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Exposing at the beach..first time..part 3

after we went back to the room and enjoyed ourselves...we had to dress for dinner at the resort . The food was great because it was a french island and you had several choices for dinner there...including a very elegant dining room. We had had dinner there the first night when Jean had been our waiter. I met him on the beach with his two friends the next day and he had seen me naked and I had even for the first time with anyone other than my husband, expose my pussy to him and his friends. The urge to let him see me just overcame me. Maybe it helped since my husband had gone back to the room to get some drinks at that time. I had a lace top, acutually the one in my profile. In the picture of course I have my breasts exposed but that is not the way to usually wear it. It is not really a out to dinner top, just a bedroom outfit as you can see, but with encouragment I decided to wear it to dinner...without a bra but with just a light jacket over it. In public if I wanted I could pull the jacket together and only the upper portion would show but if I let the jacket open or took it off then my breasts were visible.

On the beach talking to the men not only did my pussy become moist and throb but of course my nipples puckered. Under my lace top in the warm tropical breezes I was "relaxed" and my nipples large..we had a drink at the bar overlooking the water as the sun set and I attracted some attention I could tell as I walked in. Funny you can be nude or topless and not get a second glance on the beach, but dressed up with a hint of exposure men give you a double take..go figure. We were e****ted to our table. Jean was our waiter again. He told us he reserved this very special was slightly off in the side of the room but had a great view of the room and the outside.

Since it was warm after a few minutes I even took off my jacket. From the side or back you could see the lace top with the small straps...but if you looked at me straight on not only could you see the lace but clearly my breasts underneath. It made me feel even sexier than laying in the sun on the beach...I felt more exposed in the restaurant because of the sheerness of the top evn though the other women had on beautiful shouldless dresses appropriate for the evening. Mine was the only sheer one.

Jean came to take our order and I caught a double take when he saw my top. He had seen me completely nude on the beach up close and I had even opened up my legs by droppping my knee to afford him a better look at my sex but now in a different place, even dressed it was sexier for me, and maybe him.

We go special attenion from the staff , including the busboy who I also met on the beach. We stayed a long time at dinner and lingered over an after dinner drink. The room was appropriately lit...dim but not dark....romantic. I was feeling good and my husband was enjoying having me exposed by really not brazen. An elegant flashing so to speak. The room had about 20 tables and as we finished about half of the couples had left.

My husband suggested an after dinner drink at the lounge on the porch overlooking the beach. I thought that was a good idea as I wanted the night to last and I was feeling special and sexy. I had never gone out in public in a sheer lace top even though I was seated certainly the staff and a few close tables had a view, if limited. I caught a few glances from men and women as we ate. Since our table was in a special place we had to go through the entire room to exit. I asked my husband if he mined if i carried my jacket and walked out without it on. No he smiled...the wine and the food having an effect on his usual caution about it. It was a first for me today...first topless, first public...even if it was a topless french beach....first nude...and first nude so close to 3 men..first to allow someone to see me up close least since I got married. My husband signaled to Jean we were ready to leave and Jean held out my chair...he lifted my jacket off the back of the chair and held it for me....I told him no it was warm tonight and I did not require it as I stood and faced him. He smiled as he glanced down at my breasts. I felt my nipples tingle and tighten as his gaze lingered ...but not too long as my husband was with me. I walked slowly across the room in my sheer top with my jacket over my arm. I could tell I was being watched...not only was my top sheer by my 34 C breasts were obviously free under it.

We got a table in the lounge near some others and Ileft my jacket off. My husbland whispered I was quite the him and others...I felt mositure on my I had not wore panties tonight..and even thought I smelled myself...The bar keeper brought us 2 drinks and said they were compliments of the staff tonight and hoped we had enjoyed our dinner.....he paused and even stared at me but in a nice way. I felt a flush come over me as it rushed up my neck and caused my nipple to tingle. I was beginnng to like exposing myself in different situations..and my husband liked it too. We decided to go for a walk on the beach and back to our room and had once again to get up and give others a chance to see me....I enjoyed it...more later...if you wish...we visited the nude beach with Jean and his friends the next day....

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