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"Oh fuck OH fuck OH fuck me...ah ah ah Fucking tight cunt on my fucking coooock" Mark seemed to really be able to mumble those words softly as he sat on the couch stoned off his fucking ass with his his mouth open and his eyes rolled back so much that you could only see the whites of his eyes. He was in this state because at that very moment his 10 inch cock was being ridden by the tightest wettest and warmest piece of cunt he had ever had the pleasure of having his cock deep inside. Amanda loved her power and loved the way his cock felt in her she had a nice steady pace and due to Marks edging skills he manged to hold off cumming now for and hour, which ain't easy to do when fucking 16 year old pussy. But because of this skill he was able to enjoy being right on the edge and she could have multiple orgasms which she she did. As she fucked him she played with his nard nipples and then she felt it again and so did Mark "OH OH OH FUCK YEEEEEEEEEES" she moaned softly and with that she came on his cock for the 6th time "yeeeees cum on that fucking cock with that teen pussy you fucking cunt!!!" he moaned and then he lost it for this time he could not hold back any longer.

Her cumming pussy grew so tight around his cock that it was too much he busted his nutt "AAAAAAHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" he yelled out. She screamed as she felt the first powerful shot of cum hit her pussy walls. Mark's orgasm was the most intense yet and edging inside some teen pussy while really high was something he knew would surly be amazing. Amanda felt him shoot at least 11 hard shot of cum inside her and the look on his face was so beautiful to her. Mark's face got flush and the expression on his face was one of pure joy pleasure and euphoria as he enjoyed what seemed like was the longest nutt ever and tears fell from his eyes as he came. As Mark came time seemed to slow down and it got really quiet. He could hear the neighbors laughing and a dog barking and the little Susie and Jonnies of the neighborhood playing outside. During the last and most intense part of his nutt he whimpered out softly "oh sh-sh-shit ah uhn" and his toes curled his eyes rolled and rolled as his jaw went slack and then he was done. Amanda collapsed on him and there they lay breathing heavy and covered in sweat.

Mark lay there as tears kept falling from his eyes yet he made no sound just breathed heavily. You see his tears were tears of complete joy, yes joy at the fact that here he was 38 still extremely hot, had a 10 inch cock and had just finished shooting his load deep inside of his teenage step-daughter's young cunt. Here he was fucking teen cunt as his neighbor barbecued in their back yard not knowing that only a few feet away from them Mark was cumming inside of a teen. He was so happy, who wouldn't be he thought. What mark didn't know though was that his neighbor Gavin had decided to stop by and he never shows up unannounced but today was an exception his wife too had just left town and he wanted to hang out get stoned and just chill. So you could imagine his shock when he just happened to look in to the window of the basement see his best bud fucking and cumming inside his teen-age step daughter cunt. It made him hard immediately and he wanted to jerk off right there. Mark and Gavin had become very close friends they enjoyed their hangouts alot. They always drank a bit and smoked some high grade pot and talked about everything. The thing that they cherished as a secret between them was that they both admitted to each other that they would love to fuck young teen pussy but that they were to afraid to risk it because of their wives. This conversation always turned into them both getting hard and them deciding to put on some porn and jerk off together to teen getting fucked. Though at this point neither one wanted to admit it but they were turned on by each other and wanted to do more but were to afraid to ask. The last time they had a private jerk bud edging session, Mark decided to try something and he gently touched Gavin's leg with his very nonchalantly, as soon as he did this Gavin lost it and came hard. Mark told himself to remember that because in addition to fucking teen cunts he liked to get down with some man cock.

Amanda slowly slid of his still very hard and extremely sensitive cock. There was a suction noise as is popped out glistening form her pussy and his cum and landed with a thud on his legs and pulsating. His load spilled out of her and covered his balls and legs. " Hey hey now remember the rules after fucking daddy" "Step-daddy" she said while laughing. "fine step-dad" He said with a grin "remember the rules are never leave a mess behind and always eat your protein." and with that she got on her knees and licked up all the cum that had spilled from her and the taking her fingers she pulled out more from her snatch and licked her fingers clean. "that's a good bitch." he said as he rubbed her head. "Mark i love it when you fuck my young forbidden teen pussy with your big hard adult man dick. I will never tell mommy I like our secret fuck fests. I like being a little teen whore who deserves to get fucked by a man cock making my teen pussy cum all over your cock." she said as sat as his feet. Amanda got up and went to shower and Mark sat there so relaxed and was elated to find out that his wife would be in London for two more months. The doorbell rang and he scrambled to find his robe.

He was surprised to see Gavin standing there with a shit eating grin on his face. "we need to talk" Gavin said and walked right in carrying a six-pack before Mark could protest. They went down to the basement and the smell of pussy and cum filled the air and Gavin took in a deep breath. The scent instantly made him hard and with a 9 inch cock it was hard to miss. Mark noticed his erection and licked his lips. "ok man, you gotta tell me how you guy started fucking?" Mark's face went white and his heart started to beat faster. "no no man it's cool it's cool" Gavin said quickly seeing his fear. "no man, b*o it's me your talking to no man that was the hottest shit." Mark started to laugh now trusting that his secret was safe with his friend. "So that's why your cock is so fucking hard" Mark said. Amanda told Mark she was going to a friend's and she left wondering why Gavin would not stop looking at her when she walked into the room, not that she cared Gavin was hot as fuck and she actually got moist when she caught him. Mark explained everything and they got really high and d***k which, set the stage for what happened next. MArk had already concluded that Gavin wanted some cock buried deep in his man pussy it was only a matter of waiting for the right situation to arrive. As mark explained hoe he fucked Amanda's forbidden young teen cunt he noticed that Gavin's cock pulsed in his tight pants which made Mark hard. When Mark noticed that Gavin was leaking pre-cum he decided to make his move and reached his hand out and grabbed Gavin's rock hard cock. Gavin was blond with green eyes and was like Mark tall and lean and had a very nice cock. He was 32 and had just gotten a divorce and he held a secret that as of late was very hard to not act upon. Yes he wanted teen pussy that was a given, no the secret he harbored was that he craved a taste of cock.

He had since he could remember but because of his upbringing kept those feelings at bay and had a few times attempted to go to a glory hole but would always lose his nerve, but then he met Mark and he could no longer control it. First it was that talk about teen pussy, he loved that he shared that with Mark. Then it was those jerk off bus sessions that they started doing and when Mark's leg brushed against his as mentioned earlier it sent a shock through his body and he came so hard that a whole rope of cum flew from his cock and landed on Marks chest. When Mark grabbed Gavins at first seemed shocked which soon gave way to total submission. "yea you little fag you want my cock don't you?" Mark whispered in his ear and Gavin noded yes as Mark put him on his knees. "suck my cock..suck it..yes...yes just like that put in your fucking throat." Gavin was an expert at cock sucking which made Mark think he had done it before. "how does that 16 year old pussy taste on my cock fag boi" Mark said as he held the back of Gavin's head and face fucked him lodging his cock deep in the back of his throat. Gavin was only able to make some noise that signaled he liked it, which he did. The taste of teen cunt and MArks cum from fucking her was delicious and it made him hornier. "oh..oh you fuckin fagget..suck that fucking dick baby, oh fuuuck yea" soon Gavin was on his back on the couch with his round bubble ass spread for some cock. "oh mark fuck me with that big cock..fuck my faggot man cunt hard and deep." he moaned as he stroked his own huge dick.

Mark looked at this beautiful man laying there waiting for him and he got on his knees and began to eat out Gavin's hairless ass hole. He tasted so good and hearing Gavin moan like a bitch only made Mark's cock harder and harder. "yes....yes....oh fucking eat my hole Mark" Gavin moaned out. As Mark rimmed away his cock leaked a ton of pre-cum and then he could no longer wait he had to get inside his buddy "spread those fucking cheeks open fag, I wanna fuck you hard and deep and bareback" Mark demanded and he spit on his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock and began to sink his massive dick deep inside Gavin's tight man cunt. He went slow and could feel Gavin relax and Marks eyes again rolled in the back of his head because Gavin's hole was so tight so warm and so wet he began to fuck Gavin with slow deep thrust and this had Gavin moaning like the little bitch he was "yeeees oh oh yes fuck my man pussy...fuck your little fag boi's cunt" he moaned. Mark was in pure ecstasy as he marveled at Gavin's beautiful face and body.

Mark started to buck harder and faster as Gavin stroked his own rock hard cock which was so hard that the head was completely red and oozed pre cum on to Gavin's perfect abs. Mark knew of course that this meant Gavin was gonna blow soon and when that happened Gavin's ass would tighten around Mark's fuck pole and cause him to bust his nutt. This was indeed what happened, Mark to three deep hard strokes and it was the last one that sent Gavin over "oooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuck" he let out and the first of 7 huge ropes of pearly white cum shot from his cock and landed on his face in his mouth in his hair on the couch next to his head and all over his body and literally just as predicted his ass did tighten and as the third rope shot out Mark began to cum deep inside his fag's cunt "HOLY FUCK GAVIN AAAAAAAAAAAH FUUUUUUUUUCK I'M CUUUUUUMIN" he let out and with that he pumped so hard and deep that only his balls were visible and he emptied every drop of his seed inside Gavin.

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