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A Celebirty Fantasy

Sully had finally come home on his break from the tour. It had been a long three months since her break up with Dominic and even longer since she had really got to hang out and catch up with her best friend. Sully invited her to his house, the guys and their wives were there and they all began to drink. Jordyn had fallen in love with Sully a long time ago but what she didn’t know what he too was in love with her. Empty beer, whiskey and liquor bottles s**ttered the house, all over the kitchen counters and in the living-room of Sully’s mansion. Everyone had left to go home, leaving only Jordyn and Sully, Jordyn sat upon the living-room floor, back against the sectional, legs stretched out in front of her, ankles crossed and Sully’s head upon her lap. Sully lay shirtless upon his floor, head resting on Jordyn’s lap, his body perfect, six pack, his arms bulging with muscles, hair s**ttered upon his Italian chest and tattoos all over his body. Nipples, ears and eyebrow pierced, made him even more irresistible to every woman he encountered. A bottle grasped in his hand and one resting beside her, an ashtray between them as they both smoked a cigarette.

The stereo was on, playing random music as they sat there and laughed to the stories of the recent tour and all the stupid shit she had done with him away. She smiled down at him before taking another swig of the Jameson that sat beside her, leaving only a few more shots in the bottle. She took the last drag of her cigarette and extinguished it into the glass bottom of the ashtray. “So you put all you’re laundry, whites, colors and all into the washer machine and put a shit load of detergent in there and washed them?” Jordyn asked through a laugh and slightly slurring words. Sully simply nodded as he sat up slightly tilted his head back with the bottle and took a swig, some escaping liquid running down his chick onto his chest. She didn’t know why the urge came but it did and with the liquid courage running through her she leaned down and licked off the whiskey from Sully’s bare chest before she even realized what she was doing.

Sully paused putting out his cigarette, shock running through him as arousal hit him and his cock jumped in his pants as he became excited and semi hard. His stomach did backflips and he peered up at her, she staring back, her blue eyes darkened with need, want, desire, a look he had never seen from her before. Slowly he sat up, his arms resting upon his knees as he contemplated what his action should be as she sat there silently, wondering the very same thing. Now she was worried that she overstepped her boundaries but before she could even think of what to do he was on all fours in front of her, an arm resting on his hands on either side of her legs and her heart skipped a beat as he stared deeply into her eyes and leaned in toward her. He pressed his lips against her passionately, his hand moving up to the back of her neck causing the kiss to go deeper as her eyes snapped shut.

It was a slow, passionate kiss and he pulled his lips from her as he rested his forehead upon hers and they stared at each other for several moments as they grasped what had happened and their reactions. He was completely hard now, his cock twitched a little bit in anticipation, and she was already feeling moisture between her legs. Then it happened, they’re mouths were pressing against each other hungrily. As they both stood up, arms wrapped around each other, her arms around his neck, his around her waist until they moved down and his hands grasped her ass cheeks lifting her by them and she wrapped her legs around him. He carried her into the bedroom, she lifting her shirt up and over her head letting it fall as they moved, she could feel his hardening bulge against her leg. He groaned before she was lying upon his bed and his head buried in her chest.

Her beautiful chest, his hand groped the one before running his hands along her back, unclasping the bra and tearing it off her, tossing it to the side. His hands now on her bare, beautiful breasts and he pulled an erect nipple into his mouth, she moaned. The moan struck him like electricity and pushed his hips against her, she could feel his hard cock against her leg and she moaned again, even more dampness collecting between her swollen pussy lips. He switched between the nipples as her fingers moved up and down his back, scratching here and there, her body withering with ecstasy. As his mouth was on her nipples, he groaned as she scratched his back and his hand ran down her sides and stomach to her jeans and undid them. She fumbled with his while he did the same with hers, finally they were both unbuttoned and unzipped, Jordyn lifted her bottom so he could take hers off with ease and he slipped his off, letting them both fall to the floor.

He crawled on top of her, his tongue invading her mouth and hers reacting back with the same intensity as his own. Her fingers entwined with his hair and his with hers she pushed him onto his back, not breaking their contact and was on top of him. Slowly her lips moved to his jawline, ear, and neck she paused at his neck, sucking and biting as her hand ran down his chest and her fingers slipped under the waistband of his boxers and around his hard cock. Feeling his size, moisture hit her instantly as her pussy throbbed for him. Sully pushed his hips forward just as her hand slipped under the waistband encouraging her, begging her to continue and moaned out as her hand massaged him making him even harder than he thought he could even get. Slowly she made her way down his chest and sides. His body jolted as she hit his sensitive spot on his side and then hip right above his boxers. His cock twitched as she smirked, loving the feeling of making him squirm, he slowly slid off his boxers to reveal the secret he had held back for so many years and almost gasped with delight. His beautiful cock standing at attention, ridged and with veins popping out because of how painfully hard he was. She was going to take care of that as her tongue ran over the top of his head, licking the pre cum that accumulated at the tip of it. He groaned with pleasure, his hands twisted into her hair tugging slightly and he raised his hips up as her tongue traced his long and thick shaft, one hand cupping his balls. Then with the other she wrapped around the shaft and inserted his groin into her hot, wet mouth and fell back with another moan. “God Jordyn” he moaned, his hands and fingers tugging at her hair, keeping her head in one spot as she slowly moved her mouth down the length of his cock and swallowing it whole, the top of his head hitting the back of her throat and it jumped again.

If she kept doing what she was doing, he would be done for, he could already feeling a climax coming as she quickened her pace and his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Only a few more moments and he was shooting his seed into the back of her throat which she swallowed all up, not missing a drop. Now it was his turn, with more intensity than before he pulled her up and flipped her over. His mouth now teasing her, crashing upon hers before kissing her neck, his hand jetting down her panties feeling the warm and wetness between her legs, becoming hard at the simple touch of her pussy, he stuck two fingers into her pussy hole and she moaned, her back arching as he fingered her for several moments, every kiss of the neck made even more juice come pouring down. “God babe, you are so fucking wet.” He commented, as he stared at her, slowly he lifted his fingers out and stuck them in his mouth, “you taste just as amazing as you look and smell.” He commented before kissing down her body and slipped off her panties, tossing them to the side.

Jordyn spread her legs inviting him into her, he smiled as her magnificent pussy stood there, glinting and shining with her wetness, the wetness from him and that made his cock jump again. He did this to her and he was going to make it last as long as possible. Slowly he brought his head between her legs and kissed her swollen lips as she withered in pleasure, pressing her hips upwards begging to kiss her between the lips. He slowly and teasingly took his tongue and licked just a little bit between her lips and she groaned, pushing her hips up again but this time he couldn’t resist and buried his face into her cunt. He stuck his tongue deep into her hole and he groaned just as she did, then as he pulled and sucked her lips he stuck two fingers back into her. “Oh god Sully, baby, don’t stop you’re going to make me cum!” Jordyn moaned, her back arching, her fingers tangled up in his hair pulling and her feet resting on his back as she pulled him even deeper into her. He could feel her pussy beginning to tighten around his fingers so he knew she was close and so he removed his fingers and stuck his tongue back inside, sending her over the edge, waves of orgasm going through her and juices hit his mouth in a rapid speed, feeling her pussy tighten around his tongue and he lapped up every ounce of juice that flowed his way.

Now he couldn’t take it, “you want me baby?” He asked as she pouted slightly and nodded; he grinned as he wiggled his way in between her spread legs and stuck just the tip of his head into her hole before sliding it up and down between her lips teasing her. She pushed up and he pulled back just before he could enter her. “Oh god, please Sully fill me, fill you deep inside me. Please!” She pleaded with him and he couldn’t take it any longer and he pushed himself into her wet pussy and groaned with pleasure as he did so. He slowly pushed so he completely filled her, right to the hilt and she moaned almost cumming again the instantly he pushed inside of her. She felt so fucking good, he grabbed her hips pulling her up more and holding on as he began to bring himself almost completely out and the shoving it deep and hard into her pussy, she screamed with pleasure. “Oh yea don’t stop baby, god fuck me harder!” She screamed and he did what she commanded and began to pump his cock in and out of her slick, soaking wet pussy, pounding it into her. Her back arched, her nails dug into his skin and she screamed louder than anyone he had ever fucked before making him quicken his thrusts into her. Another orgasm washed over her, as she tightened around his cock making him on the verge. He sped up his thrusts making the orgasm intensify and instantly into another one and this time, while on the verge of a third one in a row he climax shooting his cum deep inside of her pussy and it sent her over the edge of her biggest one yet. “OH GOD!” She screamed, her nails digging into him, he pumped his cumming cock into her deeper and harder than ever before, before collapsing on top of her.

Sully pulled his still rock hard cock out of her and she began to stroke it, pushing him onto his back. He was completely hard by the time she straddled him, ready to pleasure him with doing some of the work. Jordyn’s mouth pressed against his as she pushed her hips down and his head easily slid into her pussy and she moaned again. She slowly began to pump her body up and down his long, thick shaft as she sat all the way up and her head fell back. “Oh yea Jordyn, you feel so fucking good, you are so fucking wet and tight. Fuck!” He exclaimed grinding his hips upwards to intensify the feeling. His hands on her hips before travelling upward and grabbing a hold of her beautiful chest and she moaned again, her hair falling to the middle of her back. Keeping one hand upon her tit, the other back upon her hips helping her grind even harder and deeper onto his cock.

Already on the verge of cumming, she picked up the pace slamming her hips hard and deep onto him, within seconds another intense orgasm was racking through her body as she threw her head back and both of his hand on her hips pushing upwards, thrusting just as hard as he too began to come. Then without missing a beat he flipped her over and bent her over the side of his king sized bed. He slowly stuck two fingers into her; she pushed her hips back onto him, begging for his cock. “Oh baby, don’t tease me please fill me with your magnificent cock!”

Sully took a hold of his cock and rammed it into her pussy doggy style, hands upon her hips he pulled her back as he pumped his rigidly hard cock into her juice oozing cunt. It was driving her crazy, so wild that she begged for it harder and deeper. He quicken his thrusts putting all his energy and strength into the thrusts hitting her g spot, her legs twitching from under her, back arching, keeping one hand on her hip, he used the other and slapped her cheek and she squirted onto him, he groaned. “Oh god baby fuck!” He moaned as he reached up and grabbed a hold of hair pulling f***efully and she loved every minute of it as he pounded his cock into her from behind, she pushed up on her toes bringing her ass up more and this drove him crazy. “Oh Sully that’s right, that’s how I love it baby. Don’t stop god you fuck me so good!” She screamed, louder than before even. “Oh, I’m going to cum baby, you going to make me cum!”

“Oh yea, that’s right cum on my dick baby!” He moaned ramming it into her even hard as the orgasm took over and her body began to quiver, her pussy convulsing as juice came seeping out of her, this was her biggest orgasm yet. Her entire body shook with the intensity of her cumming as hard as she was. “Oh, yea, Sully, Sul-baby, oooooooooooooo.” She screamed pushing her hips onto him making it even more intense. Just when he thought she was done, another one washed over, she was tingling from head to toe, even in the roof of her mouth as he placed both hand on her hips and began to pound it into her even harder, on the verge of his own intense climax. “You ready baby, Jord you ready for me to cum?” He questioned.

“Oh god, uh-huh please cum deep inside of my pussy, I can’t wait to fa-fa-feel you.” She stammered as the last of her orgasm gripped her and he pushed in hard and deep as the semen erupted from the tip of his cock in an intense orgasm of his own. He groaned, panted and moaned as he pumped it into her, it still coming. Her pussy gripped his exploding cock, it swallowing it whole and once they both were done, they both collapsed onto the bed.

Once they caught their breaths he rolled over onto his side, slid a hand behind her neck and brought her lips to his, “I love you.” He whispered, staring deep into her eyes. “I love you too. Always have.” She replied and he smiled down at her before leaning in and kissing her again. “I guess this means the start of something amazing huh?” He asked, “I guess so.” She replied before kissing him again and curling into his strong, toned arms.

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