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Giving in to an old man

I wrote a story for the first time a few weeks ago about my first experience with another man. To refresh my status I am a hispanic wife and mother of three. My Husband and I had been flirting with the idea of me going out with other men and i finally did it. During our search for several months I chatted with several men on an adult website and got to know several of them very well. One guy in particular was a much older man. He is 63 years old and has been single for almost 20 years. He was definitely not my type, but I think what got my attention was the size of his cock and how much he seemed to admire me. He would always call me "sweetheart", and "beautiful" and I liked that alot. He was also very detailed and always seemed to want to know how i was feeling during our chats online. He is a tall man about 6'2" and thin as well weighing around 160 lbs. He is still in good shape for an older man, but still not much hair as he is bald. To be honest he is not the best looking guy but seemed to be very sexual and of course has a cock like a horse. His cock is about 8" and thick. I watched him on webcam a few times but never really thought about meeting up with him. I enjoyed our chats and I liked watching him, but he just wasn't my type. We chatted for almost a year online and one day after I had already fulfilled my husbands fantasy of sl**ping with another man I was having crazy thoughts in my head. My Husband had gone to work and everyone else was out of the house at school. So i got online to see what was going on and right away he sent me a message and wanted to know what i was doing. I was still in my shorts with no panties and t-shirt drinking my morning coffee. Immediately i got an invite to watch his webcam. When his webcam popped up he was laying on his back with his cock rock hard and him stroking it slowly. When i saw that i felt my heart start to pump a little faster, he then typed how my morning was going and if i liked what i saw. I told him i wasn't expecting that but i was ok with it. We chatted for about 15 minutes or so and the whole time he kept telling me how bad he wanted me and how we had been chatting for so long but i would never give him the time. To be honest my pussy was soaking wet watching him slowly stroke his big cock. He lived on the other side of town from me but we had never met in person. He had also given me his phone number several times but of course I never had called him or even thought about going over his house. For some reason that morning i felt differently, I guess having done it once before i wasn't as nervous. With the other man i had taken it slowly and gone out on a date. This would be totally different, my husband had not approved of this guy and there would not be a date to warm me up or a get to know meeting in person. He kept asking me to go over his house, i kept trying to make excuses but he was persistent and kept telling me how badly he wanted me. I was in a daze as i slowly rubbed my pussy thru my panties thinking about what it would be like. What happened next I'm not sure but i remember typing the words "I will be there in an hour". with that he retyped his address and i typed it in my phone GPS. I got up and went straight to the shower, while in the shower i found myself breathing hard and shaking as i was lathering my body. I put on a a nice pair of silk panties, see thru silky lacy white panties and i put on my white push up bra. I am 5'0 feet tall and have 34DD's and im proud of them. I put on some tight jeans and a t-shirt and did my hair and make up real quick. As I headed for his apartment i drove very slowy as I kept making excuses in my head to not go, but something kept telling me to keep driving towards his house. I finally arrived about 20 minutes later, when i pulled up i saw the front door open but i didnt see him. I got off and as i walked toward the door my legs felt weak and i kind of wanted to cry again. Before i made it to the front door he opened the glass door and told me to come in. I walked in his house and he closed the door behind him. When i heard the door close my heart started beating really fast and i almost felt like i was going to faint. He then leaned towards me and went to kiss me and i gave him my cheek. He gave me a peck and i remember him telling me i was more beautiful and smaller in person. I smiled and thanked him. His house was an older house and you could tell needed a womans touch. Not dirty, but not very clean either and smelled like an old house. I had my purse in my hand and he told me to set it down on the table and I told him i was ok holding it. I wanted to keep my cell phone as close to me as possible, I hadn't told my husband i was going to meet him and no one else knew either. He asked if i wanted something to drink and i told him water would be fine, he reached in the fridge and gave me a bottle of water. He told me to relax and if i wanted to go to the bedroom and talk. I thought to myself I might as well get it over with so i told him that would be ok. When i walked in the room i saw a big bed with lots of pillows and white sheets. He then told me he had not made the bed that morning and that it had been a long time since a woman had been in his room. I saw his laptop sitting beside his dresser and i saw the webcam attached to it and i started thinking of how he had entertained me several times with that. I reazlized to myself at that time that i wasn't as nervous, I almost felt like i was still chatting online with him and not actually in his room. Without a word he walked towards me and leaned down and started kissing me, i opened my mouth slowly and let him slide his tongue in my mouth. I felt his hand between my thighs as he slowly rubbed my pussy thru my jeans. He then whispered in my ear that he was going to pound my pussy. When he said that I closed my eyes and kept kissing him. Before i knew it i was on the bed on my back with nothing on and him laying beside me on his knees. He had his shirt off and was wearing boxers, i was totally naked with my legs spread apart slightly. He then spread my legs and leaned towards my pussy and put his face closely almost like he was smelling my pussy and asshole. He then got off the bed and pulled off his boxers, as he slid them down i looked thru the corner of my eye and saw his cock. It was big and thick and seemed to be about half erect. He then got on the bed between my legs and i spread them apart for him. I felt him slowly start to lick my slit slowly, he worked his tongue up and down and every once in a while he would come up and tell me how much he had wanted to do that for a long time. I played with my nipples and moaned softly as he licked my pussy and asshole. At that moment i thought to myself, i need to enjoy this while im here even though i was not attracted to him. He then got up and patted me on the shoulder and i knew what he wanted. He sat back with his back on the headboard and i got on my knees. I got between his legs while still on my knees and kissed his chest, I didnt want to look down but as i kissed his chest and worked my way down i saw his big ccck in front of me, with that i grabbed it with my hands and it felt heavy, i closed my eyes and put the head in my mouth, it felt weird because it was a lot bigger, almost twice as big as hubby's and the taste was differnt too. I went down as deep as i could but i could only fit about a third of it in my mouth. I then pulled it out of my mouth and pulled his cock back and went down to the bottom of his balls and licked from there all the way up to the head of his cock. I did this a few times and i felt him swell up in my hand. He then leaned over to his dresser and i started to pull away and he told me to keep sucking his cock, so i did. I saw him open a small box and at first i thought it was a condom box, but it was a box with small blue pills. He pulled one out and swallowed it with water. He then told me that he was ready to fuck and so i grabbed the sheet and wiped my mouth off and i asked him what position he wanted me. He told me to lay on my back and spread my legs for him. He then positioned himself between my legs, I was breathing heavily now, i felt him rub the big head on my slit, he told me he had been waiting for a long time for this moment, he whispered to me that it i needed to relax and i felt him start to slowly spread my pussy apart. I let out a little moan as he started pumping slowly in and out. I rubbed his chest and spread my legs a little wider to accept his thickness, it hurt a little but it felt good as well. As he was pumping in and out of me, i caught a glimpse of his cock between my legs and i saw my cum on his cock, his strokes were long and slower than what i was used too. He pumped for a couple of minutes and i could feel him getting thicker and before i knew it he pulled out and shot a big load all over my tummy. I was about to cum for the second time when he had pulled out so i was still horny as he pulled off the bed he handed me a small towel so i could clean up my stomach and breast. He got up put on a robe and went outside to smoke. I laid there on the bed, i put my hands on my pussy and i could feel my pussy was a little swollen but it didn't hurt or anything. I got up went to go pee and came back and laid under the sheets, I had thoughts of getting dressed and leaving but at the same time i wanted to cum again. He then came back in the room and removed his robe, when the robe came off i saw his cock was hard again, I then realized what he had done, the blue pill was viagra and it had now kicked in. He slipped off his robe and got under the sheets with me and started kissing me again, I kissed him back and spread my legs a little while he rubbed my pussy. Before i knew it i was on my back again and he was on top sliding in and out of me slowly, he then told me get on all fours so i did. I felt him open my ass cheeks so he could get a glimpse of my asshole and pussy, i then felt him rub his cock on my slit and he slid in fairly easily. He continued to fuck me this way for a while, I came again at least a couple of times while on my knees on all fours. I was getting tired, but he was having problems cumming with the pill he had taken. He pulled out and told me to get on top so I got on his cock and started riding it slowly, he grabbed my breast and started sucking on my nipples as i rode his cock up and down, I leaned over to kiss him, i was getting really tired but he was rock hard and was not cumming. After a few minutes of this i told him if i could suck his cock, he said yes and i got off and started sucking it again. This time i sucked it slowly while licking his balls and masturbating his big cock in my hand. I sucked on his cock for abot ten minutes or so till finally i started feeling him tense up and his cock start to swell again. He told me to stop and put me on my back again, i spread for him and he put my legs over his shoulders and slammed his cock inside me. I let out a loud moan as he started pounding me, i rubbed his arms and chest as i watched my pussy getting fucked. Within a couple of minutes he pulled out and came on my pussy and tummy again. We talked for a few minutes afterwards and i got up and went home. I saw him again about a week later and have since then put our relationship on hold. I dont know if i will continue to see him, but i have to admit, i am starting to like fucking other men.

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