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Exposing at the beach...first time...part 2

In part 1 I wrote about my first time exposing my breasts and then my pussy to some passers by and then to three young men who worked at the upscale resort in the caribbean. The beach was small and had no vendors, cruise ship types, just upper scale guests..many european, french, german,italian and some americans like us. Since it was french most of the girls were topless so I did not want to stand out so to speak and I took off my top too..(see photos in my profile). We were down at the end of the beach near a cove you can see in the photos. I felt more comfortable and even went to the water topless as did most of the women..and eventually even strolled as some did down the small beach.

Although most guests, primarily couples, stayed to themselves, just laying on a towel or a few of the lounge chairs, most did not say much just a nod or "bonjour"....I did say hello to 3 men who worked at the hotel, our waiter, busboy and front desk man. Later as I wrote they came the afternoon when my husband had gone to the room for a few then I was botttomless as were a few of the other girls. I thought I was being modest by being at the end, but as the day went on and couples walked I allowed myself the pleasure of laying on my back or on my elbows under my hat and glasses and watching them. I like to see the guys, many in speedos or european suits and all the girls topless. I like to compare my breasts to them as I had not been in so public a place, firt topless and then naked. I even laid on my back when I had taken off my bottoms and let my legs open a little as a cute couple passed to see if I got any reaction. My husband liked to see me nude and exposed..although he had to keep his suit on as only a few men had removed them and he felt uncomfortable.

While he was gone the young men returned and said they had the answer to the question I had asked them earlier...when Iwas just toplesss. Now I was nude and dozing with my knees bent on my back and heard their voices. I sat up almost forgetting I was nude and grabbed by knees..further exposing my pussy which had gotten warm and felt good in the sun. It was even a little moist and sticky. They got a good look at my pussy. The first time anyone other than my husband had since we got married some 15 yrs earlier. Other than a a few hot sessions in school no man had seen my pussy so close.

When my husband returned he asked me if all was okay because I looked flustered he said. I admit I was a little flushed and warm and even wet between my legs after so unexpectedly up close with the young men. I admit I even opened up my legs by lowering my knees on one leg to let the cute one see directly my vulva. He had sat down close to me about 5 feet while we were talking and looked in my eyes and then slowly down to my pussy....I slowly dropped my knee as he pussy throbbed and so did my heart..

I told my husband about the visitors and his reaction was positive. He said it made him fell good that I attracted them and he could see from my reaction that it would be good for him later. I told him about dinner plans I had made with Jean, the waiter, and how he had promised us a special table. Jean, Claude and Peter had even invited us to go to the beach with them tomorrow but had cautioned it was a local nude only beach. They asked if I would mind because men and women would all be nude, but it was very discrete and that I would not feel uncomfortable they were sure.

It must have been the warm water, sun and the mai tai we had that allowed me to not only go topless but bottomless. As I said as the day went on I even wanted people to walk by me and glance over. I was so glad the young men stopped and it really exicted me to see them enjoy their visit. Even though they were only 10 yrs younger I still felt good that they obviously enjoyed seeing evidenced by thier lingering looks.

Although nothing sexual was discussed, just the menu, dinner, the beauty of the place, etc the sexual tension was in the air. I had a plan at dinner to increase that.....more later...

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