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Adult theater short storys

I'd love to be in a booth with a woman while she does her thing to all of those unidentified cocks!

I have taken my wife to a local porn theater and made her take off her bra and pantyhose. She was wearing a very short skirt so hiking that up was no problem. I had her unbutton her blouse so the guys in the row we were sitting in could see her tits. They would move close to her and in the beginning she would panic but I held her there and told her to settle down and go with the flow. The second night we went there one of the guys that was jacking off moved to the seat next to her and continued to jack off. The next thing I know her pulled back her blouse and grabbed her left tit and began playing with it. She froze but I told her relax and enjoy the attention. He heard me tell her this and he reached over and grabbed her hand and pulled it to his dick and told her to jack him off. She tried to jerk her hand back but he would not allow her to do it and go very insistent and told her again to jack him off. She looked at me and I smiled. The next thing I see is her hand going up and down on his dick and he is moaning. He cuts loose with a huge load which goes all over her hand. She pulls it back and he grabs it and rubs it over her breast. That was just the beginning of her night of sex in our local porn theater.

Better than a theater is video booths with glory holes. We have been to several where we get in a booth and start on each other. Invariably a guy will start watching trough the hole. A few times we have invited a guy into our booth and she has given oral if he has a nice one. Love it when she is on her knees and really working. Then the guy grunts and you know she is getting a mouthful.

We recently found a video booths that had glory holes on both sides. We got in a both and she took off her shorts so that people on both sides could see her and we started putting on a show. Pretty soon cooks started poking trough the holes. If they were nice ones she played with them for a bit, if not she ignored them. As she started getting really aroused, she started sucking some of them and one guy who had a really nice body, she invited into our booth so she could suck him properly.

My wife went for the first time several years ago to the Buford Twins in Atlanta. We sat in the couples area at the isle so she could see the men nearby. She was nervous at first but showed her breasts and pulled her dress up to expose her panties while the guys stroked themselves.We moved over to the non couples area and was immediately surrounded by men so it is important that I was with her to maintain control. I kept the seat next to her empty and did not allow touching. She kneled in the empty seat and gave the men a peek then slid her panties off and give them a really good look. I really got excited showing her off. She laid on her back across my lap with her head on the guys lap on my right and her butt in the lap of the guy on my left.Her dress had buttons down the entire front and they were opened slowly exposing her entire body. I allowed several of the guys to touch her and the k** with her head in his lap pulled his t-shirt over his dick and came in it. He was quickly replaced by another guy. Men were fingering her and she really enjoyed it.

In Spain with my husband we visited a adult store with video booths my husband took me in one ( the only one with a double seat ) and he put some money in the slot and we were browsing the videos on offer. we had just had a long boozy lunch. I saw the hole in the wall and asked him what it was for . He said put your fingers through and see what happens. so I did a few seconds later a penis was poked through the hole, I looked at it amazed I wasn't expecting it. I asked my husband what was supposed to happen next . He told me The owner of the penis was expecting a blow job.
After getting over my initial shyness I did it while my Husband watched. a little later we did it again this time with a bigger black penis I would do it again

I have been, but not with my husband. I started working as a nurses back in the 90'ties. Doctors love to seduce young nurses and as a rookie nurse was taken to many theaters by young attractive doctors.

I have taken my wife to our local porn theater and made her expose herself to some of the old guys in their jacking off. One time a guy came up from behind and reached over and grabbed both of her tits. She just about flipped out. I held her and told her to relax. It took a bit for her to calm down but she finally did and the guy got to feel all he wanted of her tits. I was hoping he would jump over the seat and sit beside her and explore more but he did not. All toll he felt her tits for about five minutes and then just left. Several of the other guys watching this wanted to move in and take their turns but she covered her tits up and got up and said we are leaving. I turely enjoyed watching another man feel my wife up.

I took a lady that had a fantasy about going to the theater in Tea, SD. It was absolutely a blast. She is what is a little overweight with large breasts. Safe sex (condoms) was required and it was awesome. When we walked in you would have thought she was the hottest lady in the world.
As soon as we were able to see our way around we took a seat towards the back. She was not wearing panties or a bra which we prearranged. It took her about 2 minutes to get comfortable. Once I raised her skirt to her waste and played with her shaved ***** the men started coming closer and showing her their *****. Well needless to say when she we left she was more than satisfied and we have repeated it in one of the booths. That will be another story.

My wife had always wanted to do a MMF threesome, so I took her into the local XXX theater. As soon as we sat down, 3 or 4 guys moved over and sat near us. The wife was shy at first, so I started kissing her and fingering her, then got my dong out and she started sucking me. A guy sitting next to her started playing with her Pu$$y while she sucked me. She sat up, checked out his dong, and leaned over and started sucking him. I stood up and eased it in her from behind. When that guy came, another took his place. She ended up sucking 2 guys while I screwed her. We went home and smoked a doobie and screwed two more times.

We go all the time now. My wife doesn't want to have intercourse with those guys but sucking them really gets her worked up.

My wife almost panicked the first time in there, and we left straight away. The next time, with her almost d***k, she let me screw her with people watching. By the fourth trip, she'd sucked a guy (which turned me on immensely). Now, we go and mess around until she sees a guy she wants, then I give him the go ahead to move in on her. You'd be surprised how polite the nasty guys are in these places.

My wife likes to go in adult theaters, but she still won't allow other guys to touch her. She will expose herself, pull up her skirt and finger herself. She'll suck me while guys watch. I notice she really likes to watch the guys jacking off, especially when they shoot off a huge load nearby. But, man, when we get home she is SUPER HOT! I keep telling her that one of these days she'll see a guy who really appeals to her and we'll bring him home for a threesome, or ultimate desire.

My husband and I love going to adult theaters + booths. We are in the Houston area, and have only been to Big City Video, 24/7 Video + Romance and More. BCV + R&M are the better of the three. 24/7 was horrible - dirty floors and dirty people.

We tend to go to predominantly male oriented theaters - i'm not bi, but my husband is and we are always looking for young, clean guys to play around with.

We usually start off with a guy watching us while jerking off. If he follows our rules and isn't insane/gross/weird, we let him go much further. One memorable time was when my husband and another guy had me on my knees in a private booth sucking them both off. After a while of that, my husband stood me up, bent me over the bench with my legs spread and let the other guy finger-fuck me until I came. Extremely hot and something that we'd love to do again, given the right guy.

Just had a great experience in Atlanta. went to theater in mid afternoon, really no one around. All of a sudden in walks a Spanish couple. She was hot. 5/6 120# nice tits and bubble ass. They sit a row behind me and she is wearing a sweeter type skirt. Under which she had thin bikini panties. She opens legs wide as I turn around to look at her...her hubby waves me back and I get on knees and eat her for 20 minutes, she came about 3 times!

I've taken my wife several times and it started out just her and I doing oral on each other and me fingering her while 3 or 4 guys watched. Then a black guy sat down next to her and she jacked him off a little then she asked me if I would mind if she gave him some head. As she sucked him off for about 10 minutes he and I chatted about how good she was and how much she loved it. He came in her mouth and then one after another took his place while other jacked off on her face and tits. We left after she had oral sex with 3 guys and 4 others came all over her.

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