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My best fuck with deepty

I work for an MNC company in Houston for last 2 years. In May this year Deepthi joined the onsite team as a local recruit. She is 27, wheatish complexion, 5'5 tall a little bit on the bulkier side and with 36 C boobs, 34 waist and 38 ass ( I measured her).

For me, I am tall 6'0. Fair and with muscline body as part of my daily work, Deepthi and I used to work very closely, she always dressed in some jeans and Tops to office which hugged her curvy butts and showed be a bit of her boobs. She always used to smell so good despite wearing any perfumes. I must say that it was difficult for me to work with her as the only thought in my mind was always about how to fuck her.

I used to admire her as a symbol of sex and her curly hairs, her thick lips, her weatish complexion, her dark lipstick with lip gloss her long ear rings were all a symbol of sex to me and her curvy body was a piece of sculpture done perfectly with some extra cushion everywhere. I knew she liked me and getting her was easy for me but I did not wanted to make a move. I was waiting for the day when I get my chance.

I wanted her to be in my arms as a newly wed bride and so I started getting her Americanized with proper waxing, manicure, pedicure and she looked hotter and hotter to me everyday. I used to take her to shopping, we use to go out for movies and so we were getting along very well. I think I was falling in love with her. One day Deepthi came to me and told me that she wonders how a cruise dinner would be and so I got the idea.

I booked tow tickets for the cruise dinner for both of us. I dressed in a formal Mens suit and Deepthi wore a black dress with high heals when we arrived at the cruise, the host greeted us and said that we both were an awesome pair, before I could correct the host, Deepthi thanked him for his compliment and I saw a lot of excitement in her eyes.

We went on the cruise and I ordered a few drinks, Deepthi drank for the first time and so I made sure that I do not offer her more. Talking of that, we were offered another 4 coupons for drinks and Deepthi was d***k before I could know. We both danced a lot and she was comfortably close to me with her hands around my neck when we started for back home, I told Deepthi that I will drop her first and to which she said Rohan, my roommate has gone to New York for the weekend.

I was supposed to go to another friend’s house for tonight and I am sure she would not be happy with coming to her home d***k. I readily said, you can stay at my home and she agreed from this point, I could hear my heart throbbing faster than engine of my car. We reached home and I offered her some coffee. She refused and said she just wants to dance and so she turned some music on and started dancing.

I offered her some of my clothes and she changed into my shorts and T-shirt by this time I had already planned that I was going to tore that T-Shirt tonight and suck her lovely boobs. She passed on the Sofa and I lifted her up and transferred her on my bed. I could feel her rock solid nipples and I knew that she was not that d***k as she was acting after laying her on bed, I waved my hand on her forehead, kissed her cheek and said good night.

She asked me to sit beside her and I did so. She put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips before I know we were smooching I did not even took a minute and rolled on the bed and pushed he on top of me. I ran my fingers in her thick curly hair and she started biting my lips. I got really excited and I ran my hands over her smooth legs. She moaned I reached for her bra and after some struggle I untied it.

I ran my hands on her perfect round boobs and within a minute I was sucking them biting them as I licked her nipples and she moaned and said give me your tongue in my mouth and her eyes were closed and she was sucking my tongue within a minute she took her T-Shirt off and also pulled my vest off of me and she hugged me tightly and on feeling her warm, smooth and fragrant body.

My dick started tearing my pants. I pulled her shorts and panty down at once. I was amazed to see that her pussy was clean shaven. This was the first time after 4 years that I had seen a clean shaven pussy. I got so taken by the cuteness of he pussy that I started kissing and licking it. She pulled my hairs and drove my lips deep inside her pussy and she had an orgasm. I tasted her salty juices flowing into my mouth.

I squeezed he boobs with my both hands and she held her thighs up pushing me by he feet inside her pussy. I took a moment and took off my jeans. I rubbed my dick on her tummy and she pointed it to her pussy and started rubbing it there and she had another orgasm. Now she was lying on the bed with a little relaxation and so lay beside her and closed my eyes while she was holding my cock in her hand after a minute.

I felt her lips around my cock and she was licking a sucking it very well. I was moaning oh Deepthi sweetheart go on sweetheart. I took a moment and changed her to 69 positions on to me and while sucking my cock she was rubbing her boobs on my tummy and I was licking her pussy after 5 minutes. I knew I was going to come and I asked her to stop but she did not stop.

I shot my whole load in her mouth with a few on her face and her hairs and she licked my cock until the last drop and then said oh I love you and I realized that she was cuming again. We both laid down for 10 minutes in each others arms and then I started kissing her feet and licking her toes and she moaned so badly and said come on cum inside me, ever time she spoke something.

I was getting more and more excited I started sucking her toe thumb and after a minute. I picked her one leg up and licked the entire lengthof her pussy. She was very wet her juices were flowing heavily her pussy lips were wide spread and open, she wanted me badly. I licked her ass and shove my tongue into her ass and she screamed with pleasure and said I love you Sweetheart you are just awesome hearing.

I mounted her in missionary position and I cock simply slided in her pussy with my first stroke. I knew that I was going to come again and pretty soon and so I started sucking her boobs biting her neck and increased the length of stroke. She started moaning heavily ahah oooohhhhhh I love you. I licked her underarms and shove my tongue into her ear with a loud moan we both exploded.

I pulled my cock out and sprayed my cum all over her body and she was so relaxed and happy after a minute or two. I stood up from the bed to go to bathroom and she asked me to come closer to her and she took my cock in her mouth and sucked even the last drop of cum now it was my turn to oblige as I moved forward to lick her. She stopped me and asked me to lift her in her arms and take her to bathroom.

I did so and she sat in the bathtub asked me to stand near her and she asked me to pee on her boobs and pussy to wash my cum off. I got very excited and asked her to give me some of her pee on my fingers to taste after that we both took a bath and went back to bed.

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