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Brandy's vacation

It had been hell around Brandys house, her parents were getting a divorce and the constant yelling was getting her very upset, it didnt help that her hormones were going crazy and her body was going through so many changes, In the last 5 months she had gone from an a cup to a c cup, her hips seemed to be getting wider along with growing taller,
It was such a relief when her mother told her she would be going out west to spend the summer with her grandmother, she also had several cousins ,and an aunt and uncle close by. she was packed and ready to go the next day.
The first few days were nice with her gram , she took her shopping, bought her a lot of new things to wear, took her out for dinner and went to a few movies, but Brandy didnt want to spend her summer just doing that, so she asked if she could go visit her aunt the next day.
About 8 am her aunt was there to pick her up, it was about an hour drive but they had a nice visit, although she was a bit dissapointed to hear her cousin Sandy would be gone or another 2 weeks, so she had to put up with the boys, eric ,who was the best looking guy she ever met , but older, he was 22 and his younger b*****r Matt, who was a year younger than Brandy
They had a fun day around the pool, she was a little shy in her new bikini her gram had bought her, mostlt when Matt was staring at her boobs, but as the day went on she felt more comfortable, and it gave her a chance to start on her tan
After dinner it was time to go and her aunt asked Eric if he would drive her back, he was happy to, along the way he suggested they stop by a lake, he told her sometimes you can see the baby geese, they walked along a little path down to the shore, Brandy was wearing some shorts and a tank top, over her bikini top, Eric kept telling her how great she looked and how shes growing up, all she could do was blush, she was so shy around him,as they stod by the shore he stood close behind her and wrapped his arms arond her, in doing so his forearms rubbed across her boobs," this must have been an accident" she thought. She felt good in his arms, Eric kept moving his one arm up and down as if he was rubbing his other arm, but everytime he did he slid across her nipples and also pulled the material of her top down a bit showing more cleavage each time.
She was to embarassed to say anything for fear of looking immature, she could feel him looking aver her shoulder, when she looked down she noticed a bit of her right nipple was showing, "omg she thought, I hope he doesnt see" but he did see and he liked what he saw, causing a stirring in his shorts, she could feel him gently push his cock against her ass, but wasnt quite sure what he was doing or why.
Finally he broke the silence, "I cant believe how much you have grown, you really are turning into a sexy woman" "thanks" She said, "thanks for letting me hold you, you feel good in my arms, and thanks for letting me see some of your nipple, thats so maturw of you" "oh no " she thought, he can see,
With that he slid his hand across her chest, down into her bikini,and held the material out so he could look down, she felt like she was frozen and couldnt move, "and thats very mature of you to let me see more, just like the girls my age, you know how sexy you are and want to share yourself dont you"
She was turning even redder, and not wanting to look like a c***d," um yea Eric,but ive never done this" " oh really, so Im the first guy to ever see down your top like this, " while still holding the bikini away so he could get a view of her smooth firm tit and her dark nipple, "yea you are, im not sure this is good though" "cmon, sure it is,ill never tell anyone, and we are very close, and your away from home, its the summer you need to try new things. Has a boy ever touched your boobs?" "no" was all she could whisper, he then pressed his hand agianst her, starting to lightly mssage her boob, he could feel her nipple grow, she closed her eyes and let out a little whimper, he moved his hand and lifted her top up over her boobs, Brndy moved to pull it back down but he stopped her, "your turning into a woman now, act like one,guys love boobs and they are all going to want to see and feel yours, a real woman lets a man do that, a real woman lets any guy that wants to,feel them,look at them" "OK" she squeeked "Now put your hands down and act like a woman and let me do what i want" "OK Eric Ill try"
Eric led her over to a picnic table and he sat down, turned her standing facing him,started rubbing his hands on the soft skin of her flat tummy, along her ribs, around her back, until he had to look, he slowly slid his thumbs under the bottom of the cups pn her bikini, started lifting slowly, sliding upwards, showing some underboob, then higher, starting to expose her nipples, them up over them
" wow Brandy, ive never seen such perfect boobs ", and they were ,perfectly shaped, nicely rounded, very firm, but best of all" Brandy, ive heard of puffy nipples before but yours are the best" he cupped them slowly, massaging, gradually getting more agressive, he moved his hands to look, her nipples had grown more, a little bigger than a silver dollar, dark brown, puffed out like 2 strawberries, ripe to be picked, sticking strait out a half to three quarters of an inch,
Brandy closed her eyes, hiding the embarassment, the shame and the excitement she was feeling, after being told this is what women do, she allowed eric to do as he pleased, and he was, his hands were all over her breasts,
"Brandy, theres something else all women do for men, you have to learn to do this, you wiil have to do it on everydate you go on, you will do it for any guy that wants you to, like all women do"
"oK Eric ,whats that"
"OK Ill show you and we can practice everyday until you go home Ok" Eric stood and grabbed her hand placed it on his bulging cock, "you have me excited Brandy, so now you have to help me, it causes men pain to be like this, you kinow how you can help me?" "No what do I do?"
Eric slid his shorts down so his cock could pop free, he was fully hard. " sit down Brandy" "do what I tell you and you will be a wonderful woman, all the guys will want to date you OK"
"eric Im not so sure" and he cut her off,moved closer to her, "OK Brandy, open your mouth and suck on this, thats the only thing that makes the pain go away, now do it". Againn she closed her eyes,opened her mouth a little, she felt his cock against her lips, "open some more, ill teach you" she did and he slid in more, now suck as I slide back and forth, he started moving slowly, testing her gag reflex, going deeper, "keep sucking", he was making long strokes now, holding her head, he let go and told her "now move your head back and forth, thats it, faster and deeper, your doing great, Eric couldnt take it any longer,he grabbed her head and started pumping into her mouth, "thats it ,women always take it in there mouth, and then swallow it"
he slid out and she looked up at him, and in one gulp, swallowed it all,
"great Brandy but you still need lots of practice, we will work on more tomorrow,
As they turned to leave Eric noticed something in the bushes, Iwas a man watching them, "what the fuck are you looking at"Eric yelled
Them amn emerged from behind the bush, "hey I didnt see anything,I was just out watching birds" he was older, maybe in his late 50's, "hey no problem you just startled us" then Eric niticed the man had a tent in his pants, " Hey Brandy, this is a good chance for you to practice,looks like you have him in pain as well" "Eric No"
Eric grabbed her hand and led her over to the man, grabbed her top and pulled it off over her head, undid her bikini and reoved it
She was in shock, not knowing what to do, she went to cover herself, Eric grabbed her arms and held them both behind her back, the man couldnt take hie eyes off her tits, he started to reach up, looked at Eric and asked "may I?"
"we;; can he Brandy, remember what i told you about being a woman" asked Eric
"yes you can, "she said as she bowed her head, he started feeling her hard tits, ,to her suprise his hands felt nice, big ,warm and soft, she closed her eyes and let this strange man feel her up,
"do you want to make his pain go away"asked Eric, Brandy just nodded her head
he sat at the table as eric told Brandy to get on her knees, the man opened his pants and pulled out his cock, Brandy leaned forward and started to suck him dracually picking up speed, thern he reached downs and as soon as he held one of her boobs he let out a grunt and she felt her mouth fill,she looked up at him and swallowed, she got up grabbed her things and got dressed, eric smiled at him and said"maybe we will see you here again" and they leftto the car.
all the way back he had her sit close so he could feel her up. the firmest tits he had ever felt and he wanted more, and was determined to get it

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