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I was sitting in a bar having a beer one night.It was Friday night so it was pretty crowded.After chatting with the bartender for a little I started looking around the bar.I noticed three cute young women sitting at a table and they were looking my way.I smiled politely and they giggled talking between themselves. Then one got up and headed my way.I thought she was going to the restrooms,but she stopped and said "hi."

"Hello" I said.She introduced herself as Mandy.I introduced myself. She said "my friends pushed me to come over here and talk to you." "Ok" I said "what's up." She said " I told them you were handsome so they wanted me to meet you." "Well thank you" I said " you are very pretty yourself."

This woman was old enough to drink so I knew she was at least twenty-one years old but she looked like she was sixteen.I thought I must be three times her age so what did she want with me.Then I thought this has to be a prank but to my surprise she sat with me and we talked for a long time.One thing she asked was my age,at the time I was fifty-five,so I asked hers and was surprised when she said thirty-three.

"Wow" I said "you look" much" younger.So what is it you want with an old man, is this a prank."

"No" she said "I like older men,that is why my friends pushed me to meet you."

Well we talked for about an hour before she asked me if I lived near by.She told me that her friends want to leave and if I would be able to give her a ride home later.I said absolutely but I wondered what she meant by later.I figured only one way to find out so I asked her.She told me she would like to go to my place.After saying this she was a little embarrassed because her face was red.I said "I would be stupid to say no.A beautiful young woman asks to come to my place,I think I am going to say yes."

So we left.When we got to my place she didn't waste time.After I got her a beer and sat down,she stood up and started to unbutton her blouse as she walked towards me.She opened her blouse to reveal a very small pink bra which her little tits filled nicely.Small but nice.As she moved towards me she dropped the blouse on the floor.Then she undid this cute little mini skirt she was wearing,dropped it to the floor and stepped out of it.She was wearing a pink thong.She still looked so young,what a cute sexy body.I bet she doesn't weigh a hundred pounds,so tiny.

She walked towards my bedroom shaking her little tight ass at me.When she got to the bedroom door she stopped and motioned with her finger for me to follow her.

When I got in the bedroom she was lying on the bed on her side.I walked to the bed and she laid flat on the bed facing me motioning with her finger again.She pulled my pants down.My cock was half hard showing it's shape through my underpants.She rubbed my cock through the underwear "my that is big I am going to enjoy this" she said.

She laid back on the bed,with her high heels still on,spreading her legs with her knees up.As I approached her she put one leg in the air so I took hold of her ankle kissing my way down her leg.I got to her pussy and she said "go ahead get in there and eat me."

I pulled the thong to one side,kissing her pussy.

Mandy sighed saying "open up my lips and get that tongue working on my button."

I spread her lips finding a beautiful clit.As I licked it she said "that's it honey lick it make it hard,ooooo yeah that's it."

Then she said " I want you to finger me to get me nice and wet."

As I pushed my finger in her hole I realized how tight her cunt was.I had to give a good push to get it started.Mandy let out a little squeak as my finger penetrated her tight hole " that's it," she said " push it up in there I can take a little pain and besides I need to be wet and spread a little to handle that dick.I licked her clit while fingering her pussy.She squirmed on the bed moaning.

"Oh yeah that's good,get two fingers in there now "she said.

As I pushed my two fingers in her tight pussy hole she cried out a little saying "ooooooooooooo yes push it push it oh it hurts a little but in a good way."

I worked my fingers inside her pussy twisting at the same time.Still licking her clit she was moaning more and more.Her pussy was really wet at this point.

Then she told me to lay on my back on the bed.She laid across my legs stroking my cock.She said "you have a great looking dick," licking from my balls to the tip of my cock,"it's a nice size."

She licked around the head of my cock up and down the underside then slowly swallowed my whole cock to the base then back up to the tip over and over.

"Mmmmmmm" she said "I can taste your jizz so I better stop because I want this to be a long night."

"I agree" I said.

Mandy told me there was only one thing I had to know and that was she cannot take the weight of a man on top of her so she has to be on top or some other position that doesn't require my weight on her.That is truly how skinny she is.

So I asked her what is her favorite position.She thought for a second saying" well I guess this would be my favorite if I have had to pick," as she stood up on the bed straddling me.She then put her right knee down on the bed and her left foot down on the other side.I could see her pussy wide open.She took my cock in her hand lowering her pussy on to the head of my cock rubbing it back and forth over her hole.Then pushed her pussy down the head of my cock disappearing inside her as she yelled out "oh gosh that hurts oh yeah this is going to take some pushing but no pain no gain aaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes."

Her cunt was so tight I really didn't think she was going to be able to take it but she kept going,"ouch ouch ouch" she said"oh yes that's better" as my cock disappeared inside her tight hole.She slid up and down my cock slowly

"How's that feel baby,you like that?" she said.

"Oh fuck baby that feels amazing you are driving me nuts," I said. My cock was so hard and swollen." Shit Mandy you are so tight," I said.

She said " well let's see how you like this," as which time she got on both feet still squatting with my cock inside her,leaning back,supporting herself with her hands on my knees,she stroked my cock with her cunt.

"Oh fuck,
I said " that is beautiful." I could see everything.She was wide open and her pussy was swallowing my cock.She glided up and down my cock as my cum kept building.She was looking at me with this evil look and I didn't know what she was up to.

I said " you keep it up and I am going to cum."

She smiled saying "come on baby hold it,I want you to hold it,come ON baby you can do it."I was struggling to not cum.Mandy would not stop.

She said " you like watching me devour your dick with my pussy? It feels so good doesn't it,you want to cum so bad."

"Fuck, you little bitch," I said " you are fucking killing me here."

"Good,I'm glad, I hope your balls explode," she laughed out loud," just k**ding," she said "but doesn't that hurting feeling feel so good?"

I couldn't even speak,just groan,watching her pussy eat my cock up.I also could not hold back any longer.My cock went off like a fire hose.Mandy's eyes opened wide,"whoa," she said "something hot is filling my hole and that could only be one thing.You are cumming you fucker.Wow you really are filling me.Damn!!!!

I yelled out as she sat down hard on my cock.I finished cumming and Mandy pulled herself up, her cunt sliding slowly up my cock.I watched as my cum slid out around my cock when she got to the head.She stayed there as it dripped from her pussy on to the head of my cock.

" You are going to pay for cumming too soon you fucker," she said.

She started to move up towards my head saying "now you are going make me cum as you eat your own cum out of my pussy."

She pushed her dripping wet pussy down on my mouth as cum drips from it on to my chin.

"Eat my pussy baby make me cum in your mouth."

I licked her pussy, sometimes smothering me with her pussy.I licked and sucked at her cunt.After a while she started yelling "that's it baby eat me eat me make me cum.I want to drown you with my cum.Fuck yeah eat me yes.Come on make me cum you fucker." My tongue was getting tired but I pressed on eating her.She then screamed out," that's it,here it cums baby,oh my god god god yes,oh fuck here it comes fuck," as her juices ran down my cheeks.I took as much in as I could and man was it good.

After she was done she stood up and turning toward my feet she said "yes! your dick is hard again!" She got on her hands and knees beside me saying "come on old man mount me I want more and this time we cum together.You got that?"

"You bet baby," I said, as I got on my knees behind her.

Her cunt was still dripping as I positioned my cock at the entrance to her hole.This time it slipped in much easier but it was still amazingly tight.She growled as I pushed the whole length of my cock inside her.

"Fuck yes," she said "give it to me baby give it oh yes,give it to me hard as hard as you can."

I drove my cock hard holding her hips to keep her in place.She was responding by pushing back on my cock with every stroke.

Soon she was screaming "fuck fuck!" over and over and over.I felt as though I might be hurting her I was banging her so hard but she never stopped.It sounded as though she was getting ready to cum.She was groaning very loud, making weird breathing sounds.Then she screamed "fill me baby I'm cumming again I want you to fill me as I cum.Come on fucker do it."

I banged her hard,my cock exploded inside her and she cried out "yes yes yes yes yes, shit." Her arms collapsed and her head hit the bed. I didn't stop, I kept banging her until she finally yelled "stop stop" half laughing and crying."Enough I can't take anymore," she cried.Then she fell flat on the bed leaving me kneeling, my cock still dripping cum.

I laid down next to her. She was breathing heavy, as was I.Finally she rolled on her side and says "not bad old man,not bad at all.I think I'm going to give you a break and call it a night."

I said " hey don't stop on my account I can go as long as you can."

Mandy looked at me smiling,"truth is you fucking just wore me out old man.But we will do this again,I promise.

Still waiting.

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