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To you....

So we had been chatting for a while online, trading dirty fantasies of what we’d do to each other. She was an amazingly sexy woman, that knew what she wanted, and I knew how to get her mind swirling. They continued these talks late into the night, and on that particular night something in her mind made her need to have him tonight, so she did it, she asked him over. His laptop fell over immediately from the sudden erection, and he couldn’t respond faster. She sent him his address and he ran down the stairs to the car and off he went.
I pulled up outside her house about a half hour later, walked up the stairs and checked myself in the reflection, and knocked on the door. I heard some noise inside and she walked to the door and opened it, revealing her in a robe, tied tight, her red bra showing from behind.
I walk in, commenting on how amazing she looks, the door closes, and I pull her close, my hand cupping her breast through the robe, then sliding behind her head, gripping I pull her in and we kiss deeply, and passionately, her tongue probing my mouth, my other hand moves down, untying the belt, her robe falls open, and I start rubbing her clit through her matching red panties, which are already wet. I pull our kiss apart and watch her eyes close as I quicken my speed on her lips, she begins to hold her breath as I can see she’s already ready to cum, and just as she nears, I pull my hand away, she’s frozen for a second then opens her eyes to me, giving me that look of need to finish, but I grab her hand and we walk into the living room.
She sits me on the couch, and kneels down before me, her hands rubbing my thighs, and working them to my cock, bulging through my jeans. She undoes my belt, then unzips and opens then wide, she undoes the button on my boxers, and reaches in pulling out my hard uncut cock. She puts her lips over my head and works my foreskin back exposing my tip, then begins licking circles around it, while slowly lowering her mouth over my head, and then down the shaft, pulling back, and working deeper and deeper my cock into her mouth then, throat, until I’m all in, she then begins bobbing her head, my hips shift meeting her, guiding me deeper in her throat. My hand works to the back of her head and I begin fucking her mouth, in long deep strides. Her saliva drips down my shaft and balls, as she engulfs me completely, I pull her head back with a pop and she leans back, I stand up and guide her to her feet.
I then lead her to the couch, and have her get on facing the back, ass in the air. I pull the robe to the side, and drip her panties pulling them down my hand and around her thighs, I pull my hand back and slap her beautiful ass cheeks, then begin rubbing her pussy from behind, her pussy getting wetter and wetter, I take this time then to drop my pants, stepping out of them, then stand behind her, spreading her cheeks I guide my cock into her wet pussy.
She squeals as the tip enters, and I stand still, and instruct her to back up on my cock, and fuck me. She guides her ass back engulfing my cock, bobbing in small strokes around my cock til I’m balls deep. My hands grip her hips and I begin rocking inside her, working my full cock length in and out of her, stopping at the tip before driving back in, I continue to pick up speed until I driving deep and hard into her, her ass cheeks shake with the power of my fuck stick. I strike her ass with my hand as I pound her cunt into submission on me, her moans louder then our bodies slamming together, she tells me shes about to cum, and I continue my feverous pace, until she explodes, cumming all over my cock, I continue to ride her keeping pace with her moans, until she seems to have come down, pulling out, she turns around and engulfs my cock in her mouth then pulling back and licking her own juices from me.
She pushes me to the couch, and straddles over me, feeding my cock back inside her. She starts by grinding on my cock, bucking her hips as she rides me, I lean over and pull two of her smaller vibrators from the table, and begin working one over her clit as she bucks on me. She leans back and starts rising and lowering on my cock, I start up the other vibrator and begin teasing her nipples as she bucks on top of me. Riding me, her juices begin dripping on my cock again, I drop the vibrators and place my hands on her shoulders helping drive her on my cock, she starts to go a bit limp and leans against me as I continue to pound away at her dripping pussy, until she stands up and begins squirting over my cock, screaming the whole time, as the final drops fall, she drops to her knees.
Leaning forward, I place my finger under her chin, and guide her to my cock, covered in her own juices. I lean back on the couch and she moves to take my cock again in her mouth. Bobbing and sucking my cock with a craze, my load begins to build, her hands drop to her side and she just continues her pace, slightly choking with each bob, my cock is hard as rock and ready to explode, and with one final throating I cum, the first shot straight down her throat, she pulls back and the next lands across her forehead, and she drops her lips back over my cock head and sucks the remaining shots in her mouth, working me dry.
When I’ve finished she opens her mouth showing me my load, and then with a wink, swallows it down, giving me an approving, “mmmm!” and lying her head between my legs, gives a sigh. Her body fucked and ravaged, still dripping from her lips. Giving a gentle kiss to the cock that serviced her she falls asl**p. Only to rest for a bit before its time for round 2….

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