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Someone deserves detention..

My name is Jonny ... and i want to tell you about the best time of my life.

It was the first day back at school, a new year at the place i hated most. Every year was the same, i'd get picked on all year and hate every day i spent there, My life was a hell. The one solace that got me through was Ms. Brown, My English teacher.. Everyone loved her.. and she knew it. With long brunette hair and piercing green eyes she was a goddess. I haven't even mentioned the body, oh the body.. she was slim, with long legs that seemed to go on forever, her ass was so pert and looked so tight i just wanted to bite it.. but the best part.. the part that made me do no work in lessons was the breasts, they were huge.. they would rest on the desk she sat at and when she stood up they bounced just that little bit, obviously its clear to see i had an obsession. Which was making me fail English by the way, my parents were furious, they couldn't comprehend why i was doing so badly, But i didn't care.

It was last lesson on a Friday and as usual.. i had English, and as usual, i did nothing but stare at my goddess, but something seemed off about Ms Brown today, every time i stared at her she kept catching me, she never normally notices me looking.. what was it about today?

The lesson drew to a close and the bell rang for the end of the day, everyone got up to leave, "Where do you think you're going Jonny, i need to see you for a few minutes.." She said above the roar of the class "i think we need words don't you?".. I slowly walked back towards my seat near the back.. "No" she said.. "In front of me".. i sat in the chair in front of her desk and asked quietly, "what's the problem, Ms?" .. "I think you know.." she said harshly.. shit, she'd caught me staring? i didn't know! "No, Ms i don't" i said, "you've done nothing in any of my lessons" she exclaimed! She continued to go on and on about the state of my work but i wasn't listening.. it was the height of summer so she was only wearing a blouse on top and i was a foot away from her tits.. i was sure i could see a nipple! Suddenly she stopped talking.. but i was in a daze. "Jonny.. Johnny!?" she said.. i snapped out of it. "What were you looking a-.." she looked down "ah.." she smirked. "You've been looking as well" she said "You're not alone.. its like every boy in this class has his eyes glued to me.."

i nodded.. she lent forward.. her boobs were resting on the desk and being pushed together now.. "maybe we can come to an arrangement" she smiled.. i'll give you what you want if you pick up the grades.." i was confused, "what i want?" i said.. she leaned back and put her finger on her bright red lips.. "yes.. anything you want".. she said seductively, i couldn't believe what i was hearing! I'd dreamt about this every night for a year.. she came around to the front of her desk and perched her pert little ass onto it, she lifted her leg up and put her high heel on the desk .. "lick it" she demanded.. i looked at her confused again.. "you give me what i want.. i give you what you want" she demanded.. i could now see that she got off on being controlling.. i did as she asked and run my tongue up her high heel from the bottom to the top, she smiled.. "good boy" she said, "what does Jonny want" she said in the sexy voice.. "i umm.. urr.. to see your boobs" i said nervously.. she laughed at me .. "could have seen that one coming.." she smirked "she pushed my desk out of the way.. grabbed a chair and put it in front of me.. she turned it round and sat on it the wrong way.. brushing her hair back off her shoulders she slowly started to unbutton her blouse.. i had a raging hard on by this point and she could see it.. her eyes were fixed on my cock while she unbuttoned her blouse.. she took it off and there they were.. her massive tits just sitting there in her bra, she stood up and walked over and sat on my lap facing me.. i could feel my boner digging into her, she closed her eyes with pleasure as she f***ed herself against me.. she looked me in the eyes and i knew what she wanted.. "enough games" i said, as i kissed her.. deeply thrusting my tongue into her mouth, she seemed surprised id taken control but i could tell she liked it, i undid her bra and her huge perky tits fell out, i buried my face deep inside them, sucking her nipple's. i could feel her grinding on my cock, she could feel it through my trousers.

She dropped to her knees and started to undo my belt "you might be a little surprised" i said.. "honey, i've had quite a few cocks.. dont feel bad if you're small.. she chuckled, she put her hand down my boxers to grab my cock "Oh my God" she screamed "its massive!" i smiled as she sat there in amazement.. she lent forward and took me into her mouth, choking on my cock, after taking it out she said "it must be 11' easily" .. "I've never measured" i said as she took me deep back into her mouth, she was stroking my hard cock with her mouth, i was so close to blowing my load but i knew what i wanted.. i wanted to fuck her.. "bend over that desk" i said to her quickly.. "ooh, yes sir.." she giggled naughtily.. i slid her skirt up to reveal her pert ass in her thong, i could see the outline of her pussy and i knew i wanted to lick it, i pulled her thong down and thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy, she squirmed and moaned with pleasure as her juices ran down my tongue, i let my tongue run down to her clit and started to lick it, slowly at first until she moved with me, then i sped up faster and faster, i could tell she was loving it i stuck 2 fingers inside her pussy and massaged her inside.. by now she was really pushing back on me "get that big dick inside me" she screamed.

So i backed up and got my cock ready, this was really going to happen. I was going to fuck Ms. Brown.. fuck her senseless.

I teased her pussy from behind, putting the tip of the head in.. she was moaning and begging.. "please, give it to me" she cried.. so i thrust my 11' Inches all the way in.. no easing it in, i just gave her it all, she loved it.. she fell onto the desk where her legs just gave in.. i slid my cock in and out of her slowly, she was so wet.. i grabbed her tits from behind and squeezed them hard, i started to speed up pounding her harder and harder.. she put her hand down and started rubbing her clit. "you're going to make me cum" she moaned.. "don't stop, call me Ms. Brown" she screamed, "you want my cock, you want it all dont you Ms. Brown" i said.. as i thrust my cock deep inside her i could feel her pussy grasping my cock as she was cumming, it felt so good.

as we slowed down after she cum, she stood up and told me to lay on the desk.. she straddled me and put my cock back inside her, she was really horny now, her skirt was still on but rolled up, she still had her sexy heels on too, she was really riding me now "I want your hot sperm inside me" she said.. she grabbed the desk and started slamming her pussy down onto my cock, then all of a sudden the desk broke.. we were both laying on the floor, that didn't stop her though she carried on riding me hard, she grabbed me by the hair and thrust my face into her massive tits, i wanted to cum so bad.. she knew it too. "Cum inside me" she said.. i rolled her over onto the carpet so i could take control and smash her brains out, "fuck me, fuck me! Squirt that jizz inside me" she screamed .. i couldn't hold it any longer, i looked into her eyes so i could remember this moment forever.. i squirted my hot sperm deep inside her pussy.. it felt like there was gallons. She was full.

i rolled off her and onto the floor.. she grabbed my cock and sucked the remaining sperm off, "Mmm, had to taste it" she said.. and winked at me.. she stood up and walked off.. sat at her desk.. still topless then said "I'll see you next week Jonny, you've been a naughty boy.. Someone deserves detention..

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