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Super Store Bathroom Fuck

"Another late trip to the supermart" I reluctantly said to myself. It was where I liked to go to whenever I was super bored and felt like I needed to get out of my apartment. Television nowdays had nothing but terrible reality shows involving fat people losing weight or people having crazy addictions. It was enough to give ANYBODY a reason to get out of the house. So I decided a trip to the supermart was better then nothing.

I walked back to the electronics to browse, it was my favorite area to look around. Mostly the movies to see if there was anything new in the five dollar bin. I usually try to find new action movies worth watching. This time though the movie bin wasn't the first thing that caught my attention. When I got back to the electronics, I found a new girl working the register.

She had shoulder length jet black hair and a somewhat pale complexion. Her eyes were a greyish blue and she had a somewhat bored look on her face, puffing out her bright red lips out of boredom and twirling her hair with her fingers. She wore the stores light green polo shirt dress code shirt, but they hid a set of high C, low D tits and hugged them somewhat tightly. her waist was sporting a pair of khaki capri pants with a pair of black chuck taylors. From head to toe she was my kinda girl.

I walked over to the five dollar bin, trying not to draw too much attention to myself as I oogled her and checked out her body. She had a nice ass, not too big and not too small either. I picked up a movie out of the bin, not paying attention to what it was, turned it to the back and pretended to check it out while peering over the case to look at her. She hadn't noticed me yet, as she was paying more attention to her cell phone she had placed beside the cash register to keep from anybody of upper management noticing, even if around this time everybody was too busy just wasting time since hardly anybody came around this time.

I put the movie down and decided to try to make a move, go for the gold. It'd been awhile since I'd ever tried getting with a girl so I felt like it was way past my time for some action. I walked over to her and cleared my throat, making my presence known. She had been looking down at her phone, but upon me alerting my presence, she looked up at me with little amusement.

"Can I help you?" she said in a bored tone, her voice a bit rough but still somewhat angelic.

"Yeah, I was just wondering if you could help me find a new blu ray player. I kinda have no idea what I'm looking for and want to know which one would be the best." I said, figuring that'd be a good way to break the ice. She sighed, then moved out from behind the register and started walking towards the dvd and blu ray players. Her ass was even hotter swinging slightly as she walked. I wondered what it would feel like in my hands as I followed her.

"This is the one of the better ones we have, it's a Samsung with built in wifi and hdmi ports. It's small and pretty portable, should be what you want." she continued in a bored droned voice. I had to figure out how to get a laugh out of her or something or else I would get nowhere with this girl.

"Ehhh that's not too bad. But I really was hoping to go with Sony. Everything I've ever had that was Sony has lasted quite awhile. Plus Samsung is kinda shitty anyways in my opinion." I chuckled. She smiled slightly but went back into sales pitch mode, or whatever it was she was doing.

"Well we have two Sony brands, one is a regular blu ray player, the other is 3D if you happen to own a 3D tv. Personally though, I think 3D is just a waste of money, regular would do you just fine unless you like things popping out at you and whatnot." She said, a sly smile showing on her lips and her eyebrow rising slightly. I returned with a small smile and a chuckle.

"It depends on what exactly is popping out at me really." I said cooly, laughing lightly. She let out a small giggle, another sly smile.

"I'm pretty sure so far the only thing in 3D are goofy c***dren movies. So you might not be as satisfied as you'd think" she joked. I laughed, looking cooly at the blu ray players again as if I was trying to make some sort of decision. I caught her checking me out from the corner of my eye, looking at the blu ray players for a bit longer before I turned my attention back to her.

"Well I dunno, I mean, I'm not big on 3D myself either. It is kind of like a shiny feature I don't really need. Think I'm gonna stick with the regular player." I picked up the box and examined it a bit, looking as if I was considering buying. I wasn't though, I already owned this exact player at home and I really didn't feel like owning another one. I was more focused on trying to get this girl though.

"So tell me, how long have you worked here? I don't think I've seen you working here before." I asked her. She smiled again, digging her hands into her front pockets and shrugging her shoulders slightly.

"About a week now. I got this job because they were hiring and I kinda needed the money a bit." I nodded my head at her and put the box against my hip. "It was either this or work at the Grease Burger. And I'd probably rather be a stripper then work at that place." She laughed and I joined her, shifting the weight of the box a bit to keep from dropping it.

"Well, if I may say so, I think you'd probably make a hell of a stripper." I laughed, kicking myself in the head afterwards thinking I'd been too forward. But she laughed too, biting her lip after and looking in my eyes.

"Well thanks, but I highly doubt I'd make any kind of money being a stripper." She shrugged again, tilting her head a bit and this time looking me up and down once again.

"Are you k**ding?" I blurted out "Body like yours you'd probably make a killing. Hell, I'd come and see ya." I joked. She laughed again, leaning against a rack and crossing her arms below her chest, making them perk up a bit more.

"Oh really now? Well if I ever decide to switch careers I'll be sure to let you know." She winked at me, smiling and looking in my eyes. This was it, this was my moment to go for it. She was into me and I knew I had to make a move now or never.

"Listen, I know you're on your shift and everything, but what do you say me and you head into the bathroom and have some fun? We're both bored here and it would be interesting, if not hot at the least." I tried to be cool but my face was burning hot from how I handled that, expecting a slap in the face or something. But she smiled again, looking me up and down once more, looking around the electronics to see if anyone was around, then leaned in close and grabbed the front of my shirt.

"Usually I don't do things like that." She leaned close to my face, biting her lip. "But you're pretty cute and, honestly, it's been awhile for me. So..." she kissed me on the lips, slipping in her tongue and running it across mine, pulling back and looking me in the eyes while biting her lip again. "I'm in."

She grabbed my hand, looked around one more time to make sure nobody was around, then lead me back to the back area to the men's bathroom and we walked in, headed back to the back and largest stall, shut it and locked the door. She turned around and pushed me against the wall, pressing her body against me and grabbing the back of my head, pulling me into her lips and kissing me wildly, her tongue wrestling mine in my mouth, my body both shaking and feeling completely on fire. I battled back with my tongue, placing my hands on her hips and pulling her in tight.

She pulled away, pulling my shirt above my head and starting to undo my belt. She pulled it off, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, grabbing the the sides and my boxers through and jerked down, bringing both to my knees and letting my growing cock bounce up and down. She moved to my side, leaning against my chest, looking down at my manhood and smiling widely. "That's a pretty nice cock you have. I'm gonna have some fun tonight!" she wrapped her hand around it, stroking slowly and deeply, biting her lip.

My hand was close to her ass as she had me still pinned against the wall. I placed it on her cheek, feeling it through her jeans, not feeling underwear letting me know she either was wearing none or had a g-string on. She looked at me and I pulled her in for another kiss, her hand still pumping my now fully hard cock slightly faster. I shoved my tongue into her mouth again, wrestling her tongue with mine, squeezing her ass roughly. I reached up with my other hand to her chest, squeezing her tit and pinching her nipple area through her bra. I decided I wanted to see what she had to offer.

I grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling up and raising her shirt over her head, exposing a red laced bra filled with very nice luscious and plump tits. I reached around the back and unclasped it, pulling it off as she released my cock for a second for me to take off her bra then continuing her rhythm on it. They were amazing, small areolas with perfectly erect nipples. I placed my hand on one, thumbing and pinching her nipples, making her sigh heavily and let out a tiny moan. She increased the speed on my cock slightly, then slowed back down.

"Mmmm, I want to taste your cock now..." she moaned, biting my ear playfully, moving down to my neck, then my chest, then finally she got down onto her knees in front of me, stroking my cock now with both hands, looking up at me with her grey-ish blue eyes, my cock head inches from her face. She placed her hands at the base of my cock, then opened her mouth and placed it on the head, rolling her tongue around the tip. It felt amazing, not having been blown in a long time.

She slowly made her way down my cock with her mouth, reaching past the head, then slowly pulled back out. I placed my hand on the side of her head, the other on her shoulder. She went back to just past the head down, then back up. Starting a nice, slow bobbing motion, she took more and more with each bob, until she couldn't take much more and I felt her gag slightly as my cock head reached her throat, then she pulled it out of her mouth, stroking slowly with her hand and looking up at me.

"Mmmm. You really do have a nice cock." She smiled up at me, letting out another small moan. I smiled back, moving my hand down to her chest, placing my hand on her tit, thumbing and pinching her nipple again. She let out another moan, then let a hungry groan escape her lips before shoving my dick back in her mouth, working a bit faster, gagging slightly as the head breached into her throat. I pinched a bit harder, feeling the ecstasy of my dick in her mouth running through my body. My balls started feeling tighter and tighter. I needed to fuck her, more now then ever.

"I want to fuck you." I moaned down to her. She pulled my dick out of her mouth, smiling up at me again.

"I was hoping you would say that soon." She raised up off her knees, undoing her pants button and pulling them down, revealing a black g-string. She stepped out of those, her chuck's catching pants a bit. She tossed them to the side and turned her back to me, her ass facing me. "So, you like my ass?" she cooed, running her hands down her sides, grabbing her ass and playfully smacking it at me.

"You've got an amazing ass. And an amazing body!" I told her, stroking my cock a bit as I watched her tease me. She frowned playfully at me, walking over and taking my hand away from my dick.

"That's for me to play with, not you." she poked her finger slightly into my chest, then running it down to my cock. She stroked it a few times, giggling a bit, then cupped my balls in her hand. "These feel a bit tight. Maybe you should get to fucking me?"

I grabbed her g-string and pulled it down, letting her step out of it. Leaning down, I was eye level with her pussy. I could tell she was wet and could smell her juices slightly. I reached around to her ass and pulled her close, sticking my tongue out and licking her juices, flicking my tongue on her pussy lips. She moaned, and picked up her leg and placed it on myshoulder. I started licking her lips more, using a free hand to spread them slightly to reach her clit, my other hand bracing her ass and helping keep her leg up on my shoulder. Faster and faster I licked her clit, massaging her hole slightly with a finger. She started breathing heavier and moaning slightly louder.

I pushed a finger up inside her, slipping into it easily from her sweet juices, then pushing another up into her. Continuing to lick her clit as best as I could, I started fingering her pussy and squeezing her ass with the hand that was keeping her balanced. She ground her crotch into my face, grabbing the back of my head and shoving my face into it deep. Moaning louder and breathing heavier, she started to shake hard, and I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers as she came onto them, her breathing and moaning stopping for a few seconds then letting a loud moan escape as she came hard, pushing my head and tongue onto her clit as hard as she probably could. I pulled my fingers out, licked her clit a few more times, running now wet hand up and down her inner thigh as her breathing came back to a normal pace.

"Fuck! That was incredible!" She gasped, running her fingers through my hair then grabbing a handful. "Now I want you to fuck me!" she growled as she pulled me up, kissing me deeply and wrestling my tongue with hers, pumping my cock with her hand to make sure it was fully erect. Again, she pushed me up against the wall, still kissing and stroking my dick, grabbing my hand with her free one and placing it on her tit, to which I began massaging and squeezing it to her delight. She then turned around, rubbing her ass up and down my cock. I spread my legs to crouch down so she could push myself into her still wet pussy.

She rubbed her wet lips along the length of my cock, getting it nice and slick, then she reached between her legs and shoved me into her tight and waiting pussy, letting a moan out softly. Deeper and deeper I went, until I was fully in, another moan letting herself out. In and out I went as she started rocking on my dick. I placed a hand on her ass, reached up to her shoulder with the other, helping set the speed of how fast she was fucking me. In and out, in and out, faster and faster she went, her moans getting louder and louder.

"Smack my ass baby." She breathed heavily. I did, softly. "Harder!" she said, and I did, a little harder. "I said harder dammit!" she yelled, so I smacked her ass harder, leaving a red mark. "There you go baby. Again!" Again I smacked her ass as she rocked on my cock, and again and again I smacked her ass, a happy moan greeted every slap. My legs were starting to ache, so I attempted to shift my weight.

"I don't think I can stand much longer, I'm getting weak in the knees." I confessed as she fucked me more and more.

"Don't worry." She moaned "I have an idea." She stopped fucking me, turned back around and pulled me in for another kiss, shoving her tongue in my mouth again. Then she pulled me over to the toilet and sat me down, spread her legs and, facing forward, stood over my cock. She lowered herself onto me, reached down behind inbetween my legs and grabbing my cock, and shoved it into her pussy. She let out another moan, then slowly started bouncing up and down onto my dick. She leaned back, placing a hand on each of my knees, her tits sticking up and moving up and down as her breathing for heavier and heavier. I grabbed them both, one in each hand, and started squeezing and massaging them.

She bounced harder and harder, making me slam into her harder and harder. My body was still on fire, my balls getting tighter and tighter. I felt her body start to shake again, and her pussy tightened on my dick as she came hard, moaning loudly and shaking violently.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" She shouted, still bouncing up and down. She leaned into me, kissing me quickly then grabbing the back of my neck and moaning into my ear loudly. I smacked her ass hard, dragging my nails down her back. She kept going, her orgasm over, and her breathing back to normal. My balls were getting tighter still, and I knew soon I was going to cum.

"I'm gonna cum soon." I told her, my own breathing being heavy to my own surprise. She grabbed my neck again and kissed me, slowing her pace. She pulled away and looked into my eyes, slowly going up and down onto my cock.

"Where do you want to cum baby?" She asked, moaning.

"I don't care, wherever you want me to." I gasped, feeling the orgasm coming closer. She smiled, then got up off of me, pulling me up with her.

"Get up against the wall." She ordered, so I did, my cock still hard and ready to shoot. She got onto her knees, and took my cock into her mouth, moving fast and taking my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, again gagging as my head got close to her throat entrance, working what she could fit with her hand.

"I'm gonna cum.... oh fuck I'm gonna cum..." I warned her. She made a gleeful moan to let me know she was ready, and took my cock head deep into her throat, which drove me off the cliff and into my orgasm. I felt my cock shoot it's huge load down her throat, instinctively grabbing the back of her head to hold it in place as I shot my whole load. She started gagging again, but I was locked and couldn't let go. More and more I shot, wave after wave of pleasure running through my body. Finally I loosened up, my orgasm ending, and she pulled my cock out of her mouth, a few blobs of cum landing onto her chin and chest, her breathing heavy and deep.

My knees felt weak again, but there was a rail near me so I grabbed hold of it and balanced myself, leaning my weight against the wall. I looked down at her, and she scooped up the globs of cum off her chest and chin and licked it up, looking up at me with her grey blue eyes with a smile in them and a smile approaching her lips.

"Mmmm you taste really good." She cooed, licking her fingers and palm. I smiled and finally got hit by the realization that I just fucked this hot Super Mart girl in the back bathroom. This was easily the number one best sexual experience I'd ever had.

"Wow." I gasped, still trying to regain my wits. "That was amazing!". She laughed, still licking her lips and finishing the cum. I couldn't help but wonder if this would ever happen again. She got up, moved in close to me, and kissed me, a sweet taste on her lips. I was too blown away by what happened to acknowledge I was tasting my own cum. She pulled away and bit her lip, staring into my eyes.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." She pulled away, gathered her clothes up off the floor and started dressing. I did the same, and as I was putting on my shirt she unlocked the stall door and stepped outside to the sink area. She washed her hands and straightened her hair and clothes in the mirror as I stepped out and stood beside her. She turned around and looked at me, a smile on her lips again and her eyes sparkling.

"So." I began, putting my hands in my pockets. "Any chance we could do this again sometime soon?" I asked. She bit her lip again, putting her hands in her own pockets.

"Well if you want to." A smile spread on her face "But next time I'd prefer to NOT do it in a bathroom."

"Yeah, I agree." I laughed. That's when I realized I hadn't told her my name and hadn't gotten hers. "I'm David by the way." I said sheepishly, ashamed it took me this long to introduce myself.

"I'm Kat. Nice to meet you." She giggled, shrugging and blushing a little, guessing from the same reason I was feeling ashamed. "And I think we should definitely do this again very soon."

"I agree completely." I placed my arm around her waist and pulled her in for another kiss. She sighed, kissing me back and running her hand along my back. We exchanged numbers and addresses, and walked out of the bathroom. There still was nobody around the electronics area, just like before. I told her goodbye, giving her another kiss, then started to head out.

"Wait, aren't you forgetting something?" She asked me as I started to leave.

"Like what?" I said, confused about what she was talking about.

"Your blu ray player. Isn't that why you came here?" She asked with a smile.

"Oh." I said. "Nah. I just figured that'd be a good way to get you to talk to me." I said cooly, watching her blush a bit more and a big grin appear again. I told her bye again, turned around, and left the store.

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