. Tom and Seth picked up Brenda with her full pussy and dumped her pussy in Tony's face.

The best swinging wedding ever.

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