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Suprise seduction

You leave the house in a huff. The frustration mounting in you. Lately your husband has been neglecting your needs, and now tonight, he forgot the one thing you asked him specificaly to get. Then he kind of smirked, almost like he did it on purpouse. You dont know whats gotten into him lately. The whole drive, you are thinking about what you have been missing, how bothered you have been lately. Of course that book you have been reading hasnt helped things any. Seems like this all started after he asked what you were reading. You told him, and his reply was "what do you like about that crap? That stuff doesnt really happen." You reply saying that is part of the allure, the thought of two strangers seducing you is sexy. He huffs and scowels a little, mutters something about going to my house and left. That was almost two weeks ago and he has been a little distant ever since.

You get to the store, and start in, realizing you were in such a rush, you are still wearing your lounging sweats. Now flustered even more, you dont notice the man in the shadows watching you as you enter the store. You leave the store, not realizing he is now behind you.. following you.. moving silently closer as you are fumbling for your keys. Suddenly a hand clamps over your mouth in a vise-like grip, forcing you off balance and pulling you to the rear. You only stumble for a step before you run into him, his other arm pinning yours as he grabs your waist, lifting and pulling you roughly into the darkness.

He stops in the heavy shadows, where even if anyone was around, they wouldnt be able to see anyhow. You hear a deep wisper in your ear telling you "if you dont want to be hurt... dont make a sound". You notice something vaugely familiar about his voice, but you cant quite place it. You dont have time to think about it as you notice another figure coming out of the shadows. You gasp as the hand is removed from your mouth and a blindfold tightly tied over your eyes before you even have a chance to turn your head. You feel the man behind you running his fingers in your hair, then grabbing a handfull to pull your head firmly back and to the side. His mouth meets your neck, licking, biting, teasing you from your ear to your shoulder. A suprised moan escapes your lips as his other hand reaches into your waistband, cupping your mound, lifting you slightly as he pulls your ass tight against his hardening cock. You know you should scream, try to get away, do something.. yet the raw a****l passion of it has you frozen.
Before you have a chance to decide if you are actualy enjoying it, you are reminded of the shrouded figure when he starts to lift you shirt tearing off your bra, teasing your already hard nipples. You notice a familiar scent as he moves closer... something you just smelled very recently... would he have... no.. it couldnt be.. you must be mistaken in the heat of things. Before you can think anymore about it, his mouth locks onto one of your sensitive nipples, licking, sucking, biting, making you moan. Then a finger pushes hard on your clitoris, feeling like a small electric shock as a mini orgasm hits you, making you drip with excitement.

You feel your sweats and panties being ripped down to your ankles as you are pushed forwards, your hands being pulled and held behind you. You feel a hard cock against your lips, pushing, you instinctively open your mouth as hands grab your hair pulling you deep onto it. Moaning around it as he starts to fuck your face, at the same time you feel the other sliding up and down your very wet and wanting pussy. Pausing for just a moment at your entrance before forcing its way into you. Every thrust pushes you to take the other deeper into your throat. You know this is wrong, but you cant stop the wave of small orgasms. Then suddenly they both pull out, leaving you feeling empty and wanting more.

You hear some scuffling as you are still held tight, then you are pushed to your knees and roughly pulled on top of the cock that was just in your mouth. You are pushed down onto it, gasping as it is f***ed deep inside of you. They hold you still as you feel the other pressing at your anus. You want to yell no, but a hand pulls your head back and another covers your mouth again. You squeal a little as the man behind you pushes himself deeply into your ass. You feel so dirty knowing this is wrong for you to be so excited, you start cumming hard as they both bottom out in you filling you. Your orgasms continue while they fuck you with a pure raw energy you have been longing for untill they both cum deep inside of you.

You are roughly rolled onto the cool damp grass, left there dripping and exausted. Trembling from fear and excitement. You dont hear anything, so you slowly reach up and gently start to lift the blindfold so you can look around. You are alone now, so you start to dress and try to compose youself. You find your purse and keys have been left, so you make your way back to your car. It is a tense drive home as you try to think what you are going to say... are you going to tell your husband? How will you explain not trying to get away? You cant tell him that you came so much your legs are still trembling.
You pull into the driveway, and your husband is there talking to me. You get out and he asks you what took you so long? Why do you look so frazzled? You stutter something about someones dog getting loose and you were trying to help and fell down chasing it. He and i chuckle a little and he hugs you saying he hopes you didnt get hurt too bad.
You say you need a shower and turn towards the house. I tell him i will see him tomorrow, and you pause, standing there, legs still shakey, cum still dripping from your pussy and ass.... that cologne... that voice... could it be?

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