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Lee enjoy with indian girl in us

My name is Lee, and I'm from a somewhat well to do f****y from south India.To describe me, am 5'5 with a average muscular body and a penis size of about 7.5 inches.I started watching porn when I turned 16.Started masturbating around the same time. So from high school,I've had sexual urges, but having grown up in an orthodox locality never had the chance to experiment with sex practically. Since I was an only c***d , I could pretty much watch porn whenever I wanted in my room, cause my parents would think I was studying. Throughout college also i never had sex, and graduated as a virgin. But being a good student, I got an opportunity to go abroad, to US to be specific. This was the first time I was going to live away from my parents,so I was nervous but also excited at the same time. This story contains the experiences I had in the US.

I landed in the US, and found the place very beautiful. The people were very polite and helpful. I reached my college hostel. I was to share the room with 2 other students. I checked the list and found that they were, Adam an American and Lopez a Mexican. They had not yet arrived. So i refreshed myself, took a bath and was getting dressed when there was a knock on the door. It was my roommates, it seems they had run into each other in the hallway, and had chatted up. I introduced myself to them and they to me.Adam was about 5'7 very fair skinned and with prominent features. It was easily visible that he had a very muscular body. Lopez was about my height and nearly the same build as me, maybe a little more lean. He was somewhat fair, and had a smile that would make you take an instant liking to him. After chatting up for sometime, we decided to go to the inauguration ceremony, which wasn't all that exciting. But it did give me the chance to see all the people that I would be spending the next 2 years with. I was happy to see that were many beautiful girls , and hoped that i would atleast lose my virginity here.

The first few weeks were boring with the exception being the introductions when I got to know everybody in my class. Both Adam and Lopez were in my class. Initially I would be very shy around my roommates and always cover myself up. Then Adam, who always went around shirtless proclaimed that the three of us should start hitting the gym,and we agreed. Adam being the most experienced of us, would guide Lopez and me with the exercises to do. Soon as my body started developing I felt more confident.. Then as we got to know each other more, the talk turned to sex. I found that Adam was the school stud, and had sex with countless girls. Lopez though not a stud had his fair share of pussy. When I told them i was still a virgin, they stared at me. After I told them about the orthodox situation in which I was brought up, they understood. Adam then proposed a visit to a strippers club. We agreed.

It was my first visit to a Stripper's club and my first of seeing nearly naked women ever. The girls there were very pretty, and had amazing assets. As soon as I entered the bar and saw the strippers, I got an erection. When I saw them playing, I couldn't control myself.As we were sitting in a corner of the room, I started playing with myself. The guys seeing this told me to stop, as I could get thrown out if caught. They told me to use the rest room if I really needed to blow. When I went to the restroom I found that it was common to both male and female. It seems there was male stripping in another portion of the room. When I entered my cubicle I removed my pants and started masturbating.

That was when I heard a ladies voice through the next cubicle. She said,"hey am horny too.I can blow you,but I dont want you to see my face". To which I replied,"how can you blow me, without me seeing your face?". She said," there's a hole at this side of your cubicle,if you want insert your cock through that, and I'll suck you.". I then noticed the hole she was talking about, and realized maybe the hole was for this purpose. I agreed and inserted my dick through the hole. At first the girl massaged my dick with her hands. It was the first time anyone else had touched my dick, and it excited me enough to nearly cum, but i held on. then came the first sensation of my cock being sucked. It was pure ecstasy. She sucked my cock for sometime slowly, then really increased her speed. I couldn't hold it any longer and came in her mouth. i could hear her moan , and it seems she was swallowing my cum. She then slowly started kissing my limp cock again. She then thanked me for the experience and told me not to leave my cubicle till I heard the door of the rest room slam. I was indebted to her and did as she told. I cleaned my self and then was getting dressed when I heard the door slam. Then I got out of my cubicle and exited the rest room.

The guys asked me why I had taken so long, and I told them what had happened. they said it was a gloryhole and was pretty common in places like this.And that was how I had my first ever sexual experience. A blowjob in which I didn't even see the woman's face. It was the beginning of much more fascinating things to come.

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