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Black Mailed...

In high school there are some secretes that you never want anyone to find out about. IT was on a Tuesday afternoon as I went to my locker on the third floor. as I opened the locker a Polaroid picture fell to the floor. I bent down and was shocked by the image that held my gaze.

There I was on the floor with my arms and legs hooked around a males body and it was obvious that we were in the throes of sexual intercourse. I quickly stood up and looked around to see who was watching, I searched the faces of my fellow students and it appeared that no one paid me or the picture any attention.

The next day after third period, I again went to my locker and there again another Polaroid picture fell to the floor. I scooped it up quickly and glanced around to see if any one was watching again there appeared no one was paying me any attention. I did not look at the picture than, I went to the boys room and into a stall.

I closed the door and looked at the picture it was another photo of me with a very stiff black penis lodged deep in my mouth. My eyes were bulging and jaws puffed as a huge hand held my head. Fearfully I cried as I remembered when and where the pictures were taken.

It was in one of the class rooms on the third floor after school, Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had cornered me and pushed me into a class room. There the three of them had overwhelmed me and made me have sex with them. I was not a willing participant, but no one would believe it if they saw the image on the photo.

The next day I timidly approached my locker and timidly opened the door, this time a piece of note book pare fell to the floor. On the paper was a set of instructions with a warning..."unless you want to see these pictures on the student board follow the above instructions exactly."

I folded the note and headed for my next class, as I passed the library, I noticed a group of students standing at the student board laughing and pointing. I walked over to be horrified to see a censored copy of one of the pictures posted to the board.

There was no mistaking that it was two males having sexual intercourse, the picture was taken at such an angle that you could see the penetration of one penis into the rectum of the other male and see the receiving males penis and testicles, their faces had been cut out, but their bodies were plainly visible.

Some thought it was disgusting some said it was staged and posed, some quietly said it was hot. To me it was horrible and a threat, that who ever passed me the note meant what they had said.

The next day was a Saturday and the note had instructed me to go to an empty apartment complex and find a certain unit. I was to locate the clothes that would be there for me and change into them than go to another unit on the far side of the complex dressed that way.

The clothes left for me was a pair of pink panties a plaid skirt and white blouse, with the top three buttons torn off. The blouse was two sizes too small and clung to my torso tightly, there was pink socks and a pair of high black high heels.

I slowly striped off my clothes and dressed as I was expected to, the heels were tricky to walk in and I had trouble keeping my balance. I crossed the complex as instructed and worried about being seen from the street.

I reached the next unit and found a note with some make up and a broken mirror. The note instructed that I put on the mascara, lips sticks and make up and to do a good job. Trembling I followed the instructions as best I could and read the rest of the note.

I was instructed to climb the stairs to the last apartment and to lay on the mattress as alluring as I could muster. It seemed like forever before I heard scuffling in the hall way and the door to the apartment open and close. There was soft steps in the outer rooms as I strained to hear.

Panicking I watched the door knob to the room I was in as it started to turn, I raised up on one elbow and pulled my legs up close as the knob turned and the door begin to move.

As The door opened the first thing my eyes focused on was three naked males their penis stiff and rock hard entering the room. I looked up and to my relief, to my horror to my I don't know what was Charlie, Daniel and Bruce.

Daniel tossed the clothes I had worn first into the far corner and said " see I told you the bitch would follow our instructions and be laying right here in bed waiting for some hard dick.' All three of them burst out in maniacal laughter.

Bruce knell on the mattress and stroked my thigh and said 'come on over here baby and suck this dick like a good bitch.' Charlie said 'wait, lets make the scene complete.' Charlie reached into the closet and pulled out a bag, he dumped it on the mattress beside me. There was a halve a tube of anal lube some large beads and a blonde wig.

Daniel said 'put the wig on,' I slowly reached for the hair and pulled it on to my head. Charlie snatched my head around and adjusted the wig saying 'I like my bitches to be properly dressed for fun time. I was humiliated and ashamed as to how I was dressed, Bruce shattered my shame by gripping my shoulder and saying 'now bitch, get busy polishing this here knob.'

To steady my self I had to reach out and take hold of his penis as I bowed my head to his crotch. Bruce encouraged me saying 'take your time and show me how you've missed this dick, suck it good baby.'

Tears freely falling I parted my lips and sucked gently on his flaccid penis. As soon as my lips touched his uncut penis it jumped and started to harden again. Soon I had three inches of rock hard penis working back and forth in my oral orifice.

Charlie lifted my butt up and placed me on my knees, I felt him pull the panties to one side and squirt some lube into the crack of my butt, he took a finger and spread the glob of lube across my anus and stuck his digit into my anal opening. I flinched and grimaced causing Bruce to warn me 'bite my dick and you want have teeth to bite another one.'

Charlie pushed his finger till it was knuckle deep and pulled it back and did it again. This he did four or five times before he inserted two more fingers into my up lifted bung.

I was grunting form the pain of his fingers as they slid back and forth, my outer anal muscle ring slipping over his knuckles till they reached his fist. Bruce was enjoying this so much that he grabbed hold to my head and let loose a huge load of sperm.

I tried to pull back, but Bruce held me firm and shot the full load into my mouth and ordered 'swallow it bitch, swallow all my cum.' Gagging I manage to swallow his load, Bruce held me firm emptying his entire load into my mouth and throat.

Charlie had positioned himself behind me and was rubbing his huge penis glans over my bung hole. I whimpered as his huge member probed my outer anal muscle ring till it parted and admitted his head to enter my neither region.

I begged 'please, don't do me like this, please don't,' Charlie growled 'bitch, you just swallowed my cousins seed, I'm gonna breed this ass pussy, you ain't sucking me dry till I seed your ass.'

Charlie pulled his penis back and slid more into me, I gripped the mattress and cried as Charlie pulled back and slid more into me. Then when Charlie got into a rhythm, he didn't let up, slamming his thighs against mine as he sunk every inch of his enormous penile shaft deep into my bowels.

Black Mailed...too be continued

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