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Married indian diya can't stop fucking with 1

Myself Diya I m a 27 year old married girl from Delhi. I’m a software techie I was married to my husband 3 yrs ago! The story I’m going to tell you is real life incident that happened to me from past 11 months my husband is in USA for work.You can mail me at

I visited my husband 7 months back in USA there he took me to Vegas,In vegas he asked me to get dressed well up and took me to a club it was a wife swapping club I didn't know it was a wife swapping club when I went there and came to know of it. I was shocked argued with him and then he told me honey I love you only but the thing is that when he came to USA there he had some flings with USA chicks.

He was screwing girls and I'm not getting action he felt that as he was cheating me then. He told me that honey its all just to spice up our marriage for him emotionally and mentally he is mine only but for physical aspect he needed something more .After listening to him and arguing with him I was somewhat convinced to do the swapping thing as I also wanted to fuck other guy because he had already screwed usa chicks.

I then went to the club with him there put my one sandal in the big box there and the guy who picked my sandal up gets to spend the whole night with me in a royal suite of a five star hotel booked well in advance. An American young handsome 28 year old guy picked my sandal up and took me while walking with him I was quite nervous but once we entered the room and the clothes were off it was all together a different story

He was way better than my hubby with his 8.5 inches long dick he kept screwing me that night and it was very hot and passionate and he also had a goodbye sex session with me in morning while that night my husband picked up a blonde and banged her which he told me the next day. I was later on quite happy and I was quite satisfied and got a strange feeling in me which.

I was unique after getting screwed from that young hunk while his wife was screwed by a different person. Then I came back to India 7 months back while my hubby continues to stay there for work here my normal routine work started and kept on going n going 4 month passed by and no sex happened. One day my friend who is a fashion designer invited me to to her fashion show and I got all dressed up nice in my dress and went.

There the show happened first I watched the show in the crowd it was a wonderful show with some Bollywood celebs also came mostly the people were international models. After the fashion show there was a party where all people of the show were present. I was sitting on the lounge and I was offered a martini by international model and he was Jamaican we talked for a while and he was very funny and what a personalty even though he was a black guy but he was so full of life.

I loved talking with him and could listen to him for hours and hours. Then we together shook a leg on the dance floor after that he invited me to his room for more chat and little drinks. I was reluctant at first but could not even resist myself even then I went with to his room there he took out his guitar and sang few lovely songs for me I was flattered by his gestures.

He was a 29 years old from Jamaican Caribbean he was 6.3 feet tall black guy. He had a well built gym toned body with 6 pack abs his name was John while singing songs for me he came very close to me and suddenly he kissed my lips. I responded him back on his lips and he got the signal and then we kept kissing on for quite long and he was caressing my boobs and he had very big hand.

I was massaging my boobs very well then he put me on bed and removed my dress I was in front of him in my red bra and red panty and he then hot on me and removed my panty from his teeth and got down on my pussy to eat and lick after few mins I exploded with thunderous orgasms and I was awfully wet down there then he removed my bra and my 34 28 34 assests were fully exposed in front of him

He kept sucking on my boobs I kept saying John suck baby yeah aaah do it baby yah and then I got on him removed his t shirt and kissed his rock hard solid chest and then went to his jeans when I removed it and the thing which came out is undescrible for an Indian lady it was a huge huge monster cock. I got scared by the looks of it was 12 inches rock hard cock and girth was more than 4

I got very scared and thought of going but then 4 months without sex and my hubby doing chicks in USA got into me and I did with him. I sucked his cock for 20 mins it was a very awesome cock and then he got on top of me and took his dick in his hand and inserted in me. I screamed so loud that other room people might have listened then he put his lips on me to stop me from screaming and I was scratching

The bedsheets as I felt like a virgin because that thing was a monster and he just inserted only just more than half of his dick and then slowly and steadily he maintained the speed and ultimately screwed me very hard in missionary position and one he was fully in I felt that I have something in my belly and he showed awesome f***e and awesome stamina as

He fucked for hours and doing me in every possible position I really loved him. I kept on saying John screw me fuck me hard aaahhhhhh and he was doing me very very hard and he showed no mercy at me and gave multiple orgasms and he was like a horse! He also fucked my ass and he showed little mercy on me that time as he only inserted less than half of his dick in my ass after fucking me for 3 hours. He cummed in gallons in my pussy and ass it was the best sex I ever had in my life!

He was there for one week and the whole week he screwed me blindfold tied sex you name everykind of thing he did with me. Dear ISS readers I hope you might have enjoyed my experience and me looking forward for your comments and mails from all of you people in detail saying how you felt about my sexual experiences. I would love to hear from women and wives about my experience how they felt it because I know many women come across swapping thing or there husband screwing other women while they not enjoying and I would advice you girls to get even. Thanks

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